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Sorry but why did they give Tetsuo a fivehead?? #bcm320 #Akira.

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An old Chinese man smoking some ciggs whilst tensions are at its highest is SO China #bcm320.

factors that makes this movie engrossing is the attention to details. Four scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences worked with the team to ensure that the technical aspects of the script were flawless. #bcm320.

The usage of live-tweeting really changes the viewing experience of a movie. I tend to always treat the movie like a text to be dissected and discussed, compared to watching a movie for entertainment. But in that frame, I feel I lose a lot of investment to the story #bcm320.

#BCM320 sometimes you gotta get some praise for a job well done..

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the beginning montage of the destruction of earth and the overwhelming atmosphere they created to set the mood for the film reminds me of Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia where they essentially did the same. #BCM320.

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@angusVEVO I remember when I was little, Japanese animation was broadcasted on TV every day after school #bcm320(basically like the Hannah Montana in Western).

I am so bad at learning names in films, especially foreign films, the only one I know is Tim, The rest we got, Russian guy, Grandpa, Creepy smile dude and the main two #bcm320.

they know how to hit you in the feels, these asain films finna make me cry, The host, Akira now this #bcm320.

Movies like the Wandering Earth are often the scariest as they play with truth, fiction and real life issues. Does anyone remember how seriously people took the movie 2012??? #BCM320.

#BCM320 In this age of globalization and digital media, old Orientalist themes have become intertwined with themes of technology (Zhang, 2019) - a dense article but a fascinating look at what Western media got wrong about China’s ‘The Wandering Earth’.

A look into the possibility of The Wandering Earth being real #bcm320.

Ah I was not ready to be this emotional so early, Grandpa was most definitely a fave #bcm320.

@ItsJoshCrawley this common trend in film of AI turning against us and becoming defiant always spooks me and makes me hesitant to see what the future of AI really looks like #bcm320.

#BCM320 The official discussion for The Wandering Earth on reddit is an interesting read for sure. One quote of particular interest: I can only imagine the reviews this movie would get if it were the exact same but directed by Michael Bay.

The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 are two films that come to mind when watching this. #bcm320.

So we have a Russian-speaking Astonaut, a Chinese-speaking Officer and a computerised voice that talks in English, yet in the movie they understand each other completely despite obvious language barriers? #BCM320.

#bcm320 fun fact: It would take 227 billion newtons (apparently) to move the Earth. But not at any rate that this movie is showing!.

For me so far the cinematography is perhaps what is most compelling about this movie. As Liptak (2019) explains much of the film is digitally generated, showing just how far the industry has come. #BCM320.

Ah, the classic helmet-on-hip slow walking astronaut scene. A common trope that may be the result of globalisation? #BCM320.

@inretrofuture I was literally about to tweet this as well #bcm320.

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That guys hallucinations seem straight outta a Royal Blood music video #BCM320.

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Sorry but why did they give Tetsuo a fivehead?? #bcm320 #Akira.

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Does anyone else feel like bathing in milk tea after Tetsuo bathed in his MILK?!!? #bcm320 #Akira.

DID U GUYS KNOW AKIRA IS ONE OF THE BEST 100 PSYCHEDELIC ANIMATED MOVIES ACCORDING TO TimeOut?? Though i’m not sure about the credibility but so far I definitely agree #bcm320.

That was an interesting little auto-ethnography of their jobs. Scientists are just romantics, miliary man always consider the risks first or something along those lines #bcm320.

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