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Updated: July 27th, 2021 03:37 PM IST

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Booker on the Kobe Bryant comparisons (via @Rachel__Nichols)

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Delighted to see six books from independent publishers and a special congratulations to our friends at @GrantaBooks 🍾

We’re delighted that NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS has been longlisted for the 2021 Booker Prize!!! Huge congratulations to @TriciaLockwood and all the other shortlisted authors. #finestfiction

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blissful to be both truly free of caring about the booker and also genuinely not have read anything that is/feels eligible for it except i guess detransition baby which was always probably a bit too fun and sexy

Want to know more about some of the 2021 Booker longlisted authors? #thread @thesailorsgirl shares how the idea for the brilliant The Fortune Men came to her in our Lightbulb Moments series.

For what it’s worth though, my Booker thoughts are as follows: I hope that all involved have a lovely time.

Congratulations to @thesailorsgirl @VikingBooksUK for THE FORTUNE MEN’s Booker Prize long-listing! Find out why we loved it so much here

Les rdv chez l’esthéticienne me rappellent mes heures de conduite, contente de booker la séance mais au moment d’y aller j’veux me défenestrer

Good morning. The Fortune Men looks like the most interesting of the Booker longlisted titles (YMMV)

Please pray for all booksellers who now have to go through the yearly ritual punishment of being asked repeatedly for their thoughts on the Booker while screaming inside.

In case you missed the midnight announcement, we now know the 13 books on the #2021BookerPrize longlist where literary heavyweights line up alongside relative newcomers. Cultural and individual identity, AI and enforced isolation; discover them all here:

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Kazuo Ishiguro makes cut alongside Rachel Cusk and Richard Powers, and novels from Sri Lanka and South Africa compete with choices from the US and UK

Booker Longlist has been announced and this is the stock we have at the minute — most we only have 1 copy of so be fast!!!

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I think it’s unfair to include a book that hasn’t been published yet. Just put it on next year’s list!

After being pursued by multiple teams, former Phoenix Suns head coach Earl Watson is finalizing a deal to join the Toronto Raptors coaching staff, league sources tell @YahooSports. Devin Booker credited Watson for his accelerated development.

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@FilipinoBoy89 @mike_NotGuilty Ich habe Booker nicht erwähnt, weil er für mich Welten von Damian Lillard und Kevin Durant entfernt ist. Stimme dir mit der Mitteldistanz zu, aber er allein als Starspieler einer Mannschaft hätte für mich noch keine Sieggarantie, wie es KD oder Lillard haben.

Kevin Durant, Zach LaVine and Devin Booker each had more fouls than field-goals vs France.

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@JLloyd952 or different player in that archetype - Westbrook, DeRozan etc OTOH point Booker could be interesting remedy against that issue

@AndrewYang They literally have green, booker, Lillard, we should absolutely expect them to dominate.

@KlayAlejandro Yo diría que Tatum que se creyó curry tirando de 3 cada 2 por 3 y si mal no estoy ni 1 metió, luego Lillard muy flojo en los tiros de 3 y también en ataque, y Booker es entendíble dió todo 2 partidos de +40 pts y no quedó campeón

BATACAZO‼ #FRA le ganó a #USA 83-76. El dream team no perdía desde Beijing 2008 frente a Grecia. No alcanzó con Durant, Lillard, Booker, Adebayo,

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@AlfreFernan @FranAyoho a Phoenix los ha matado el hecho de que se han alternado los partidos terribles de Paul y de Booker, bastante tiesos los dos según qué día

Pensando muy fuertemente qué pasará cuando Blitzy y Booker se conozcan, no descarto que el perro se intente esconder en el baño.


@tradebel_ @Moribista_ No es ninguna chorrada, pero creo que Booker está un pelín por encima todavía. Shai le pasa en breves.

Sans parler de ces pourcentages douteux dans certains matchs, il a lock down CP au match 3/4/5 et Booker au 6. Sans lui les finales sont pas du tout les mêmes. Merci Jrue

Bob Lash and Booker put on a banger and Boogster/Viscera and Brothers of destruction put on a banger only on schmacked down live baby @XeryHighLife

@hatelucki @RizeSosa won’t happen till we get someone decent to build around like trae or booker

Only reason Chris Paul playing good rn is cuz Holiday gotta guard booker js….

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Jrue gets tackled at half court, no call. Breath in the general direction of Paul or Booker and it’s free throws

Devin Booker ameaça ir na direção da cesta: Ricardo Bulgarelli: Oh Oh E por instinto a gente grita um Vai tomar no cu, que porra chata

Booker on the Kobe Bryant comparisons (via @Rachel__Nichols)

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