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#BillandBoz Clear Pen lads. Millennials categorize that much contact as #netflixandchill these days. 🙄.

Expecting to see the RBB back at full force next season, as a Sydney Fc fan, the novelty of the derby was more exciting when they brought out all their fans. Especially if that meant watching them lose =P #BillAndBoz.

#billandboz I’m a parra and wanderers fan .. the atmosphere here today was amazing and normally @wswanderersfc games are triple the atmosphere so I think when wanderers are playing there they will blow the roof off.

Does Stajcic deserve to keep his job? 🤯 A successful club and international CCM should be on their knees begging him to sign! #BillandBoz.

#BillandBoz we love hammering the refs in the NRL, we have so many ways to eradicate mistakes yet the uk and world rules have one ref , also we have selective pens , how many pens have you seen for walking off the mark , most players take 2 steps before the play the ball.

#BillandBoz 4 games to be played in the EPL title race, regardless which team wins @bmrwoods the sun will still shine the next day, even in England 👍.

#BillandBoz Hi guys, commentary experts calling the sports events, seem to be the drivers of so many rule changes and pressure on referees/umpires, which in turn spurs on viewer ugly criticism. Humans make mistakes, even after experts retire from the sport.

#BillandBoz Question for Bozza who is your predictions to fill out the final 2 top 4 spots in the premier league out of Spurs,Arsenal,Chelsea and Manchester United.

#BillandBoz Question for a Boz how well do you like the way Brendan Rodgers has started at Leicester do you believe he can build on it for the reminder of the season and going into next season.

#BillandBoz Question for Boz which EPL Manager do you think will not be at the current clubs in the offseason??.

#BillandBoz Question for Boz after a late loss for Melbourne City and fans remain getting frustrated is it time for Warren Joyce to go at the end of the season,results are unacceptable playing boring ,defending is bad it’s not good enough and as every City fan says #Joyceout.

Tune in to @FOXSportsNews now to catch @Jarten chatting with #BillandBoz.

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#BillandBoz @TheRealBozza Since Manchester United beat Ajax in 2017 Europa league final, they have spent over $200 million on player transfers, while Ajax have spent $ million. Goes to show money does not always bring success.

Looking forward to watching Jo Harten join Bill and Boz tonight #@[email protected]

Had a fantastic time with a fantastic panel of melgtaylor bmrwoods gavrobbo375 @TheRealBozza #billandboz.

Only one left handed in Indian WC One Day Squad that bats in top 7, @GavRobbo375 how important is the variety of left/right batsmen? Also Pant left out?? #billandboz.

I finally just put the little one in the photo to bed and turned you on, and you haven’t spoken about Liverpool once!!! Lift Bill #billandboz.

#BillandBoz Question for Mel With Tokyo Olympics just over a year away, when do the track and field athletes begin qualifications?.

Just wondering why @TheRealBozza swings side to side on the topic of #VAR so much! In my opinion fan experience will never be the same because fans can’t celebrate a goal without doubt everytime! @bmrwoods #BillandBoz.

Mel is right, that post is quite specific and saying that it’s been liked accidentally is BS. It’s quite a deliberate act to like something, with people specifically choosing not to like things all the time to prove a point too, so there are no excuses here #BillAndBoz.

Is Rugby Australia going to pay out Israel’s contract out if they can not sack him, RA have experience in paying players not to play? #billandboz.

To witness the sheer emotion from chris Waller on Saturday was inspiring to say the least a wonderful day for Australian Racing #BillandBoz.

Hope all the best for Popovic and Perth Glory in the finals. A truly entertaining team to watch #billandboz.

@bmrwoods @TheRealBozza Hi #BillandBoz WSBK rookie Alvaro Bautista won race 1 of the WSBK race in Assen. Becomes the first rider in World Superbike history to win 10 races in a row. Rgds Iain Kangaroo Point.

#BillandBoz that Adelaide test match vs West Indies as Australia batting to win the test in early 90s will live long in the memory for Australian cricket fans for its drama right to the end of day 5, even though we lost.

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