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The horrific treatment of Kathy Sheriff (raped by Bill Shorten) & Tara Reade (raped by Joe Biden) killed the #MeToo movement in Aus/US Liberals who once advocated believing survivors decided it only applies to rapists you dislike Both men still have successful political careers.

@JonesHowdareyou Bill Shorten is a gentleman. Due to our situation as neighbours of one of the miners he and his associates made sure our kids could get to and from school unaccosted by the media and that I got left alone at my work. The media were absolute pricks..

@AlexDGlengarry His anti-Bill Shorten advertising did. Which is different, I agree. The PUP anti vax, yes to 3% interest home loans vox popper on Insiders could be out there in thousands..

@barriecassidy Hey Barrie, Remember Beaconsfield? This morning on #insiders we heard an elderly lady accuse Bill Shorten of flying in on a private jet at the last moment to capitalise on media coverage. Could you please correct that perception?!.

@RhiannanMudie @ChattyCathyAU Why are you so sensitive about what I said ? Bill shorten is my member of parliament, frankly I was disappointed by his comments re: kitchings death but him being there at the Flemington is his job given he represents those people why are making it sound like a big deal? 1/2.

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