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Jane Fonda, Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Adam Driver, Rose Byrne, Corey Stoll, Debra Monk, Ben Schwartz, Dax Shepard, Abigail Spencer, Timothy Olyphant, Connie Britton and Kathryn Hahn! This Is Where I Leave You really outdid itself with this cast!.

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Such a special moment having Chance Bateman present the number 10 to Karl Amon 💛.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Brett Bateman with the catch of the year 😲 @SportsCenter #SCTop10.

The top WR’s I wanted Ravens to target via signing/trade are all still available -DJ Chark -Odell -Hopkins -Jeudy/Sutton(Jeudy more because of the only 2 million cap hit) I will wait patiently. But I’m beginning to get anxious😬.

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A hot afternoon looms for the Bulldogs and Tigers 👀 LIVE 👉.

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Clear rust, which is expected, but window into what the club will get and was wanting out of the Bateman signing. Not intimidated by anyone and will bust his ass every second he is on the field..

John Bateman comes up with the 2 best attacking kicks from the Tigers this season so far but can’t gather over the line..

Friday shaping as the first time the club will have Api, Klem, Ice and Bateman all available at the same time..

BREAKING NEWS: John Bateman has reportedly told the Water runner he is home sick and wants to go home. - Per Sources.

I can understand why Sheens held Bateman back as he didn’t know the teams plays. None of the guys who have been there all off season know them, don’t know how he’d be expected too.

Flowers+Bateman+Migno=good Johnston+Bateman+Scott=good Addison+Bateman+Perry=good Hyatt+Bateman+Wilson=good Downs+Bateman+Landers=good Jsn+Bateman+Mims=good.

Surprised the independent doctor hasn’t made Burton go off considering he was acting liking like he’d been knocked unconscious by Bateman.


@MFurkancopur @GodlessturtleTr Kendi içinde çelişen bir şeyin yanlış olduğunu fark etmesi yazık değil.

“…his chat out there was incredible, he is a proper leader, coming into this squad you can see he is a true competitor,” - Api Koroisau on John Bateman.

Again. Bateman has 2 defenders in his pocket and gets thrown a pass and is hit as soon as he touches it.

And that’s game. Bateman chases but Burton ices the game for the Bulldogs. Can’t be in games if you’re going to hand the ball over willingly every 5th tackle. This one, like previous weeks, is on the halves.

Big minutes for Twal so far appears to be out of necessity more than anything. Ofahengaue is coming off a very disrupted preseason and nowhere near his minutes and capacity, while backrow availability issues have seen less time for Bateman/Blore to play meaningful middle mins.

Few times last year where you wondered who was busting their backside, thought it was very clear and evident the side is putting in and united. Naden, Blore, Bateman all chasing lost causes to the very end in stifling conditions..

Thought Klem was really good again today. Will likely miss next week though through suspension you’d think (and if not, you best believe the Knights will be calling NRL HQ again). A big loss and probably sees increased middle minutes for Blore and/or Bateman with Ice back.

@JosinaAnderson 1 year deal isn’t stability. Few year deal locks you into stability. 5 years+ means you miss out on cap increases and salary rate growth for your position unless you’re fortunate to get paid big again 2-3 year deal is the sweet spot imo.

Alamoti and Addo-Carr combine again for another length of the field try! 💪😍🔥 📺 Watch #NRLBulldogsTigers on or stream on Kayo:  ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

I idolize Rick Sanchez I idolize Travis Bickle I idolize Tony Montana I idolize Tyler Durden I idolize Jordan Belfort I idolize Alex DeLarge I idolize Rorschach I idolize Walter White I idolize Arthur Fleck I idolize Patrick Bateman I idolize Don Draper.


Terms: #Ravens are signing former #Chiefs WR Mecole Hardman to a 2-year, $9M contract, per sources. The Baltimore Ravens get Lamar his long-awaited WR2 and pair Hardman with potential superstar WR Rashod Bateman..

Naden answers Addo-Carr with an intercept try of his own! 📺 Watch #NRLBulldogsTigers on or stream on Kayo:  ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

Mahoney and Burton team up to bury the Tigers!💪🔥 📺 Watch #NRLBulldogsTigers on or stream on Kayo:  ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

Disappointed for Bateman. First sign of any so called ‘eyes up’ footy this year and was almost rewarded. Work cut out for him on that edge defensively with those around him too.

patrick bateman enjoyer friend just peeked over my shoulder at this image.

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jason bateman at the ‘AIR’ premiere via letterboxd on instagram.

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babe i’m sorry i said one of my favorite book characters of all time was Patrick Bateman can we please fuck.

jason bateman in a q&a following the ‘AIR’ world premiere.

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