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What a journey this man has been on! 4 goals for Ash Johnson who is feeling very at home in the AFL 👏.

Jon Ralph
Jon Ralph

Ash Johnson. Four AFL games for the Pies. Four wins. , , and Another amazing midseason pick by way of Halls Creek and Div 2 amateurs in Adelaide and the WAFL and some footy with the Crows SANFL squad and Sturt. Rangy and a great kick and good hands. Great story.

Ash Johnson, Jamie Elliot, Jordan De Goey and Brayden Maynard. Take a fucking bow. #AFLDeesPies #GoPies.

Remember when people were mad we went with Ash Johnson over Callow. Turns out the professional recruiters know better.

Ash Johnson is a hell of a find for @CollingwoodFC. Great hands & relaxed kicking action. #AFLDeesPies.

A huge final term of scoring: Steele Sidebottom 61 Max Gawn 60 Jack Crisp 56😮 Clayton Oliver 54 Ash Johnson 53 #SuperCoach #AFLDeesPies.

What a find Ash Johnson has been, didn’t really dominate VFL but has come into the afl and given us the other forward option we need!! Such a great kick as well @PiesNation.

Ash Johnson was playing div 2 amateurs in Adelaide 3 years ago. Huge role in a massive game and result tonight. #AFLDeesPies.

Ash Johnson making a late push for the All Australian team might be my favourite story arc of the season.

The Pies Ash Johnson - what a story unfolding there. From Halls Creek in WA, played Colts at @ClaremontTigers before going back home to play footy for the Halls Creek Hawks, then moved to country Victoria, then Adelaide and was a mid season pick out of the SANFL.

Ash Johnson landed at @CollingwoodFC via pick 3 in the mid-season draft. Two months on: 4 games, 36 touches, 10 goals and 4 wins all by single figures. #AFLDeesPies.

Ahead of the curve again @MickMCG34 ... with his X-factor in Ash Johnson. The more we see of Ash Johnson the more we are going to be seduced by the super talent he possesses. Johnson is already showing why he could be a big moment player come September..

@RobLee0871 @collingwood X-FACTOR PLAYER The more we see of Collingwood’s mid-season recruit from last year – Ash Johnson – the more we are going to be seduced by the super talent he possesses.  Johnson gets separation from opposition defenders very quickly, he’s a terrific height at 193cm.

@mattricho0 Your a good egg Richo, l thought your interview with Ash Johnson tonight was brilliant. We need more ex players like you commenting or doing special comments. 👍.

Jack Riewoldt just put a hole in his TV if that Ash Johnson mark attempt was realistic there.

I won’t lie, the Dees had a good quarter that quarter, but we had some good patches of play as well. Massive 2nd half coming up! , I love the way Ash Johnson goes about it, he looks the goods Carn the pies 🖤🤍 #AFLDeesPies.

@FOXFOOTY could hardly breathe, willed himself back on and was absolutely enormous. This kid is something else. Cheeky mention for Ash Johnson too … wow.

39) Cameron Aucoin — Erin Jones 40) Owen Griffin — Trevor Zimmer 41) Samuel Misak — Hamish Clark/Dan Baranowski 42) Daniel Floryk — Ash Glover 43) Alex Huang — Dale Hardy 44) Corban Almen — Tina Johnson 45) Nathan Wilson — Gabe Foley 46) Nicolas Whitehead — Daniel Belmonte.

24 year old Ash Johnson has kicked 10 goals in 4 games since being picked up. He has multiple goals in 3 of his 4 games. An incredible find by @CollingwoodFC . #AFLDeesPies.

16) Rui Han — Nick Taylor 17) Geno Carcone — Daniel Belmonte 18) Shane Vansaghi — Gabe Foley 19) Elias Eriksson — Tina Johnson 20) Gavin Kor — Dale Hardy 21) Luka Radivojevic — Ash Glover 22) PASS — Hamish Clark/Dan Baranowski 23) Teo Pisani — Trevor Zimmer.

On the basis that Balta was made a Shooting Star meme after a push in the back Ash Johnson should be initiated into that club as well..

@SamiaAliSalama Ron Johnson needs to be retired to the ash heap of history in November..

I’ve always been told the first year of being new parents can make or break your relationship and let me tell you it’s fucking breaking..

sooo jynxzi opened up his pack with his Johnson and got ash blackice?? I think I should do the method.

Ash Johnson looks like he is going to be another fund for the Pies. Like the way he goes about it #AFLDeesPies.

What annoys me no end, is that Ash Johnson, John Nobel (Collingwood) and Will Snelling (Essendon) toiled in SANFL and Crows did not identify their talent. Johnson’s brother (Shame McAdam) plays for Crows. How?.


Underrated hero of this win streak - Ash Johnson. 10 goals in FOUR games for the club. #gopies.

@Mattys123 Ash Johnson is X factor all over. There I said it. Keep him until he wants to leave..

We’ve really found one in Ash Johnson haven’t we?! Knew it pre-debut, but last few weeks he’s been even more impressive. Also… Carmichael after his 1st pre-season & more time to settle in & clean up his disposal - looks a great pick up too. #AFLDeesPies #GoPies.

@AhmadHa26681127 I think I shop at the same supermarket as Ash Johnson, and when ever I see him there I want to act like an 8 year old kid, but I have to remember that I’m not, in fact I’m 40 and need to keep my shit together..

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