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You wonder why parents are so concerned with the path we’re heading regarding education in our primary schools??? This is Bernie Finn, Australian MP. Thank god someone is standing up to this crap. Enough is enough and this can not continue 1/2.

File under refusal to learn, doomed to repeat etc. Those who voted to preselect Deeming as a replacement for Bernie Finn should be sent packing with her. #springst.

Absolutely incredible that Bernie Finn’s replacement in the Western Metro Region - Moira Deeming - may very well follow exactly in his footsteps.

If you weren’t already aware @MoiraDeemingMP was bought in to replace Bernie Finn, who was also expelled from the @LiberalAus for espousing the Christian teaching regarding abortion. If it wasn’t clear before, it is now. The Liberal party is anti-Christian. #auspol.

Bernie Finn Photo,Bernie Finn Photo by Editor, The National Observer,Editor, The National Observer on twitter tweets Bernie Finn Photo

@MortyAUS i mean the man she replaced as the western metro liberal mp - bernie finn - joined the DLP and almost won.

@annikasmethurst @JohnPesutto Going well the Libs. This one replaced the delightful Bernie Finn. Also expelled. Hatrick potential with the next one..

Amazing that the Vic Libs stitched up Bernie Finn and replaced him with someone *more* insane #springst.

@BrentHodgson Literally Bernie Finn He previously held the same whip role I beleive. Shes literally his protege..

@paula_atwood @annikasmethurst A great day - the love child of the Bernie Finn Christi facists sinks to irrelevance!!.

@PRGuy17 You are wrong as always….expulsion from the LP is a member decision. She may well be expelled from the party room…an entirely different thing…ask Bernie Finn and Renee Heath.

@SquigglyRick So they expelled Bernie Finn for far-right extremism, then selected Moira Deeming as his replacement knowing full well she was as bad or worse. Third time lucky?.

@hamhammer27 She’s completed the Bernie Finn arc a good 30 years faster than Bernie himself lol.

@Stephen78234183 Probably because the branch is stacked with the same people who chose Bernie Finn. No doubt they have a problem there..

(Source: Wikipedia).

Hopefully @MoiraDeemingMP joins the @DLPAustralia and, together with Bernie Finn, builds an electorally successful right-wing alternative to the Liberal party. #auspol.

Moira Deeming, proudly following in the footsteps of her mentor Bernie Finn. Booted from the Victorian Liberal Party for being too on the nose. The Victorian Liberal Party!!!!.

@6NewsAU As a Western Metro voter, I have to ask: why do the Liberals preselect such high-risk candidates (Bernie Finn, Moira Deeming) for the top of the ticket, then wonder why the Liberal leader needs to expel them?.

@WhiteRoseSocAU Inevitable. With people like Deeming and Bernie Finn the Liberals would be unelectable forever. They live in their Fox News bubble unable to connect with real Australia..

@gemmacaf @annikasmethurst Bernie finn is having a meltdown LOL..

Bernie Finn Photo,Bernie Finn Photo by Anth W. 🌏,Anth W. 🌏 on twitter tweets Bernie Finn Photo

@kevinbonham An obvious move for her seems like joining the DLP - led by her protege Bernie Finn..

Bernie Finn Photo,Bernie Finn Photo by Anth W. 🌏,Anth W. 🌏 on twitter tweets Bernie Finn Photo

@Julo97094805 @DanielAndrewsMP Will the Libs do the right thing or treat this as a Bernie Finn moment where it was always Bernie being Bernie?.

@MoiraDeemingMP @VictoriaPolice The News Media is giving you the silent treatment again but not Lidia Thorpe, she can speak out to the News Media whenever she wants to. What a shame that Matthew Guy dump Bernie Finn for you. Looks like Libs kicking out the old males and replacing them with the younger women..

@belinduhpyne Bernie Finn lurking somewhere with a box of tissues and a raging hate boner?.

@annikasmethurst And for the political state journos out there in #springst Vic politics world. Previous reportage on Moira Deeming strongly indicates their possible next moves after the Liberal party - As a close friend/protege of Bernie Finn, the DLP (Democratic Labour Party) looks obvious..

Bernie Finn Photo,Bernie Finn Photo by Anth W. 🌏,Anth W. 🌏 on twitter tweets Bernie Finn Photo

@PRGuy17 It was only a matter of time before the pre-selection of Deeming, coming soon after the sacking of her mentor & close friend, right wing bigoted loon, Bernie Finn, would turn into a clusterfuck of epic proportions. The Libs are their own worst enemy (and may that never change!).

@akaWACA They seemed to have moved quicker on her than they did on Bernie finn (over many years) Remember this mess:.

Bernie Finn Photo,Bernie Finn Photo by Anth W. 🌏,Anth W. 🌏 on twitter tweets Bernie Finn Photo

@annikasmethurst Related to Moira Deeming, I will also remind people of the Vic Liberal party enabling people like their former MP Bernie Finn over SEVERAL years, esp here in 2021 posting offensive photoshopped Nazi content To Mr Pesuttos credit, today is swifter. #springst #auspol.

Bernie Finn Photo,Bernie Finn Photo by Anth W. 🌏,Anth W. 🌏 on twitter tweets Bernie Finn Photo

Bernie Finn Zara Dora Clark Gresham Hedda Harry #上海 #闵行 喝 茶.

Bernie Finn Photo,Bernie Finn Photo by 上海浦东黄浦徐汇虹口静安长宁普陀,上海浦东黄浦徐汇虹口静安长宁普陀 on twitter tweets Bernie Finn Photo

@Sarah_Alice_X Oh dear they did a ‘horrible Nazi salute’! (clutches pearls…) Saint 🙏🏻 Moira’s predecessor ‘Good Catholic’ Bernie Finn made no such excuses about his shared beliefs with the far right. She’s not very observant is she?.

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