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Gibran Blak-blakan Gandeng Swasta Bangun Solo: Sama ASN Cuma Serap Anggaran, Tujuan Tak Tercapai.

‘LeT wOmeN spEaK’ - Oh not Blak women. So heartbreaking to see an Aboriginal sister and leader treated like this. Blak women deserve better. Senator Lidia Thorpe deserves better. I didn’t see any neo nazis being handled like this over the weekend….

@sbasfordcanales @canberratimes Just want to point out the months & months & months the cops have allowed the “Freedom” movement to do pretty much whatever they like with MINIMAL pushback. A blak Senator gets thrown to the ground though. You wonder why we have zero faith in the police..

@AJGardineresq Appalling footage of a blak woman been violently thrown to the ground by police 👿👿👿.

@StandingforXX Another blak mark against her that she won’t be expelled for but Moira gets dumped by her party for being supportive of womens rights! When did this world get turned upside down?.

@meanwhileinau Watch the “police brutality against a blak woman”rhetoric roll in🙄.

How appropriately Australian for the police to physically tackle a blak woman to the ground, so that a white woman from England can cry victim while spewing vile nonsense about marginalised people.

@Dr_M_Davis Or is that blak? Sorry. I just watched Lidia Thorpe being dragged through the mud in Canberra..

@MRobertsQLD @AusFedPolice Cops wrestling a blak woman draped in an Aboriginal flag to the ground at a ‘Let Women Speak’ rally. Lidia played you all like a fiddle yet again..

@IndiaWilloughby Thorpe is also an Aboriginal Senator known for solidarity on DV and queer issues Where One Nation are notoriously white supremacist, and sided with MRAs against feminists on changes to Family Law. Shame on aussie police, treating a Blak Senator as a threat for an English terf.

Interesting to see how the cops treat a Blak woman who is a Senator. Perhaps she should have been throwing a few Nazi salutes and they would have let her through?.

@AshDahlstrom Love how angie pretends to care about blak women’s issues when it suits her 🤮.

Non-Australians should at least bother to understand race in Australia for making comments like that [Though you will see online Indigenous Australians using Blak instead of Black specifically to highlight their unique form of anti-blackness within this country].


Very telling that many white folks seem to think that battling homophobia and transphobia isn’t a Blak Issue!!!! 👁.

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