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good lord if Rachael says “Richie was my bachelor” one more time I’ll scream #BachelorInParadiseAus.

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If anyone wonders why females stay tonight’s ep of #BachelorInParadiseAus is why.

Someone please tell Rachael that Richie IS NOT interested in her! It’s dragged on long enough now! @BachParadiseAU #BachelorInParadiseAU #BachelorInParadiseAus.

Why is Alex Nation so pissed when just yesterday she was making out with Brooke but now can’t take it when Bill’s confused 🤷🏻‍♀️ #BachelorInParadiseAus.

I sincerely hope Bill’s appearance is heavily edited and that he’s not this much of a wanker #BachelorInParadiseAus #gaslighting.

Where is the substance and depth to these people? Shallow as fuck. #BachelorInParadiseAU #BachelorInParadiseAus.

Romeo and Juliet? Ummmm you know how that story ends, right? #BachelorInParadiseAus.

I only care about Britt, Nathan and Cass being happy Osher can you do something PLEASE #BachelorInParadiseAus.

#BachelorInParadiseAus just reminds me to meet men the normal way, dating your mates boyfriends mates.

Bill is known for hanging out at the dog park coz he’s a dog #BachelorInParadiseAus.

Anyway, I once hacked down the tree in my front yard because a guy ghosted me, so until any of these jerks do that, I retain my status as queen of drama 👑 #BachelorInParadiseAus #BachelorInParadiseAU.

Clive Palmer advertising during #BachelorInParadiseAus - that’s big bucks 💰(also, no idea who I know this 😂).

I just really want to enter a room and proclaim someone as ‘my bachelor’ #BachelorInParadiseAus.

Do these people have any other words in their vocabulary other than ‘explore’ and ‘connection’? 🤔#BachelorInParadiseAus.

Bachelor in paradise need to be changed to “he’s my bachelor” #BachelorInParadiseAus.

Rachel just one ups her own craziness with each statement. Woman Ritchie doesn’t want you #BachelorInParadiseAus.

#BachelorInParadiseAus Rachael you do not own Richie, regardless of if he was YOUR bachelor or not 😅.

I mean, I feel bad for Shannon. The bs Davey was spinning just to get a rose is messing with her head, but SERIOUSLY hoping she snaps out of it soon. He literally only wanted to stick around in case Flo came Ughhhh #BachelorInParadiseAus.

Brooke remains as the capybara of the island #BachelorInParadiseAus.

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@oshergunsberg I’m watching #BachelorInParadiseAus and I am FUMING!! I reckon Brooke needs get her head in the game and at least pick a side to bat for, she’s leaving blokes and women everywhere in the dark and it’s really upsetting to see!.

What is with all these dudes trying to pressure Brooke into “making up her mind” ? #BachelorInParadiseAus.

Note to self: do not go to #Fiji in whatever month #BachelorInParadiseAus was filmed. Rains all the time!.

good lord if Rachael says “Richie was my bachelor” one more time I’ll scream #BachelorInParadiseAus.

@oshergunsberg looks very disappointed in everyone’s behaviour #BachelorInParadiseAus.

I have more chemistry with my right hand than Alex and Brooke do #bachelorinparadiseaus.

#bachelorinparadiseaus drinking game: take a sip each time a character says, “like”... You’ll be in emergency having your stomach pumped before the first ad.

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