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Pre-order BLACKPINK’s [BORN PINK] DIGIPACKS & EXCLUSIVE BOX SETS from the official store:.

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@SeeTickets_ES Donde estan las entradas de blackpink ya que salen no disponibles y la pagina que enviasteis con el codigo no funciona.

@Tigo_GT @90sPopTour Blackpink por favor concédenos ese concierto en Guatemala no pedimos mucho 🙏.


So now there is blackpink London tickets for £65 ?? But yesterday the cheapest was £104 What a shit show of a presale. I feel bad for people that paid for the more expensive ones that they couldn’t afford.

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คลิปสัมภาษณ์ใหม่จาก Maria Claire ค่า สวยมากก เข้าไปดูกันค่ะ☺️♥️ 🔗 #JISOO #BLACKPINK @BLACKPINK.

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블링크가 아직 모르는 TMI가 있다고??😲 촬영장에서 먹는 블랙핑크(BLACKPINK) 지수의 소울푸드🖤Quickterview ผ่าน @YouTube.

Wts lfb BLACKPINK VIP ALL ACCESS BOX TINGI ⁃If interested please dm me. ⁃Through Jrs po ang shipping and gcash po ang payment. ⁃Can ship na po. ⁃Official po siya. ⁃Can tingi except photocards, nakalagay po dyaan yung set nila..

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@MaxxVts Blackpink can win! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #BLACKPINK #블랙핑크.

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#BLACKPINK مين كان أغنية احسن في بلاك بينك 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022.

#BORNPINK World Tour อเมริกามีเพิ่มรอบ 3 รอบ สรุปแล้วทุกเมืองที่จัดอารีน่า เมืองละ 2 รอบจุกๆ😎 คราวหน้าเมกาต้องสเตเดียมทัวร์ละมั้ง😌😆 #BLACKPINK สาขาเมกา ก็เริ่ดอยู่นะ ก็พอตัว😌🤣 @BLACKPINK.

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@JhoonyDuri Kak maaf itu fto jennie blackpink, jgn buat promot ntar ak di kira faker😃.

as meninas já brincaram chegou a vez das mulheres main vocal.

@BlinkVotingCrew And then Waterfall I vote for #ShutDown by @BLACKPINK as my Trending Song choice. #BLACKPINK..

@BPINKSPAIN @BLACKPINK Alguien ya ha podido acceder a la preventa? Me sale la página con error 😩.

literal me dejó poner el código de preventa para blackpink pero me salen todas las entradas como no disponibles.

@SeeTickets_ES gracias por arreglar el código ahora arreglad la disponibilidad, esto suena a chiste #BLACKPINK.



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Blackpink Photo,Blackpink Photo by h tata cris,h tata cris on twitter tweets Blackpink Photo

Autant BlackPink est un excellent Groupe mais c’est pour ma petite nièce qui les adore 😊.

Blackpink Photo,Blackpink Photo by Alicia⁷ ~ ARMY Mother,Alicia⁷ ~ ARMY Mother on twitter tweets Blackpink Photo

@BLINKSTATS 95 I vote for #ShutDown by #BLACKPINK    as my Trending Song Choice..

@Gentlelalalisa Congratulations I vote #SHUTDOWN    by #BLACKPINK     and for my Trending song choice!.

@ygent_official BLACKPINK is not just an artist. They a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled by thieves. They art, the first gift you open on Christmas, a hug from a loved one, they everything you ever wanted, they everything you need..

ma domani comebackano pure le Blackpink oddio io pensavo loro combeckassero il 19 vabbè che mezza testa..

@BLACKPINK I think they used all the money in the MV only 😭 Look at the # emojis and the posters and teaser pics Not much effort.

If there’s anybody selling 3 tickets for Blackpink in LA 11/20/22. please dm me !! I need 3 tickets. #blackpink #BLACKPINKconcert.

shutdown leak shutdown leaked born pink leak born pink leaked shut down leak yeah yeah yeah leak typa girl leak the happiest girl leak tally leak hard to love leak jennie leak lisa leak jisoo leak rosé leaked tangina niyo.

ขอ300ล้านก่อนพรุ่งนี้11โมง BLACKPINK - ‘Pink Venom’ M/V via @YouTube.

HMU I’m selling 2 BLACKPINK LA Tickets ( Nov 19)…….. selling for Face value, send a dm if you’re interested #Blackpink.

👋 I have 3 BlackPink tickets I want to sell them out for a low amount @ Toyota Senter 1510 Polk Street, Houston, TX, 77002 Sat. Oct 29, please send me a dm if you’re interest #BlackPinKTickets #BlackPink.

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