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Trades: Macrae ➡️ Green McGrath ➡️ Sic 🐶 Not a fan for dumping Macrae but I’m also not a fan of my team. Captains: Laird (VC) ➡️ Brayshaw (C) My punt of the week: Laird and Green most touches ($7) @AFLFantasy @sportsbetcomau.

Umpires missed an obvious free kick there. Brayshaw was clearly impeded in the marking contest #afllionsdees.

POPULAR CAPTAINS - R2 1️⃣ Rory Laird 2️⃣ Andrew Brayshaw 3️⃣ Clayton Oliver 4️⃣ Tim Taranto 5️⃣ Tom Green POPULAR VICE CAPTAINS - R2 1️⃣ Sam Docherty 2️⃣ Josh Dunkley 3️⃣ Clayton Oliver 4️⃣ Andrew Brayshaw 5️⃣ Tim Taranto #AFLFantasy.

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Angus Brayshaw should’ve got a free kick for front on contact, terrible from the umpires for not paying it #AFLLionsDees #AFL.

Half time numbers 📊 Disposals: Oliver 16, Hunter 12, Petracca, Lever, Brayshaw 11. Goals: Brown 2, Petracca, McDonald, Fritsch. #DemonSpirit | #AFLLionsDees.

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“They are LITERALLY on fire” Ok Brayshaw. You LITERALLY have no idea. #afllionsdees.

Angus Brayshaw really comes into his own at the 60-minute mark of a quarter #AFLLionsDees.

Brayshaw: They (Brisbane) are literally on fire. Really? Where? Get help, James. #AFLLionsDees.

*cut to Brian Taylor and Jim Brayshaw, ties and hair dishevelled, voice barely hanging on, announcing the score as 420-354 after the 4210th minute of time on*.

James Brayshaw saying the Brisbane Lions “are literally on fire”. If you don’t know what a word means, don’t use it!! The misuse is right up there with “versing”. Does my head in!! @AndyMaherDFA #afl.

@7AFL Please stop putting BT and Brayshaw on Melbourne games. They are appallingly bad ‘commentators’ because they don’t actually commentate. K. Thx. Bye. #AFLLionsDees.

Brayshaw would’ve been happy the lights shitting themselves hid his horrible kick. If only he hadn’t muffed at least 10 earlier in the game..

Petracca, Oliver and Viney are really giving me the shits. Any chance of doing something? Throw Brayshaw on the ball..

James Brayshaw just said Lions were “literally on fire”. Pretty sure they’re not. Pretty sure we would have noticed that. Pretty sure James doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘literally’. #AFLLionsDees.

PSA: watching the football is better when you turn the sound down and don’t need to listen to BT and Brayshaw..

Join Jason & Donna from for live greyhound racing with plenty of open race action from @RomfordDogs & @Oxford_Stadium, with former Racing Manager Dave Brayshaw as the remote guest..

Brayshaw was in the middle of a shit kick too. Probably a good thing the power went off..

Lions not flattered by this QT score. [But no, they’re not ‘literally on fire’, Brayshaw].

@AFLFantasy Wish i traded him in instead of Brayshaw from laird but whatever season is over for me anyway.

Angus Brayshaw, the last kick before the lights went out. The first kick after they came back on. #AFL.

They are ‘literally’ on fire are they Brayshaw? Look up what literally louise why do we get this crap #AFLlionsdees #foxfooty @FOXFOOTY.

James Brayshaw calls Trent Rivers, Jared, referring to the former Demons defender who last played for Melbourne a decade ago. #AFLLionsDemons.

@damomcfadden @jimmymclovin23 Norm I double down on Its been happening all night ... 10 mins into 1st qtr.

@aflfantasyfans Bringing in setterfield and Z Bull for Kelly and bytel or bring in brayshaw and a rookie?.

@aflfantasyfans Is it Kelly + Helmet Bray -> Young and Brayshaw. Or Kelly + rookie -> setters and stocker (can’t afford day).

@aflfantasyfans Kelly to green for value or to Brayshaw for his run and top 8 locked in for season? Going to bray still leaves me $60k. Or do I use the $$ leftover from green to use next week?.

Leg smothers like the one Brayshaw just did on Gunston should be a suspendable offense. #AFLLionsDees.


I mean Brayshaw said the Lions were “literally on fire” before… so…… 🔥 🔥 🔥 #AFLLionsDees.


A fire in one of the lights at the #Gabba. This is a weird occurrence says James Brayshaw #AFLLionsDees.

The fuck is Brayshaw talking about? The AFL makes it too hard for the stars to get onto the field? Is this what channel 7 is going to rail against this year? The bench?.

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