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On this day in 2013, Brent Seabrook was the OT hero in one of the most iconic playoff comebacks in #Blackhawks history.

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Storm2020Champs ()

Brent has his Caramelised Pineapple & He’s Cool while Minoli’s happy with the Curry & Sabina get her Belly Cooking & Dan tries to get it Together. Round 1 is over & he’s not happy with his Skin Side Off Fish, Now it’s time to Taste and to find the Top 8. #MasterChefAU

@teignroy2 ()

@ianvisits Here is a link to an article about the Stanmore extension.

Manyak Saakyan #Free POWs
Manyak Saakyan #Free POWs ()

@brittened_brent @Bairamian There will be an election, people will vote and they will make their choice and we will all have to live with the consequences of that choice. The people who are determined to help Armenia will continue their work no matter what the government is doing.

Kirsty Iles
Kirsty Iles ()

Baggsy saying “I nearly put my peanuts in your oven” to Brent sounds like a Nigella style euphemism #masterchefau

Leighroy Ruiters
Leighroy Ruiters ()

@FoxyNtleki Yeah dawg. Made fullback look so easy. Hadn’t seen a fullback so at ease running the ball back since Andre Joubert. (Besides Brent Russel)

Storm2020Champs ()

15 mins left in Round 1 as Brent cuts a Tail End for his Tacos, His Batter’s on while Scott’s feeling it & Pete tries to keep it Simple with Asparagus & Hollandaise, Not going to Plan with his Acidity as there’s 10 mins left. , Minoli’s onto her Curry already. #MasterChefAU

LOU-IS |||
LOU-IS ||| ()


Alex Trauzzi
Alex Trauzzi ()

@brent_bellamy @ktrauzzi ...and also as someone who visits the area regularly to this day.

Alex Trauzzi
Alex Trauzzi ()

@brent_bellamy @ktrauzzi ...I say this as someone who used to walk it in the mornings every day to catch the 38 in the 90s.

Neel P (Not Sarah🥕)
Neel P (Not Sarah🥕) ()

#MasterChefAU Last season we learnt that Callum has a cooking school. This season we will learn that Brent is a boilermaker.

Lia ()

Sabina tells us it is important that the fish is neither overcooked or undercooked and brent tells us that he wants to stay in the competition. The commentary today is stunning. #MasterChefAU

Mabez 🐲
Mabez 🐲 ()

Like, maybe Brent would have enough time if the judges weren’t standing around talking about how he doesn’t have enough time I dunno #masterchefau

Robair ()

Looks like Brent is not going to miss out on those baby milestones much longer.#MasterchefAU

Kiera ()

Good on Brent for reaching for the stars, even if it’s completely foolish #Masterchefau

요하네스 베른트
요하네스 베른트 ()

한때 이것은 나의 소중한 연결고리라고 생각되었습니다. 하지만 그것은 양날의 검과도 같아 순식간에 사슬로 변모했지요.

Storm2020Champs ()

Sabina’s onto her Hibachi while Minoli goes with her Curries as Jock & Josh visit her for her Sri-Lankan Poached Curry, Full Flavours in 22 Minutes? Minoli knows what’s she’s doing while Scott’s Confused. 20 mins left in Round 1 as Brent grabs some Limes for his… #MasterChefAU

Brent Nooroa
Brent Nooroa ()

Cooking and a big blowfly flying around. I get my big finger ready to kill it. It flies out the window and lives.

🍑🏔🏔📐🏂 ()

I can’t wait for the day y’all admit that Brent Faiyaz’s catalogue is ONE BIG SONG!!

Storm2020Champs ()

…Salt, Pepper & Paprika & rolls it onto a Sushi Weed, That’s a Murray Cod Sausage to Roast as Brent’s Mind thinks it’s the Pork Crackling of the Sea. Josh gets onto the Entree with his Fish Tails as he thinks it’s KFC Spice, But he Salts his 3 Pieve Feed. #MasterChefAU

Banca y Negocios
Banca y Negocios ()

Barril de Brent llega a US$71,88: precios petroleros cierran primera semana de junio en alza

Brent Photo,Brent Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Canada4news ()

Brandy and Brent Morris bonded over their silly quirks. But when life got tough, their love grew into something more

Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks ()

On this day in 2013, Brent Seabrook was the OT hero in one of the most iconic playoff comebacks in #Blackhawks history.

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