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Ashley Klein gets the Sharks Dragons game. But NO bunker role again this week… #nrl.

Should Ashley Klein just not be a referee anymore? Fucking diabolical performance today… #NRLRoostersCowboys.

Farking video refs screwing the Aussies of a gold medal in the weightlifting at the Commonwealth Games. Let me guess Ashley Klein was in the box?? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ #CommonwealthGames.

Chad Townsend penalised for being punched in the face. Good to see Ashley Klein still being paid 300k p/a for that #NRLRoostersCowboys.

@FOXNRL I’m sure he has hired Ashley Klein to represent always seems to come through for QLD players and teams..

What the hell am I watching. This has to be a pisstake from Ashley Klein #NRLRoostersCowboys.

Ashley Klein, hang up the whistle and jog on. Disgraceful performance this season, this game amplifies it! #NRL #NRLRoostersCowboys.

Ashley Klein will ruin the finals if he’s continually appointed to games #NRLRoostersCowboys.


Ashley Klein needs to be fired off in a cannon pointing to the sun, I am at my WIT’S END.

I thought Sims got off easy with that Sin Bin, but then I realised Ashley Klein is refereeing 🤦‍♂️🤬 what a joke #NRLSharksDragons.

Ashley Klein is the most useless fucking ref in the world in all fucking sports #NRLSharksDragons.


Ashley Klein should be playing for dragons. He’s got all the attributes. Dumb, stupid, incompetent.

Wish the NRL would bring through new refereeing blood. Ashley Klein is way past it. #NRLRoostersCowboys.

I’m sorry, but Ashley Klein is so shit. He really has no business being a @NRL referee. #NRLRoostersCowboys.

Ashley Klein - always on the lookout for a penalty. But rescinding a set restart? Got to be kidding! #NRLSharksDragons.

@suthodan 1) Ashley Klein 2) Chris Butler The same pairing of the Townsville disaster.

The @NRL sneaking Ashley Klein back onto us like we wouldn’t notice is just funny as hell. Typical of this organisation that’s known for rewarding incompetence with a slap on the wrist for optics rather than permanently sacking shit referees. #NRLSharksDragons.

@ellapk3 Adam Gee in the bunker and Ashley Klein on the field. That mix is a recipe for.

Oh look there’s Ashley Klein with another shocker. Can the @NRL just dump him full stop already. #NRLRoostersCowboys #AshleyKlein.

What about Ashley Klein and Gerard Sutton both being dropped in the past month and them getting 1 v 4 and 2 v 8 this weekend. #NRLRoostersCowboys #NRL.

Ashley is standing 5 metres and Nikora tackles him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and the turd thinks he was impeded.

Yeah Ashley Klein is having a typical shocker but Cowboys fans need to remember they have 2 points from him that they shouldn’t have #NRLRoostersCowboys.

Just 2 weeks ago we saw Ashley Klein make the biggest officiating howler seen in decades. And now he’s in the middle refereeing the game of the round. No easing him back in. Great to see @NRL accountability working so well. The game is run by absolute muppets. #NRLRoostersCowboys.

@CatfishSC You look confused David…. The secret word is shoulders when you talk to Ashley Klein and he lets us get away with everything!.

@FOXNRL I’m not a Dragons supporter, but you can see by body language of Sims that this was not intentional. He clearly was distressed by what had happened. Nor am I a fan of Ashley Klein..

Should’ve been 24-6 but now it’s 18-16 all because Ashley Klein can’t help but blow his whistle!#NRLSharksDragons.

@NRL Its time to sack Ashley Klein from the NRL, absolute disgraceful calls. #NRLRoostersCowboys.

@iRockiR It would seem that way. But the main take away from my comment is that Ashley Klein is an awful referee..

You can only shake your head at the incompetence of Ashley Klein because the @NRL simply ignore it. What a disgraceful display from him this afternoon !!.

@pjohnson_sports @NRL To be fair that one’s not on Ashley Klein. Whoever was in the bunker is responsible for that one..

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