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Borders and conflicts are the essence of brexit. It was clear from the very beginning. Dramatic lesson for all the Europeans.

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Antena Sport
Antena Sport ()

SUPERLEAGUE! De la ”Brexit”, la ”Super Ridicol”, presa internațională ironizează competiția ”bogaților”

joyce miller🇬🇧
Joyce miller🇬🇧 ()

PM threatens to rip up parts of the NI Protocol if the EU refuses to ease post-Brexit trade checks, would mean triggering the nuclear option by suspending Article 16 if Brussels fail to back down - unfair trading has been a factor behind the upsurge of violence.

Pierre Lescure
Pierre Lescure ()

Elli & Jacno-Mad Affair via @YouTube Fuck the Brexit!🌺 Hats Off aux fans , aux joueurs et entraîneurs anglais ...🌹 Contrairement à ce que chantait Elli My attitude is laisser faire..., the people took the 😉🌺 ....et j’adore cette chanson !❤️

Ian ()

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson Things like Royal Mail were owned by the people till you morons sold them off so don’t take the high ground now

Andy Bertrand
Andy Bertrand ()

@ArsenalHome @BrexitBin Uefa and Fifa threatening sanctions on clubs and players had nothing to do with Brexit. Overwhelming player and supporter opposition had nothing to do with Brexit. The project was dead in the water within an hour of its announcement.

Peter Tuffley #FBPE
Peter Tuffley #FBPE ()

@FenCoul “Borisconi” - love it!. Even though, compared with Brexit-Bojoshit, even Berlusconi had a touch of

Rupert Mitchell
Rupert Mitchell ()

Tax breaks and Brexit, the two ring a loud bell and now the country is paying a huge penalty for it. Corruption corruption corruption! Greed is a disgusting disease!

UKTheDutch ()

Leave-voting British #fisherman speaks of #Brexit regrets on Danish TV

Derby for Europe
Derby for Europe ()

Leave-voting British fisherman speaks of Brexit regrets on Danish TV

TV3.cat ()

▶ John Carlin: El desinterès de Londres aviva les protestes unionistes a Irlanda del Nord. El periodista parla de les conseqüències del Brexit a Irlanda del Nord i de les protestes que han ressuscitat la pugna històrica entre nacionalistes i unionistes

Lazarus🌋 ()

@sqlblues @80_mcswan No it doesn’t. Or at least it didn’t until Brexit destroyed it all. What’s England’s industrial wealth?

Dan ()

@Femi_Sorry @MrMutantes Really 🤔 Lib Dem’s were to cancel Brexit, Labour to offer a 2nd not quite “the same thing” but then again when has fact been a pertinent point for you ?

Clive Wismayer 🇪🇺🇳🇱 🥪
Clive Wismayer 🇪🇺🇳🇱 🥪 ()

@Daveb3007 @MarieAnnUK It may well be a weakened or even dissolved UK suits Russia. It doesn’t follow Russia orchestrated Brexit or even meaningfully influenced the outcome.

Bob Janner 🇬🇧
Bob Janner 🇬🇧 ()

@paulJpitt1967 Same here. I had an account before Brexit, but only really started using it post 2016.

Eric D
Eric D ()

Why so keen to open up #Wetherspoons Tim? Surely most of your ‘clientele’ will be away grafting on their knees planting, weeding and picking the crops in our fields? Working in Care Homes? Supporting your #Brexit? Build Back Better! Better than swallowing the piss you

#Brexit Photo,#Brexit Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Nangle ()

The Guardian of view of Boris Johnson’s folly: a plan to divide and misrule- why is it always the utterly incompetent that pursue this route? Don’t they have any confidence in themselves to take the people along with truth. Think #Brexit or #Covid disaster

Tony Speight
Tony Speight ()

@Marek_2011 @acgrayling That was my point, not his, in response to your intimation that the post was inappropriate given the (sad) passing of Prince Philip. But life and troubles go on and AC’s tweet was entirely appropriate. Mr Friedland’s articulates impact of (Johnson’s) Brexit on the GFA perfectly.

Sue Wilson
Sue Wilson ()

New group to be headed up by @hilarybennmp who despite having his HOC Brexit committee shut down, is still clearly very determined to continue to scrutinise Brexit. @BremainInSpain

Jackbentwarner ()

@Mandoline_Blue Same when Enda Kenny called for a forum with the DUP over Brexit in 2017. Ireland was always going to be the whipping boy for the Torys and DUP . Just aswel we have the EU, US and most of the World behind us.

Andy Holmes
Andy Holmes ()

@SandnesAndy @Andrew_Adonis There was never any specific, deliverable brexit which was more popular than staying in the EU.

SergeantHudson1842 ()

@FreeNorthNow Serious question, what is your post Brexit policy towards the EU and the North of England?

DanB ()

@XLilliputian @alexstubb To have truly free trade you need agreed common standards, otherwise you will just add another mountain of paperwork and barriers. How can Brexit morons still not get this?

AwakenScotland ()

@edglasgow59 This kind of magical thinking is what led to Brexit. In fact Scotland today has huge numbers in the public sector and huge numbers on benefits. Neither of these groups generate wealth to pay public sector salaries or benefits. Wealth creators aren’t going to stay if taxes soar.

John F Austin GCE
John F Austin GCE "Eng Lang. 0 level" ()

Northern Irish loyalists demand changes to Brexit border protocol via @AJEnglish

Mary Lynch☘️🇮🇪
Mary Lynch☘️🇮🇪 ()

@mgtmurphy123 Exactly the first thing my sister said when it was announced. Impact of checkpoints etc #borderhometown 🤦‍♀️ NI took decades to agree #GoodFridayAgreement Brexit a poorly thought quick fix plan on a cigarette packet 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Stigmabase | NORDIC
Stigmabase | NORDIC ()

Armagh principal in Milan says Brexit puts NI teachers in demand with unique opportunity in Europe: “Overnight, Ireland has woken up as the largest English speaking nation left in Europe; the Northern Irish in particular have also been taught the British…

Mick G
Mick G ()

@ArgyleLoz This fascist gobshite Farage was the one who said he’d don khaki to fight for Brexit yet someone throws a milkshake all over him and he starts crying. Typical right wing gobshite.

Donald Tusk
Donald Tusk ()

Borders and conflicts are the essence of brexit. It was clear from the very beginning. Dramatic lesson for all the Europeans.

Andrew Adonis
Andrew Adonis ()

Cameron needlessly called the referendum which led to Brexit, a great British disaster. Then he resigned, paving the way for Johnson. Then he teamed up with dodgy financier he had sponsored in No 10 & lobbied for him during COVID19 to make £60m Why Britain is in such a mess

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage ()

I am the first person in British political history to win 2 national elections with 2 different parties. Not to mention the Brexit result.

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