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GIANTS fans, catch @adamtomlinson20 on #BillandBoz! Tune in from 9pm on @FOXSportsNews. #NeverSurrender.

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If Collingwood are having trouble spending their revenue, i can imagine there are a number of AFLW players that would be interested in taking it off their hands. Also grassroots girls and boys teams. #BillandBoz.

With the controversy about AFL goal reviews, FORWARDS, just get yourself open set shots and kick straight. Technology isn’t the problem. players are kicking goals from too many contested set shots. Don’t kick near the defender on the mark and just kick straight #billandboz.

#billandboz would NRL players prior to full-time professionism have played even more games if they never had other jobs to go to? Or is Cameron Smith freakish? Previous record game holders Geoff Gerard, Terry Lamb etc come to mind.

Take the rules back 15 years to when it was Rugby League and not NRL. To many committees have been obsessed with making it faster, but have lost the games identity. Rugby Union is so much easier to watch these days because they simplified and cleaned up the laws. #BillandBoz.

@bmrwoods I am all for equality and as such feel the media should’ve treated Belinda Sharpe as just another ref instead of all the publicity as the first female ref ever. Imagine the pressure she must be under. Let’s hope she doesn’t have a howler. #BillandBoz.

GIANTS fans, catch @adamtomlinson20 on #BillandBoz! Tune in from 9pm on @FOXSportsNews. #NeverSurrender.

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#BillandBoz Harry Maguire is not at Van Dyk level. He is not in the top 6 defenders in the world but I suppose they need to pay overs as clubs know they are desperate to rebuild..

#billandboz With an increase of streakers eluding security and police at sports events lately, would tasers be better than failed crash tackles? Tasers would deter future streaking.

#BillandBoz I read into the CWC countback rule, and what I found more farcical is that if boundaries were equal the next tie-breaker would’ve been whoever scored more runs from the last ball of their super over. Surely after today’s final, the tie-break method should be altered..

Hi Panel great show - Bill I know you mentioned in your intro 4 the audience to write in 4 a chance to win a Bill & Boz mug - no need 2 send me one as 2 fine gents on the show tonite sent me this great mug already I’m so privileged thanks Nick & Jamie 😊 #BillandBoz.

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Another classic lineup with Gowie, Sowie and Nicky. #BillandBoz.

#BillandBoz Question for Bozza what do you think about rumours saying that Newcastle will Appoint Steve Bruce in the coming days??.

Spud if you steal a cup for me I’ll give you a cut of my future powerball winnings 🤭#BillAndBoz.

@foxsportsnews #BillandBoz Lets stop discussing issues such as injuries, officialdom, equal pay, You are sports analysts so discuss achievements, current sporting events / Tour de France & expected results. Programme is one big winge or moans about something.

Will man utd finish on top 4 this season how far will they get in Europa league and will ole get sacked before seasons end? Gridiron gang my favourite sports movie #BillandBoz.

Greatest Sports Movie ever is Escape to Victory #BillandBoz.

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#BillandBoz the two man tackle rule is unmanageable for the game but having the old style of legs first tackling as a dominant tackle fixes the issue. Less concussion as well.

Hi panel I went to the 2002 football World Cup in Japan & Korea & I travelled from Sapporo to kashima to beppu traversing 3 islands of Japan & the experience was unbelievable The rugby World Cup Will also be a success with a superb Olympics to follow Get your tickets #BillandBoz.

I think if liskecan hang in I don’t know honk Serena is fit enough!!!#BillandBoz.

Does Cameron Smith’s 400 games include games played during the 5 years when the Melbourne Storm breached the salary cap and were stripped of 2 premierships??? If so, WHY?? How is that fair?? #BillandBoz.

Hi panel great show best sports film RUSH absolutely brilliant what a story of rivalry & determination Niki Lauda a true champion #BillandBoz.

Hey #BillandBoz, My favourite Sports themed movie is Mickey Rourke’s The Wrestler.

Im with Boz, I think it be Serena and Nole who’ll win now. Serena looks like she’s next level determined this year #BillAndBoz.

Hey #BillandBoz, I thought I’d send this in for all your @H1League Fans, I hope everyone has an awesome show 👍🏻👍🏻.

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Shout out to my mate Mitchell Pearce, who hopefully plays well tomorrow and contributes by playing his role to help NSW get their first back-to-back series wins since 2003-05. #BillandBoz.

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