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  • Just increase taxes on big business, the rich and people who are net tax contributors so you can fund even more government services. Brilliant. Easy. Foolproof. Bill Shorten is an innovative thinker who will revolutionise global politics and economics..

  • Bill Shorten plans to steal tax refunds from pensioners and retirees #auspol

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  • Bill Shorten wants to steal tax refunds from pensioners, retirees and low income earners #auspol

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  • 1 million people on less than $37k will be hit hardest by Labor’s tax grab. Are these the ‘wealthy investors’ Shorten and Bowen dishonestly referred to yesterday? Policy is in tatters and must be dumped.

  • Bill Shorten’s Labor Party throws self-funded retirees to the wolves, writes @jkalbrechtsen

  • Bill Shorten’s Labor Party throws self-funded retirees to the wolves writes @jkalbrechtsen

  • You got to love Billy Bunting sorry Shorten. "I will change the tax system so its more equitable and fuck pensioners, I am taking care of workers and screw evil rich people" As the population goes crazy Bill again "Wait we will of course compensate pensioners and old people".

  • 23,000 people in the seat of #Batman are aged over 65 and retired. They are about to send a strong message to Bill Shorten about his proposed tax changes. #auspol #ausvotes #putlaborlast #vicpol #sapol #qanda #abc #TaxReform

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  • @JanMareeSmith2 @TheoHarrison9 Spend it all then apply for a government pension & Turn Bill Shorten super tax grab, into a Wayne Swan mining tax..

  • [new article] Kim Beazley endorses Wayne Swan as the next president of the Labor Party while Bill Shorten ignores Kevin Rudd’s advice to urge Swan to withdraw @australian #auspol

  • @pmalcolm1984 This might explain Bill Shorten’s investment suggestions

  • Yep, Bill Shorten & Chris Bowen now to the left of the Greens. Australian families wanting to get ahead can’t trust Shorten Labor with the economy and jobs.

  • Bill’s shameless attack on self funded retirees will actually harm the economy.

  • Strange photo to use if your key message is Bill Shorten’s new tax grab will hit the little people too. Those harbour views and gently bobbing yachts don’t exactly scream struggle street. #auspol #BatmanVotes

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  • Bill Shorten and Chris Bowen have bet the bank on a $60 billion high stakes tax grab that will ­either ensure a Labor victory within 18-months or revive a battered Turnbull government

  • @WeTheVoters2013 @Billandbecks @Prufrockery @John__Donegan @PaulBongiorno @alasnich @Laberal Oh I know you can see the eye feelings just watch Plibbers as she stands behind him. #Bowenchris just loves to be on TV so he cool with anyone. No #Bill Shorten is not a likeable man although he is popular with the #CFMEU.

  • #Equity #tax Bill Shorten doubles down over franking credit cash rebates #Shorten #25853 ++ n/a #auspol ..

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  • @bruce_ian @SwannyQLD G’Day Knight. On the #Bill Shorten plan to compensate pensioners for lost franking credits. Will that be based on a P/E ratio, take into consideration reinvestment, rights issues, buy backs on individual basis. BS got zapped when zinging. Oh the pain. Hope u r well. #ALP.

  • Bill Shorten is considering a supplement payment package for up to 250,000 pensioners to make up for annual cash refunds they stand to lose

  • & Bill Shorten is going to receive one big KAPOW! from the people of #Batman. #auspol Hilarious!.

  • Bill Shorten rightfully condemns Dutton’s reach out to the gun lobby, this is good. But back then NSW Labor preferenced the shooters and fishers party just behind the Greens at two by-elections, this is bad

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  • @QandA @DanTehanWannon Just bring the thing in, EVERYWHERE & do it NOW. Or is Bill Shorten going to rip us self funded retirees off to keep welfare recipients in booze, drugs & fags? Unless you are disabled, go get a fucking job, then you can spend YOUR money on what you like.

  • CAN TURNBULL DO A KEATING?  More than 610,000 Australians on the lowest annual incomes stand to lose an average of $1200 a year in tax refunds under Bill Shorten’s proposal to abolish cash rebates for tax credits on shares held by retirees, investors an…

  • #auspol#ausunion GED KEARNEY - ALP LABOR PARTY - STAR CANDIDATE FOR BATMAN BY-ELECTION With ALP Leader Bill Shorten 54% currently plundering the polls over the Liberal Coalition Party 47% & Greens Party with splits in the ranks Kearney in stronger position to win the seat.

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  • [email protected] on Labor’s tax change: Bill Shorten has come with a cruel and brutal slug on low-income earners because he either didn’t know or didn’t care. MORE: #newsday

  • @2GB873 im sick of the attacks on Bill shorten!!!!.

  • @billshortenmp says Labor will take pensioner-friendly policies to the next election but is holding his ground on dividend cash refunds, @PhillipCoorey reports. #auspol.

  • @vanbadham That’s true, I’ve seen positive changes in Bill Shorten and the more the Govt. slam him for past ideals on policy, the more I feel he has capacity to listen to feedback. That’s listening to people. I’m not completely on board though-seems to not listen re Adani..

  • @TheKouk Case study 1: Jean has worked hard throughout her career to set herself up for self-funded retirement and over the years has contributed vast amounts to the public purse in tax payments. Bill Shorten wants her to pay more for this hard work and success..

  • @SkyNewsAust @billshortenmp How can you tell when Bill Shorten is lying?.... ....... Answer: His mouth is moving.

  • @JohnWren1950 @australian The LNP know the “cash back” issue is wrong but instead choose to scare the average Australian that Bill Shorten is after their savings. The Australian’s example is hardly representative - median house price Lindfield NSW = $2.7million!.

  • @peterwhill1 To quote little Bill Shorten “we’ll have plenty to talk about later”. No doubt that means after the Batman election. As for the “groovy” Ged Kearney in her Denim Jacket 🤮one thinks she’s trying too hard to be relevant. There are thousands of voters over 60 in Batman mmmmmmmmmm.

  • @MRobertsQLD Commrad Bill Shorten sacked the then PM Julia Gillard, then he adopted her policies based on warfare..

  • @kelliekelly23 @billshortenmp @HFMarti @whozenexxt @BK6785 @benofbrisbane1 @NFI97 Bill Shorten has lost his mind, he is committing political suicide & trashed any chances of retaining the seat of Batman when #BatmanVotes Albo will shaft him when this seat goes down. #auspol #springst #LaborTrash party..