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Lol at Monique banging on about Abbie being just a “dumb 23-year-old”. Sweetheart, you’re 26. You’re not one of the Golden Girls. #BachelorAu.

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Monique going on about Abbie being only she’s 26. Face palm. #BachelorAu.

What’s with the “no sock” trend @TheBachelorAU @oshergunsberg? We have some seriously great socks, supporting kids with cancer. 🧦🎗Let us know if you need us to hook you 😉 #thebachelorau #bachelorau.

@KrissiAmiet Mary should be the voice over for all future #BachelorAu @TheBachelorAU.

Lol at Monique banging on about Abbie being just a “dumb 23-year-old”. Sweetheart, you’re 26. You’re not one of the Golden Girls. #BachelorAu.

Obviously the producers wanted to drag this drama out even more and made Matt pick #BachelorAu.

What would Matt say if Monique confronted him if she heard he had spoken about her the way men usually speak about women with other men? What a fucking idiot. #BachelorAU.

Producers to Monique “yeah we will just help you with your makeup. Won’t make you look like a soap opera villain at all.” #BachelorAu.

Unemployment data due at 11:30 EST. Expect it to move higher. Coupled with a falling stock market, Australia could well be facing its first recession. Of course, our pathetic media will negate all blame from our do nothing government #auspol #BachelorAu.

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Monique continually mentioning that Abbie is 23 like she’s some 45 year old divorcee. You’re 26 love, get a hold of yourself. #BachelorAU.

You have half the girls saying she did say it and half the girls saying it was just a joke, yet you still don’t know the truth. #BachelorAu #TheBachelorAU.

@DylanMatthews91 I’m up to that bit now. Monique should have been sent home straight away. No reason to keep her around after she spoke about him like that. Someone got in his ear surely. I don’t think she will be around for much longer though #BachelorAu #TheBachelorAU.

Like i don’t think you can really blame Abby for telling Matt, if Monique didn’t say it in the first then Matt wouldn’t be pissed right now. Basically Monique shouldn’t have said it in the first place. Matt is entitled to kiss who ever the hell he wants #TheBachelorAU #BachelorAu.

The latest episode of the #BachelorAU featured a lot of drama with an unexpected contestant being eliminated..

Matt should have just sent Monique home and anyone who was trying to imply it was a joke. Those ladies are not right for him. Emma for you to come forward and tell Matt the truth I applaud you #BachelorAu #TheBachelorAU 👏.

Dad: Here comes Osher! He should get host of the year! #BachelorAu #dadwatchesbachelor.

@intosneedy You don’t share shit like that unless your intention is to make trouble. She doesn’t know it yet but she’s crueller her chances. Perhaps she’ll be happier being known as a mean girl instead of the bimbo Gemini girl. #BachelorAu.

Is there an ear piece in Matt’s ear to run him through names, does he study them every night before bed? I can’t even remember all the names of my family some nights #bachelorau.

“Strong words have been said, c***s” - official Osher quote from tonight’s #bachelorau.

I feel like I’m watching a live action replay of when shit goes down in a workplace and HR get involved #bachelorau.

The whole time the bachelor has been wasting time going around the mansion asking people if someone said something about him, he could have literally just asked the producers to play back the footage of the conversation #BachelorAu.

Imagine going home instead of the girl who literally called him a dog cunt #BachelorAu.

Also, I’m yet to see Matt and this fucking annoying Mary woman speak. Yet they’re keeping her alive so they can cut to her crazy eye thing and dumb voice every time there’s drama. #BachelorAU.

Hate watching them fertilise an oyster, but thoroughly enjoy hearing Matt say be a bit rough #BachelorAu.

Fair enough that Julia didn’t get a rose, she was no doubt behind all of this #BachelorAu.

Of all the lame reality TV walkouts in the history of lame reality TV walkouts, that was the lamest 🙄🌹 #BachelorAU.

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