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Using Islamophobia to try a secure disgraceful. #DeakinDeservesBetter #auspol.

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FACT OF THE DAY Exactly of the lefties claiming to want to leave Australia have left or are preparing to leave. #auspol.

I’m no stock expert, but I will be watching healthcare stocks, especially #PHI this morning. Could be interesting. #auspol.

When did Sat’s election become the ‘unlosable’ election? Even the polls showed it was close. I’ve only heard it referred to as ‘unlosable’ since Saturday - which is clearly untrue for either party given the LNP have only held in by a thread and may be in minority gov. #auspol.

In the days after the election I’m thinking of my Aalp and union comrades in Australia who threw everything they had into changing the government. Australia is a complicated and difficult country, but it is better than many are giving it credit for right now. #auspol #AUSVote19.

Columnists for The Guardian before the 2019 election vs. after the election: #auspol #auspol19.

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For those of us who grew up in the Hawke/Keating years, we struggle with the inward looking, conservative Australia. This is not what we thought Australia was when we grew up. We were prepared to be one of the most progressive modern nations in the world. Then, Howard. #auspol.

After the unreliable Newspoll, and our politic being more based on opinion polls ( Turnbull rolling). It reminds of this v good thread by @jayrosen_nyu on not covering elections through the horse race model but focusing on explaining policy. #auspol.

@AStrongerOZ He has spittled in more microphones and on more front seat Journo’s than any other Pollie? #Auspol.

Argue it any way you like: there is a fundamental problem with people when they vote the way they did last night - for a party that is very visibly incompetent and corrupt, or for awful people like George Christensen, Pauline Hanson, etc 1/7 #auspol.

A historian of the Shire could help understand the intersection of whiteness, wealth and cultural christianity that drives #auspol.

I am no longer going to treat my fellow Australians with automatic respect as it is clear fhe majority are self-interested rednecks. #auspol.

You voted for: 3 more years of corruption 3 more years of environmental destruction 3 more years of Neo-Liberal instability 3 more years of scandals 3 more years of lies 3 more years of hate 3 more years of fear And that is exactly what you will get. #auspol.

After 2 solid years of polls showing ALP would win, this is suspicious, especially after the stuff ups, chaos and corruption of the LNP. The only explanation is a computer hacker has altered the results at the AEC. Easy enough! #auspol.

Hey fucker @ScottMorrisonMP, enjoy your smarmy little moment. You have a surplus to deliver. We already know you lied and won’t. We’re going to make your life hell the next 3 years. Enjoy. #auspol.

#auspol Now Im no longer under AEC rules lets go people I saw Old people voting Liberal who have never voted Lib they said Shorten was coming for their pension.

The end of Phony Tony in Warringah is the only silver lining here. #auspol #AusVotes2019.

My tip ... pre poll votes will push Labor over the edge. Hope springs eternal #auspol.

Progress report. Waiting nervously on WA results! #auspol.

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Now, at long last, Abbott is gone, and confirmed irrelevant! A fucking blight on our country. #Auspol.

@Bay35Pablo @rugby_whisperer Someone on this thread will be attending Don’s Party tonight, just not sure who. #TooCloseToCall #Auspol.

Can you use “out of sausages” as an excuse not to vote? I mean, you can’t run off to Safeway fornjust any old pork democracy. #Auspol.

@AusElectoralCom Yea very ‘colourful’. Just like the Liberals producing Chinese language signs in AEC purple designed to trick people to vote for them. #auspol.

Ah the respect for the common man - or does Shouty McSlogans gag order on LNP candidates stretch to voters as well as journos? #auspol.

Will you step down when you dont achieve a single measurable difference to thr climate? #ConArtist #auspol.

Using Islamophobia to try a secure disgraceful. #DeakinDeservesBetter #auspol.

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