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Lo de Balenciaga ya es Abro hilo para todos los que aun no entienden bien que esta pasando..

Balenciaga Photo,Balenciaga Photo by Juanito Say,Juanito Say on twitter tweets Balenciaga Photo

Today I learnt Apple has a problem with @elonmusk but absolutely zero problem with child abuse… Balenciaga’s app is still on the App Store..

Balenciaga severed their ties with @kanyewest due to a tweet. Yet they expect us to just “accept their apology” after they get caught up sexualizing children? They’re not apologizing because they’re sorry. They’re apologizing because they got caught..

Kim Kardashian says she hasn’t decided whether she will cut ties with Balenciaga. Imagine being super rich and still choosing money instead of protecting children from paedophiles. And she’s a mother! It’s sick..

En Balenciaga: alguien aprobó la campaña, alguien tomó las fotos, alguien buscó l@s modelos, alguien buscó la locación, alguien la produjo, alguien hizo los retoques, alguien llevó el catering, alguien maquilló a los ¿nadie dijo que estaba mal?.

Remember when the Democrat Party boycotted Goya Foods? Where is the outrage and boycott for Balenciaga ?.

I have been quiet for the past few days, not because I haven’t been disgusted and outraged by the recent Balenciaga campaigns, but because I wanted an opportunity to speak to their team to understand for myself how this could have happened..

Balenciaga only apologized and deleted their content because they got caught. The grooming and indoctrination of children is truly evil..

these are some of the images Balenciaga’s main stylest How do you interpret or defend this?.

Balenciaga Photo,Balenciaga Photo by Jake Shields,Jake Shields on twitter tweets Balenciaga Photo

So apparently, Khloé Kardashian shared a post on her Instagram promoting Balenciaga, but then swiftly deleted it after a massive backlash. Did anyone get screenshots?.

Celebrities Cut Ties With Balenciaga After MyPillow Spotted In Photo Shoot.

Balenciaga es el ejemplo perfecto del comemierdismo progre. Puedes sexualizar niños, pero si tu marca nos gusta, aquí no pasó nada..

Wait, shouldn’t balenciaga have their bank accounts closed, get banned on social media, stores temporarily shut down, and all celebrities condemn them first? Or is that only for black artist and athletes?.

Calling out @Balenciaga for Exploiting Children in their recent ad campaign.

.@RealCandaceO Nails It The Silence About Balenciaga Is Deafening.

The Balenciaga saga gets darker… WARNING: This link has images that are graphic and disturbing..

Balenciaga Photo,Balenciaga Photo by Jenna Ellis 🍊🦅,Jenna Ellis 🍊🦅 on twitter tweets Balenciaga Photo

If Epstein files are unsealed you will all see links to Balenciaga. Remember Epstein got many of his victims through Model Agencies. Jean-Luc-Brunel procured more than 1000 girls. Another modelling agency linked to Balenciaga is hiding in plain sight.

Justin Bieber está na lista da GQ Magazine de pessoas mais elegantes do planeta: “As muitas fases de Bieber. Um famoso corte de tigela e tatuagens. Ele ama sua esposa, um grande gorro, e, em sua última fase de estilo, tornou-se o cara Balenciaga […]”..

Balenciaga Photo,Balenciaga Photo by Suporte Justin Bieber Brasil | Fan Site,Suporte Justin Bieber Brasil | Fan Site on twitter tweets Balenciaga Photo

BREAKING REPORT: Kim Kardashian REFUSES TO CUT TIES with Balenciaga after pedophilia.

Que choque ler todo fio sobre a Balenciaga, que repulsa, que nojoooooo na verdade nojoooooooo! existe possibilidade de punir os responsáveis? ou isso fica por isso mesmo e quem quiser para de consumir a marca? como funciona isso lá fora?.

If there is anything that should currently unite us it should be the blatant, disgusting, vile attacks on children. I am not one for cancel culture but, the latest with Balenciaga, and anyone that defends, and or promote them should get canceled. Time for this crap to end!.

Balenciaga is suing their ad production campaign after all the recent backlash AS IF there isn’t an internal chain of command that approves ads and other marketing materials prior to launch/publication….

Balenciaga Photo,Balenciaga Photo by Tigrisha Woods,Tigrisha Woods on twitter tweets Balenciaga Photo

Didn’t see Balenciaga and Adidas get the type of backlash Kanye is getting right now.

selling my balenciaga shoes now. I refuse to wear them anymore…they were my favorite shoes too. Everyone should stop wearing them..

Lo de Balenciaga es una locura hermano y ni en pedo les creo que fue sin querer, hay demasiada evidencia. El momento que tanto temíamos finalmente llegó..

Balenciaga Photo,Balenciaga Photo by Felipe Núñez 🦅,Felipe Núñez 🦅 on twitter tweets Balenciaga Photo

Los liber progres totalmente mudos con la pedofilia de Balenciaga, se ve que su “lucha” es de nicho, solo contra sacerdotes de la iglesia católica.

If Balenciaga want to exonerated, they should do the right thing and serve up Demna’s head on a platter, cordon his office and bring in external investigators..

Balenciaga ¡Pedófilos! Con los niños no se metan ¡Pervertidos!.

Balenciaga Photo,Balenciaga Photo by Karblack,Karblack on twitter tweets Balenciaga Photo

Las casas de moda parece que tienen vía libre para cualquier cosa, inclusive la corrupción de menores, un concepto viejo que ahora se llama diversidad.

#Balenciaga Apologizes for Controversial Bondage Teddy Bear Ad.

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