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Baby Boomers have been running the country for nearly three decades. Some successes, a number of disappointments. It’s time to pass the baton to younger generations — Millennials & Gen Z. Pls join us for conversation tonite on @CNN with @ACCooper about my new book on subject..

The number one thing @ElonMusk must fix about Twitter is teaching Boomers that they are actually angrily replying to me when they intended on angrily replying to the person I am quote tweeting. For instance, I am not, in fact, Joe Biden..

Credit is the biggest scam. I paid off my car and student loans and my score went down hella points. Meanwhile, boomers bought their $27 houses with IOUs and sealed the deal by hawking a loogie in their palms and shaking on it..

I’ve always said that there’s nothing wrong with this if everyone involved wants this kind of household. But economic realities mean that it’s never going to be the norm for most Americans, no matter how much boomers and tradcons moan about it..

Lots of Gen Xers are claiming that this tweet overlooks them. That is incorrect. Gen Xers are just a subset of Boomers..

For the first time, Ontario’s election polls are highlighting a demand for a new, small-home style of long-term care, better at-home community supports and more day programs to help people stay socially connected, especially those with cognitive decline..

#OnThisDay 1969: Angry baby boomers had given Dr Beeching a rough ride on University Forum, but some Talkback panellists thought this was far from OK..

They call us: - Toxic - tribalist - crypto boomers When really we just want to stay focused on the prize: fixing the money..

Going to post the audio podcast version of Anime Boomers tomorrow. Until then, you can still watch it at.

@2520lee @Fritziemixie Mag ingay lang kayo!! Huwag ninyo pasinin ang mga boomers. Tuloy ang laban!💗.

i am in actual, physical pain listening to these Florida boomers at this point.

everyone is asking about gen x, however boomers, millennials, and gen z all collectively signed an secret agreement to screw over gen x. you are all doomed.

OKAY BUT NO SHIT why do boomers always bring up nutribun---was nutribun THAT good that you ate it and it changed your life forever???? No??? Okay SHUT UP THEN.

@RWNJ_ No one cares about the latchkey kids. Also… that was a stupid name. We have to stand up and be noticed so Gen X isn’t lumped in with the boomers.


Anyway all the Boomers are loudly complaining and offering advice on how to improve service and enlarge the space and then some dude behind me starts clapping at the staff and bellowing at them to hurry up and get it together.

So kanina sa jeep may mga naguusap na boomers sabi nila mga kabataan nauto kasi ni leni mga nakikiuso lang kasi Ang awkward lang kasi sa harap ko pa talaga inangyan hahahaha pero ok lang naman ang cute nga e para kong nakikinig ng usapan ng mga grade 1.

This is all I have to say about $LUNA! Sleep with boomers wake with fleas.

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Me parece flipante que las técnicas de educación y el respeto por mi privacidad y mi espacio estén más presentes en mis padres boomers que en muchos adultos millenials. Hay gente que auténticamente lleva su vida como un zombi, caminando adelante sin pensar..

@pablogelangave @eduardojblasco Cada vez tengo mas tirria a los boomers. Enserio, creo que son una de las peores generaciones de la historia..

@eduardojblasco Los boomers en la Cope, las mañanas en TV… solo opinan de política, solo dan pensamientos y opiniones. Salen escaldados cada año y siempre las mismas opiniones. Y más debates y opiniones. Opiniones las que quieran. “¡Y qué me importa a mí lo que usted opine!”, diría Bueno..


WTF .... Gen X is the one saving your sorry asses from every calamity the boomers brought. And you still disrespect us.

@ComicsintheGA Baby Boomers and their influence on all aspects of society cast such a big shadow for so long that it blot out Gen-Xers like us from making any kind of significant impact ourselves during our prime years and now that we’re older, we’ve been tossed aside by the newer generations..

@HannahHowly Almost all modern pop songs from Beiber to JayZ to Rianna to Kesha are written by two white fat boomers, one American one Swedish. Real musicians write their own music, like Sum 41, Vinnie Paz, or in the case of just the instrumental, Dyathon..

Dapat talaga ginagabayan din ang mga boomers sa internet dahil kung ano ung nababasa or napapanuod nila, yun ung agad na pinaniniwalaan..

The Boomers can pass the baton to the Millennials and Zoomers. #GenerationX will just have to use its latchkey to get access, I guess..

@i_gorillas The boomers were happy to say “fuck you got mine”, the millennials want to actively turn the screws..

Los boomers nos tratan con una condescendencia criminal, como si fuésemos disminuidos mentales. A ver, desgraciados, la mayoría de jóvenes os dan mil vueltas en todo. Si a veces damos la sensación de vagancia o indolencia, es porque no queremos sacrificarnos por vuestras estafas..

habang tayong mga kabataan ay nag ccrave sa good governance yung mga boomers ay nag ccrave sa nutribun 🥲.

imagine people gave their lives to the anti colonial movement in India, only for boomers to say that British good, we bad. 😭🤡yeh kya empath behavior hai.

@penstinger @Norberta36 How many Silvers and Boomers live and VOTE in Florida? #FraudsterRick #DirtyTricks.

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