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Suns and Devin Booker are finalizing a four-year, $214M supermax contract extension, per @ShamsCharania.

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My name is Charles Booker, I am a lifelong Kentuckian, proud husband, father, and the person who is going to retire Rand Paul this November. Please help me win this race by chipping in today:.

Extensions for Jokic, Booker, Towns, Morant, etc., must wait six hours until AFTER 12:01 AM on July 1 when the new league year officially starts ... only free agents can verbally agree to new deals between 6 PM and midnight tonight as my pal @KeithSmithNBA helpfully reminds..

the opportunity to do lebron & jordan for 2k23 and u choose booker??????????????????.

@Joshuadunn__ Mhmmmm lmao they still not beating the warriors . Booker n CP3 can’t defend.

🚨 Nikola Jokic, Karl-Anthony Towns, Ja Morant et Devin Booker devraient s’entendre sur une prolongation avec leur franchise dès l’ouverture de la Free Agency à minuit 🧾✍🏽 🗞 @TheSteinLine.

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@Gamz3000 @TheWaterSeries3 I really want him in Phx (hence the emoji). So it would be KD, Booker, Crowder? 🤔.

So now who does @DetroitPistons target in free agency in 2024? This is getting concerning. If Booker is off the board idk anyone else who can crank us up a notch in a couple seasons. Gonna have to be traded not free agency.


He may be a great player but his ego and pettinesses could be toxic to any team that signs him. Watch out Booker and CP3..

@DannyFreisinger Add Booker, Dame, and Giannis to this list. Easy to run to other stars. The real ones will & build.

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@CPTheFanchise Why accept anything less than Booker + whoever? With no picks, they cannot afford to build. They must win..

PACTOLES À VENIR 💰💰💰 Selon @TheSteinLine, Nikola Jokic, Devin Booker, Karl-Anthony Towns et Ja Morant devrait empocher des contrats gigantesques 🤑 Ces joueurs ne seront pas inclus dans un potentiel trade pour Kevin Durant des Nets 🐍.

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@patrickkleary Besides Booker and CP3 none of them make very much money, I think they’d have to clear a ton of cap to match KD’s contract.

@AlecFall0n @statmuse Idk I feel like whoever gets him will be the team giving up the most picks not actual players in a package. I think it’s beginning to dawn on the nets that another rebuild might be around the corner, bringing in booker would only delay the inevitable.

Devin Booker has agreed to a four-year, $214 million contract extension with the Suns, per @ShamsCharania. Time to run it back in the Valley.☀️.

Devin Booker assinou um contrato de 214M por 4 anos com o Phoenix Suns. #ValleyProud Via: @ShamsCharania..

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@notoppositex Probably but why Booker? He didn’t do anything special this season tbf. Cover should’ve been Jokic, Embiid or someone other than Booker.

@JoeKnowsYT @BADGEPLUG Devin booker the cover athlete for nba 2k23.

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Would Booker’s extension now make him eligible for a Durant trade? Or does the rookie-max extension supersede the new extension?.

@TylerEl88749110 Like why, smh, Jokic deserved it…Booker ain’t did shit 🤦🏾‍♂️.

“FYI” bro has been putting Booker in every mock trade for KD on espn.

Booker Leads Colleagues in Urging President Biden to Establish a Presidential Commission to Study Reparations.

@TheHoopCentral @Krisplashed Nets to suns — aight just give us booker … nets to laker .. just give us lebron & ad.

Rumores apuntan a que Devin Booker sería el atleta para la portada de #nba2k23.

@mikebtrippinn Devin Booker Joel Embiid Klay Thompson Damion Lillard I mean the list really does go on.

@Kevin_Brownnn Brooklyn only doing the trade if it includes Booker, Ayton, Bridges, Johnson, and draft picks..

@KobeTeminat @SunsAreBetter I agree luka is a loser all the times he been in the playoffs he can’t make it to the finals booker made it in his first playoff appearance.


Something tells me nothing is gonna happen or he will get traded for Booker or Tobias in Philly. Pat always needed the influence of Wade to get superstars (LBJ, Bosh, Jimmy). Can he deliver the biggest trade ever this time? Find out on the next episode of DragonBall Z..

surely Devin Booker can enter the “GOAT” debate now that he’s going to be the 2K23 cover athlete, right?.

@alanhahn My leverage if I’m the Suns is he wants out I can probably get you Ayton to build around but Booker is off the table..

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