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Micah is a straight up piece of shit. Fuck back off to the USA and waste your life away being cooked. You don’t deserve Milly #BrideAndPrejudiceAU.

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Poor Dannii. The only one whose family could not get past themselves and their judgements. #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

Giving Jojo a korowai because she was part of their family now stOP I CANT #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

I don’t care what anyone says I actually like Denton 😂😂 #BrideAndPrejudiceAU.

They saved the best till last. Jojo and Jess really were the stars of the season. Only after Kween Lody that is (who know has a resident MeMoji on my phone now.) #BrideandPrejudice #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

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Jess and Jojo’s wedding got me like #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

If you created a list of all the qualities you’d want in a partner, Micah has absolutely none of them. #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

Dannii all the family you needed was at that wedding. They were standing next to you. They were smiling up from the front row behind Denton. Donna and Dee you’ll never get that moment back. You deserve the shame that comes from that. #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

Your mother and sister are toxic bullies, Dannii. You don’t need them for anything. #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

I take back anytime that I defended him, Micah is a disturbed and scary man. This show has done a surprisingly good job at highlighting what abusive behaviour and substance abuse damages people. His drinking is the bigger issue. #BrideAndPrejudiceAU.

Micah finally drops the innocent facade and shows his true colours. I hope Millie, Catherine and Julien have a wonderful life without him. #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

Micah is a straight up piece of shit. Fuck back off to the USA and waste your life away being cooked. You don’t deserve Milly #BrideAndPrejudiceAU.

Laurelle that spiteful cunt was ALWAYS going to go to this wedding. She just wanted to cause as much drama and pain as she could beforehand. #BrideAndPrejudiceAU.

Is anyone else kinda loving on Cody?? She has shown what a grounded young lady she #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

@brideprejudice #BrideandPrejudiceAU there is currently 7billion people on this planet. WALK..

Micahs douchebag level sky rocketed tonight. The way he talked down to Milly, being passive aggressive was disgusting. #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

Love how through all the shit show Annie decides to sit there an eat calmly af. Made my night. #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

Argh I cannot believe how vile some of these parents are on #BrideandPrejudiceAU. Oh and the sister. Ugh..

Annie just introduced herself to Donna. How after being together 3+ years have the parents never met? Does that seem odd to anyone else? #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

Yes! I love Annie!! She is so grounded, lovely, kind-hearted and empathetic! Tries to see the good in everyone! (Not biased but she has a good name too! ☺️) #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

@brideprejudice Hoping for two cancelled weddings. Milly and Dannii, neither are ready for marriage. #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

Now you can see why Jess is such a lovely person! What amazing, loving, suppprtive, empathetic, compassionate parents Monty and Kathy are! #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

I’m sick of people saying that pot smoking doesn’t make you an addict. I’ve been there and I had an addiction. The minute you bail on your responsibilities you are an addict. If you can’t be responsible for life, you have a problem. #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

@brideprejudice Micah showed his true colours tonight. He should not be anywhere near a child #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

Yeah there you are Micah! That’s the real you right there. #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

Micah is a dropkick and his mother encouraging his behaviour is rediculous! #BrideandPrejudiceAU.

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