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All set for Moir Stakes night tomorrow 🤝 Best - Asfoora 🔒 Value - Daises 💰.

Asfoora Photo,Asfoora Photo by No Morals,No Morals on twitter tweets Asfoora Photo

The Asfoora story/group chat. Hoped $+ Goes up $ Consider, but leave due to speed map concerns. Watch it tumble into $ and think shit, wish I took $ 😵‍💫 🏇🏽speed map concerns justified, gap just didn’t open when needed. It’s a wild game. 🫡.

Goodness me. What on earth was going on with ASFOORA there? Did the connections watch the previous four races?? Three back on the fence?🤦‍♂️.

I’m reckon Asfoora is gonna be a pretty popular pick tomorrow night… and I’m certainly buttering up from her huge first up win. Can punch a few holes in her opposition tomorrow and she’ll be bloody hard to beat! $ available 🔒 #BestBet.

Asfoora Photo,Asfoora Photo by No Morals,No Morals on twitter tweets Asfoora Photo

🏇 MOONEE VALLEY TIPS 🏇 Thanks to @GatorGately! R1 11. Kaygeebee R2 2. Queen Of The Ball💰 R3 3. Clemenceau R4 4. Tijuana R5 8. Asfoora 🔒 R6 7. Makram R7 2. Paulele R8 1. Kissonallforcheeks 🔒 BEST 💰VALUE.

MV Quad R5 - 8 R6 - 7,8 R7 - 2,3,4,5,6,9,10,12 R8 - 1,9,10 48 combos All in on Asfoora! We’ll try grab some value in the Moir if Rothfire is to get beat 🤞.

Oh my Mitch aitken on Asfoora what was that !! Had every chance to get off the fence down the back looks like you chose to ease and get 3 back the fence ?? Why on earth 🤯 sick sick watch.

Big night of racing at the Valley and the tips are in!! Moir Stakes not a betting race for me but I have previewed it. BEST BET: Race 5 #8 Asfoora #GamblingTwitter.

Asfoora Photo,Asfoora Photo by William,William on twitter tweets Asfoora Photo

Punters; huge day in store! Preview for The Valley tonight posted including the clash of the titans Asfoora Vs Ashford Street! Also The Moir looks an OK race! SMS bets sent for Benalla & Coleraine on 🏆 Day at both venues! #GoodLuck 💪🍻.

Asfoora Photo,Asfoora Photo by Punting Baron,Punting Baron on twitter tweets Asfoora Photo

Yankee play for tomorrow - asfoora may be hard to beat but the former WA galloper will give a sight. Gonna take Coolangatta on trust does no work from Bar 1, hope there’s a bias..

Asfoora Photo,Asfoora Photo by Supa,Supa on twitter tweets Asfoora Photo

@PuntKing23 Hopefully Asfoora is Cameron and the 2 in front of it are the McCartin brothers tomorrow mate 😂😉 Enjoy the game 👍, still hate footy after 2017 personally 😞.

@hearitfromhorse 🤮🤮 hate to have had your house on asfoora there. the head on vision down the straight will make it even worse. ugly watch for a lot of them..

Some butcher job that from Mitchell Aitken on Asfoora. What did he honestly expect? 🤡.

@formbreakdowns With you on Yulong Command, think my best bet of the night is going to be a SRM Yulong Top 4 Asfoora top 2.

My thoughts for The Valley tonight:- 2 SHALAMAN, 1,7,10. 9 GHAANATI (e/w), 7,4,5. 3 CLEMENCEAU, 7,5,9. 4 TIJUANA***, 7,3,9. 8 ASFOORA, 6,7,4. 7 MAKRAM, 8,6,11. 2 PAULELE, 12,3,4. 1 KISSONALLFORCHEEKS, 2,10,9. GOOD LUCK!.

Valley Tonight. How good to have Friday racing back. Friday Moonee Valley R1: 5 Sandpaper R2: 4 Troach 💰 R3: 8 Zethus R4: 4 Tijuana 🔐 R5: 8 Asfoora R6: 7 Makram R7: 2 Paulele R8: 9 Daisies Tijuana looks the best on the card, Troach presenting value. Good luck all..

@SertorioMarco Really like Asfoora too, just wanted a bigger price than they’re offering..

@dralsabti @OmaniMOH #عيادات_الاسنان_الحكوميه.

مشكلة أغلب الشعب: غلاء الاسعار ف الخاص رغم الحاجة للعلاج هذا الواقع مع الاسف #عيادات_الاسنان_الحكوميه #عيادات_الاسنان_الحكوميه.

Asfoora Photo,Asfoora Photo by 𝓗ح ✨,𝓗ح ✨ on twitter tweets Asfoora Photo

Sorry for this #عيادات_الاسنان_الحكومية.

Asfoora Photo,Asfoora Photo by 𝓗ح ✨,𝓗ح ✨ on twitter tweets Asfoora Photo

Lol a true Mitch Aitken masterclass on the $ favorite Asfoora 🥴 you wouldn’t collect your fee would you..

@adnankayy Yeah mate I’m spewing, Asfoora wins and it’s a huge night. Unfortunately settling with a pretty even result..

Valley Results Troach E/W 🥈 ($) Clemenceau 🥈 BB Muramasa E/W ❌ Asfoora ❌ Kissonallforcheeks ❌ Moir Stakes Coolangatta 🥇 ($7).

What a great night. Asfoora who is a big track specialist gets absolutely BULLDOZED by a bunch of Jockeys.

Trainer of asfoora probably regretting not putting a top jock on. Done everything he could wrong lol.

Mitch Aitken think they were all just going to fall into a hole in the ground did he? I get Asfoora was flying but my god that’s dangerous.

Good to be back 3 good ones asfoora Coolangatta and top weight in the last kiss on all 4.

Asfoora Photo,Asfoora Photo by Mick from Bonbeach,Mick from Bonbeach on twitter tweets Asfoora Photo

Asfoora toyed with them last start. Will be very strong late. I have too many questions hanging over the others.

Moonee Valley Fridays 😍 Yankee for tonight English Riviera Asfoora Rothfire Kissonallforcheeks.

Moonee Valley R1 - El Padrino / Ocean’s Above R2 - English Riviera / Queen Of The Ball (keen on the race) R3 - Pioneer River / Zethus (open race small bets) R4 - Muramasa / Virtuous Circle R5 - Asfoora (keen) / save The Front Bar / small 1x4 Ashford Street.

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