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Greeting the PM the morning after the Medivac vote #auspol.

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@glengyron @AnnieMOnline For the very simple reason that it is not Labor who have their fingers in the till. All those with their hands out for govt largess are conservatives. People who consider that they are justified to engage in fraudulent behaviour, nay it is their god given right. #auspol.

Compare the Gillard minority Govt over 2 yrs with the Morrison Govt of just 5 months. Chalk and cheese #thedrum #auspol.

we COULD be moments away from this government losing a series of votes, culminating in a no confidence vote. Today could end this government. #auspol #QT.

Were any AUCON Senators actually elected as AUCON Senators? because #Greens have 9 trusted Senators elected as Greens #auspol.

@DarrenChesterMP showing how to put your point across solemnly and without idiocy. I disagree with much of his politics, but always commend the way he goes about it. #QT #Auspol.

Australia won’t meet the Paris targets despite what recent research claims | Bill Hare #auspol.

How can you say no to this? Isn’t this a no brainer? #auspol #qt.

@KKeneally Do you realize the person with $460k in shares finishes up with income including cash rebate less than the AGED PENSION without other concessions I would have thought this needs some condideration Look forward to your thoughts #auspol @denniallen.

#qt Shorten opens with why is Malcolm Turnbull no longer leader etc .. this is repetitive rubbish, along with why did this govt vote 26 times against blah blah .. lift your game Shorten, find another focus group, its time to put your big boy pants on and get serious #auspol.

Will the PM confirm that today the government dumped its 11th signature energy policy since the election? When does the government plan to announce its 12th energy policy? - @Mark_Butler_MP #qt #auspol.

Why would Labor ask questions about border security when: 1. The govt never answers Opposition questions 2. Any such questions would be a prompt for further govt lies and propaganda, which many media happily go along with? 🙄@abcnews #auspol.

Morrison faces lower house test on disability royal commission motion. Have you tuned in live with ⁦@AmyRemeikis⁩ and ⁦@mpbowers⁩ #qt #auspol.

As interim PM Morrison crows about good healthcare on Manus and Nauru remember the 12 deaths in our offshore detention facilities on Manus Island and Nauru, including seven suicides, one murder and one preventable death due to compounding errors in health care. #auspol.

Inconvenient FACT for Labor/Greens/Phelps #medevacbill #auspol.

It is clear that refugees are going to be severely punished for Morrison’s legislative humiliation. paul barratt #auspol.

It’s a disgrace - false accusations, no evidence, shrill politicking - against people who have no voice. Gutter politics #auspol.

@barriecassidy All a good argument for both Media reform and review of PS appointments #DrainTheSwamp #auspol.

It should be a fireable offence for a politician to deceive people like that. As in, immediately. Gone. Cheers. Forfeit your parliamentary pension while you’re at it. #auspol.

For the crossbenchers in the lower house who are refusing to vote no confidence against the government because it is the government elected by the people, that is not the case. Three members have left, meaning it is no longer the government the people elected. #auspol.

@ScottMorrisonMP IDIOT its call Climate Change #auspol #ExtinctionRebellion.

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#Auspol #springst We are going to hear some news.

TA DAH 🥳🎉 We did it ‼️ The app is HERE 💃🏽🕺🏻 Check out the info then follow the link to download 😁😁😁😁😁 #Auspol.

After today, the Senate will only sit to debate and vote on legislation on two days — April 2 and April 3, when the budget is delivered. Parliament is three days away from being a lame duck ahead of the 2019 federal election #Election2019 #auspol.

Vale Prince Leonard. As a child I visited the Hutt River Province. The royal family greeted my family fondly. Australian royalty. No frills. #auspol.

Greeting the PM the morning after the Medivac vote #auspol.

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