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Have you no decency? Maybe you should ask Barron if it’s cool to attack a kid..

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Who water head Barron lol who cares. Barron will grow up to be a prick like his entire criminal family..

I feel bad for the kid. Barron, who’s not a baron, probably couldn’t care less about the shit storm people are having regarding his name. But he’s always going to have these assholes for parents. No kid deserves asshole parents. Sorry kid, I hope you rise above this craziness. 👍🏾.

Just came to see if @PressSec or @FLOTUS has issued a statement like she doing regarding Barron condemning Donald Trump for going after a teenage girl..

@KatTimpf I never c Barron Trump. Is his behavior an issue? I see Greta’s behavior, & that of her parents, as unusual. It would b strange not 2 notice her. She & her parents seek recognition aggressively. It isn’t possible 2 control the narrative. It’s abusive 2 promote her odd behavior..

@memzoo48 @Gold_blooded5 Greta should be offered the same respect as Barron. No children should be ridiculed by adults..

@sandibachom @soledadobrien We don’t know Barron is on the spectrum but trump did allude to it on Howard Stern once. It’s why he became anti vax; surely his loins wouldn’t produce a child with an issue!.

@RonnieGreher @RealCandaceO I agree! Even so, I don’t like to see young people attacked. I really get upset with the type of attacks made against Barron & his mother. Rape is evil. I’m amazed at how cruel people can be to innocent children..

@Tennessean Not really an attack. Just a tweaky tweet. And unlike Barron Trump, Greta purports to be an adult, playing adult games..

remember two seconds ago when republicans pretended to be mad about someone saying barron trumps name because it was apparently so out of bounds to be talking about a kid?.

@GloTaub @maggieNYT Why is Barron in your face with his views on Climate Change politics?.

@adamcbest Barron Trump has not put himself into politics. the difference is Greta Thunberg has put herself into politics. in comparison other Trump children have also put themselves into politics, and are open to being criticized. #BeBest.

@mehdirhasan @FLOTUS She is a public person by choice of her parents, you idiot. Barron is not..

@realDonaldTrump So wait. Y’all freak out when someone *mentions* Barron’s name in public, yet its ok to chastise and bully a girl who won a prize you wanted and lost (again!) You’re sick..

Have you no decency? Maybe you should ask Barron if it’s cool to attack a kid..

@JoePerticone @jaketapper Barron is 13 , Greta is 16 and you Dems wanted to lower the voting age to 16 ... she is a child when she suits you ....

This after Melania’s faux outrage that Barron’s name was simply mentioned during a Congressional hearing..

Thought experiment and nothing more. If Barron Trump grows up and becomes a communist, would that make him The Red Barron? #Barron.

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#MSM Barron?? This girl is also a Where’s the outrage?.

@Liz_Wheeler Stating Trump named his son Barron is an attack? You really have to grasp at straws to come up with an argument. #Republicansnowflakes.

Yeah, what @CCLcaribecrew said. And where did all that rage about the comment about Barron go? Is this not a million times worse?.

I’m sure the media will cover this as much as they crowed about civility towards Barron Trump..

@realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS but someone can’t say that Barron isn’t a baron! Check your own house before you point fingers at others!!!.

@WajahatAli And poor Barron. Children should be protected. But only Trump’s. They don’t even get the irony..

Patiently waiting for Melania to condemn those who are bullying a teenager with Aspergers. #BeBest #Barron.

Remember when Republicans lost their mind because one of the impeachment witnesses said Barron Trump’s name.

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