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Things Biden could do: 1. Set up abortion clinics on federal land inside red states (@ewarren’s idea) 2. Federal telehealth service for free abortion pills 3. Funding for abortion clinics and travel vouchers in nearby states None of this is “waiving a magic wand”.

BREAKING: President Biden just called on the Senate to create an exception to the filibuster to codify Roe v. Wade into law..

For all those framing the Supreme Court’s ruling as a loss for Biden, don’t you also live on this planet?.

Dem leaders must tell voters the plan: What’s the *actual* need? Which specific seats are we focused on? WHAT votes do we need & WHERE (what states + races?) And, what’s the return? What is Biden/Congress ACTUALLY willing+able to do at 52/60 seats? Be honest. Details motivate.

Biden has it right. If we lose the House & the Senate in November, Republicans will pass a nationwide ban on abortion. That means Democrats must fight for every seat..

NEW: Karine Jean-Pierre just responded to Jeff Bezos attacking Biden for trying to stop gas price gouging: “It’s not surprising that you think oil and gas companies using market power to reap record profits at the expense of Americans is the way our economy is supposed to work.”.

Tim Young
Tim Young

Just remember that Biden called for a revolution in his Jimmy Kimmel interview if Roe v Wade was any violence or rioting has been called for by him..

Biden calls for all protest to be peaceful, and no matter how angry you are feeling right now, this is the key to moving forward. We cannot give them anything. Our voices are loudest when we raise them together in peaceful protest..

Joe Biden voted to let states overturn Roe v. Wade when he was in the Senate. Interesting!.

NEW: Justice Breyer has sent a letter to President Biden informing him that his retirement will be effective 24 hours from now: at noon on Thursday, June 30..

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President Trump predicted Biden would destroy our southern border. He was right. President Trump predicted Biden would bury our economy in regulations. He was right. President Trump predicted we’d see higher gas prices if Biden was elected. He was right..

Petro ya habló con Maduro, Biden, otros presidentes de la región y con voceros de la Unión Europea. Hasta se verá con Uribe. Ni exclusión, ni polarización. Petro ya defraudó a la derecha feudal que esperaba venganza y odio. Fin del comunicado..

Voicemail from Joe Biden to Hunter saying he wants to discuss their China business deals. #TenPercentForTheBigGuy.

BREAKING: @KariLake calls Biden an ‘illegitimate president’ on FoxNews.

Next time someone tries to tell you Joe Biden isn’t a geriatric nursing home patient trapped in the White House, show them this. He needs a notecard with step by step directions telling him what to do, including “YOU take YOUR seat”. This is beyond embarrassing..

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AOC on Meet the Press: What I believe that the president and the Democratic Party needs to come to terms with is that this is not just a crisis of Roe, this is a crisis of our democracy ... this is a crisis of legitimacy and President Biden must address that.

NEW: A letter from Brittney Griner was sent to the White House today, making a direct appeal to President Biden for her freedom. Representatives shared the following excerpts:.

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Hey Beto where’s your tweet blaming Biden for the 40+ dead immigrants found in abandoned trailer? You don’t care you just an evil opportunist!.

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The Biden admin has quietly leased a sprawling, upscale school campus in Greensboro, for the purpose of housing unaccompanied migrant children smuggled across the Southern border, despite claiming last year there were “no plans” to do so. Feds hiring up to 800 staff @FoxNews.

The next person who says “Obama should have codified Roe vs. Wade” or “Biden should just do an Executive Order” to fix this should seriously be arrested and imprisoned for absolute stupidity..

Pennsylvania 2020; ‼️🚩🚩🚨🚨 Boss of the Philly mob — ‘Skinny Joey’ Merlino Admits to stealing the election, pleads guilty. Make stunning revelation Pennsylvania political operatives ordered up some 300,000 election ballots marked for Biden! S10/ballot.

@BatiBatForever @Duvi0010 Eish seems to me the real world leader today is not the puppets Biden, Macron, Scholtz, Trudeau its the terminator 😜.

Without a go-ahead from Washington, it is pointless to negotiate peace with the Ukrainian leadership, says former US Senator, retired Colonel Richard Black. According to him, the Biden administration is ready to wage war against Russia to the last Ukrainian..

The Biden administration has dropped the ball on vaccine development, by @Noahpinion.

President Biden signs Bipartisan Safer Communities Act into law to prevent gun violence via @msnbc.

I do not like Joe Biden or the Royals of England. If the Queen dies I will be partying.

@MalcolmNance @RealTimers Poor guy. All of your “intelligence” didn’t make you realize that you misspelled “Biden” on your cover. How did you let yourself become SOO indoctrinated? But you didn’t- you make money off of war, from democrats. You love when they’re your sugar daddy..

King Felipe will host a reception for US President Joe Biden. King Felipe will meet with both President Biden and the Secretary General of NATO, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg. King Felipe will attend the “NATO Public Forum” seminar..

@NBCNews UPDATE on Joeys LEADERSHIP: Thanks to Biden poor leadership: More than 50 migrants have been found dead in a tractor-trailer in San Antonio, officials say..

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In 2019, when a woman claimed Trump was an “illegitimate president,” Joe Biden did not correct her. Instead, Biden responded, “I absolutely agree!”.

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