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Bloody hell this is a complicated saga. If only Mr Taylor would have an open press conference and openly answer the many questions the press has. And Barnaby Joyce could join him. #auspol.

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Election 2019: Barnaby Joyce declares victory in New England.

I can’t stop thinking about Barnaby Joyce confusing Annabel Crabb with Leigh Sales.

You know what at least I don’t live in FUCKIN TAMWORTH ANYMORE I. Mean. Fuck. Me. After everything they still end up with Barnaby fuckin Joyce voter in like get fucked cunt it’s so backwards there you couldn’t pay me to move back fuckin region of absolute idiots.

Listening to the likes of Barnaby Joyce, Scott Morrison and NewsCorp bleat a mandate for 3 yrs as bushfires droughts and floods increase will be interesting. #auspol #ausvotes.

Barnaby Joyce unleashes on Labor after keeping seat in election via @MailOnline.

@Jesse_Matheson @Barnaby_Joyce Never fear what comes around goes around. His lifestyle is a ticking time bomb..

@Barnaby_Joyce Congratulations Mr Joyce 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾.

@illuminol @Barnaby_Joyce there are elements of good and bad. but the stacking always outnumbered those who had good intentions and insight in what was right in the first place. this is the problem with specialised privies. they forgot democracy..

@Barnaby_Joyce Tamworth loves Barnaby & almost everyone of us in this town predicted a massive win. He’s a decisive politician that gives us a clear & cut answer. Australia is a relieved & happy country now that Shorten lost.

Barnaby Joyce should Bloody well do the right thing and negotiate w/ Labor to approve Adani for support, QLD Labor should put them over a barrel and force the more rwnj of them to negotiate w/ the good guys, ALP..

@Sarahf6 @Barnaby_Joyce The drought has had taken a serious toll out your mental capacity.

@Barnaby_Joyce You need to dry up you piss just like our country @Alicia_Jane86.

This election result means Angus Taylor can sell more water to Barnaby Joyce. #auspol #AustraliaDecides.

Barnaby Joyce fucked a staffer while campaigning on family values but the Greens dropped a young candidate cos she once posted about shoplifting on Facebook. So we get year after year of pathetic unrelatable career politicians who retire on thousands regardless of job performance.

How can people re-elect thieves like Sussan Ley and Barnaby Joyce? They literally steal and morons still vote for them!.

@adsveloram @pwafork Are you absolutely serious? Your party has Barnaby Joyce who’s robbed us blind & drained our waterways, ScoMo who’s a dopey Murdock & co. puppet, Clive Palmer (they’re all in bed together) who’s robbed his workers & trashed the old Coolum Hyatt & more; & you’re calling Penny our.

@SirEothain @Barnaby_Joyce Apparently, Sportsbet have already paid out before election on the $1M bet. Crazy.

[email protected]_Joyce has shown you can destroy an entire ecosystem, cheat on your wife and pretty much explode your party AND STILL WIN AN ELECTION!.

@nick_williams68 @JonathanPieNews Thw Nats are gentleman country farmers?! 😁😁 Google Barnaby Joyce. He was just voted in again..

@7NewsSydney @Barnaby_Joyce More like dopey rusted on national twats voting for the beetroot again. Where’s the water Barney???.

@Barnaby_Joyce Your gloating on the ABC was a disgrace but not surprising given your recent track record of being shit human being. Looking forward the the investigation into your dodgy water dealings you crook. You ball bag faced piece of trash.

@davidould Morality is a big winner. Barnaby Joyce, family man, affairs and love child, and soon to be National Leader. It could be that we are seeing the realignment that the US has had. Reactionary leaders that believe in their own publicity..

@abcnews @Barnaby_Joyce You fuckwit! You’ve had 6 years & done fucking nothing about power prices except they’ve continued to go up..

Look who is handing out for @JimMolan ! Looks like John Alexander volunteers unless this lovely lady is just holding them for someone else. Nobody tell @Barnaby_Joyce ! Liberal MP caught on tape doing the same here.

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Bloody hell this is a complicated saga. If only Mr Taylor would have an open press conference and openly answer the many questions the press has. And Barnaby Joyce could join him. #auspol.

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