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Congratulations to the two finalist - I can’t watch 👀#AustralianIdol.

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Tale as old as time… 🎶💛✨ Giving Beauty & The Beast vibes tonight on @AustralianIdol xxx.

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It’s time to vote and decide our Top 3! 🗳 #AustralianIdol.

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Did kyle just accidentally tell us what we have always suspected?...a tough decision for the Sony exec?? Of course the public #AustralianIdol.

#australianidol nothing screams bogan louder than people encouraging a shoey. It’s stupid, it’s disgusting and I hate that it’s seen to be an “Aussie” thing. Just stop already..

Our amazing contestants got to meet the incredible @ashbarty for the ultimate chat! #AustralianIdol.

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So they wanted a different arrangement of Flowers but hey Josh copies the original of Drivers License and they loved it. Yeah ok. #AustralianIdol.

Want to watch or re-watch all of the performances from tonight? #AustralianIdol is now streaming on @7plus ⏩.

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I love Adele, but how many times has Channel 7 shown this special now? It has to be over 20 #AustralianIdol.

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#AustralianIdol WHAT did Kyle just say about Tones & I? An overweight gypsy? Somebody please clarify?.

I’ve not voted in #AustralianIdol since back in its hey day of @TheRickiLee & @jessicamauboy. I’ll be sending all my votes Phoebe’s way tonight - if she doesn’t win this, it’ll be a travesty..

That was quite something from @JoshHannanMusic tonight! Can’t wait to hear his original work - no matter the result! #AustralianIdol #JoshHannan.

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royston always makes me cry, he makes me so happy. I can’t explain it, im just so proud of him and want only the very best for him. Royston deserves the world and everything precious in it #australianidol.

Tune in and Harry Connick Jr is doing a fucking shoey This is entertainment?? #AustralianIdol.

i agree with Kyle, rock is dead in this country. It’s sad you know, we used to be a rock and roll country. now we’re becoming Americanised with hip hop and rnb, bring back rock and roll ben, we need it #australianidol.

@greysfan Anya projects her voice & did a great job. Josh mumbles through most of his repertoire. #AustralianIdol.

Royston has it…he has that special something. Loved what he did tonight #AustralianIdol.

Channel 7 owes everyone who suffered through Kyle singing compensation. #australianidol.

I miss the X-Factor days where iirc we actually got full performances, they were live and didn’t have two contestants going every week. And where judges actually had a say in who they wanted gone on results night. This is just a trainwreck imo. #australianidol.

This! Why aren’t we getting full songs? That’s how it should be. The judges talk way more than the singers sing. #AustralianIdol.

For the actual amount of money Seven threw at #Australianidol , we could have had live music on the TV from established Australian acts every Sunday.

Kyle STOP ✋ sounding like an obsessive creepy old man - she’s 16 🧐 #AustralianIdol.

The shoey trend is getting “out-of-control” even more cringe with a Tim Tam. 🥴 #AustralianIdol.

I haven’t watched #AustralianIdol for years and after a shoey and #kylessandilands doing karaoke means I won’t be watching it again. 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Amali you make me teary when I watch you because I am in awe of you. She is 16 but she performs like a veteran. I love the arrangement it is so her. I am so so proud of her. She better go through the finale. I want to see an #AmaliFinale #AustralianIdol 💙✨.

Did not expect to see Kyle Sandilands to get up from his chair & sing I will walk 500 miles by the proclaimers #AustralianIdol.

#australianidol ad: No matter what happens a favourite will go. Not true. Ben could go..

They actually sound REALLY REALLY good as a group. What an amazing performance. #AustralianIdol.

You know what WE the Australian public should be picking our final 3. There should be no judges save this week. #AustralianIdol.

This final is so awkward…. Awkward jokes, awkwardness, awkward moments of talking over others, awkwaaardddd #australianidol @AustralianIdol.

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