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#BREAKING The NSW Upper House has just passed a motion calling on Dominic Perrottet to halt the appointment of John Barilaro to NYC. This would be until an inquiry can be conducted. The people of NSW deserve to know the truth about this appointment..

#BREAKING John Barilaro has just withdrawn from the trade envoy role to NYC. This could not be any murkier. Dominic Perrottet must come clean about what really led to this appointment. Transparency and integrity is the very least NSW deserves from their government..

#BREAKING Despite Dominic Perrottet claiming that Barilaro’s appointment was determined by a global talent firm and not by a Minister. Emails reveal that this firm was told to halt the search. And that it’d be dealt with as an “internal matter” and a “ministerial appointment”.

Bob Carr
Bob Carr

Perrottet’s interview on RN might be the worst of any Premier in memory. What, he didn’t know how Barilaro was appointed? The public service did it and his hands were clean? And it didn’t need to go to cabinet? Rich, ripe porkies, these..

#REVEALED The NSW Govt ignored a shortlist for filling their NYC trade role. Before giving the $500,000 a year job to John Barilaro, a position he created..

Bob Carr
Bob Carr

No trade deal will flow from the millions spent on a cushy job for Barilaro. None. Do you think US firms will suddenly want to come here because the former Nat has knocked on their doors? No, they do deals because their own advisers see a profit. Hell, the wastage of this team!.

Upper house to hold inquiry into Barilaro’s plum New York appointment | @AlexSmithSMH.

Barilaro temporarily blocked from plum NYC job | The New Daily.

Has anyone informed #ABC730 of the dodgy John Barilaro appointment? Not a word yet, so just wondering if they have missed anything, like memos or emails from their editorial bosses. #AUSPOL.

When you’re in politics daily you learn a few things about attempted stitch ups on one hand & cozy job offers on the other If you’re in the “in crowd” the cozy jobs always conveniently arrive - you just get “looked after” If not “they” try to destroy you.

SBS News
SBS News

Former NSW deputy premier John Barilaro has been temporarily blocked from taking up a taxpayer-funded job in New York City. #auspol.

Barilaro withdraws from a job he should never have taken in the first place & public servant asks media to “respect his privacy at this time” ??? What????.

ICYMI last night 👉John Barilaro received plum New York trade job after senior public servant had already been offered it.

Alexandra Smith : the Barilaro saga is an own goal for the Perrottet government. She concludes with, “The federal election clearly demonstrated voters care about integrity in government will punish pollies if they feel they are looking after their own..

Icymi last night… John Barilaro received plum New York trade job after it had already been offered to a senior public servant who later had her offer rescinded. From @p_hannam, @tamsinroses and me..

Pork Barilaro shouldn’t be going to the Big Apple. He should be going to the Big House..

(New from @tamsinroses, ⁦⁦@mmcgowan⁩ and me): John Barilaro got trade job after senior public servant had already been offered it.

Barilaro temporarily blocked from plum NYC job | The New Daily #auspol #nswpol.

Hi @Dom_Perrottet. So, the civil servant who interviewed and reported to Barilaro and who told recruiters it was now “an internal matter” the day before Porkilaro resigned, got a pay rise. Specifically from you. Still no problem, Dom?.

My take on porkie Barilaro. He won’t go to New York and the NSW government will pay him out to the tune of $350K. Let’s watch..

John Barilaro created a public-funded job for himself, with an annual salary worth more than what our prime minister is paid. Let that sink 🤔 #LiberalRorts #RortsOfAllSorts.

NSW Declared Most Livable State For Those Named John Barilaro.

Dominic Perrottet says there were no suitable candidates for trade job before John Barilaro was appointed via @ABCaustralia UTTER BULLSHITERY.


Inquiry into Barilaro’s New York posting to be conducted by John Barilaro #Satire.

Perrottet distance himself? Seriously? NSW Premier Perrottet has moved to distance himself from the appointment of former Nationals leader John Barilaro to a $500,000-a-year trade role in New York, with the growing scandal overshadowing the Coalition’s budget pitch to voters..

John Barilaro’s New York trade job may be completely above board, but it needs scrutiny | Anthony Whealy.

John Barilaro’s decision may stem some bleeding, but questions remain about the New York appointment #JOBS4THEBOYS.

The appointment of John Barilaro, former Deputy Premier to ⁦⁦⁦⁦@Dom_Perrottet⁩, as NY Trade Commissioner must be thoroughly investigated. How and when did the former Trade Minister get the $500,000 a year job? Was he the best candidate?.

As the new Chair of the Public Accountability Committee I can’t wait to get my teeth into this one. #nswpol.

In case you missed Barilaro’s new job was announced late last Friday afternoon. Perrottet must be a fan of ‘Yes Minister’. #STDog.

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