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Funny how Bridget McKenzie keeps going on about all the various crisis around Australia, without realising it was her government which caused all of these problems over the past nine years. #auspol #qanda.

WHAT THE FUCK IS BRIDGET MCKENZIE DOING ON Q&A TALKING ABOUT CHILD CARE??? She is frightening. And a bitch quite frankly. #QandA.

Bullshite JUST ONE ag visa (AAV) agreement has been signed that is with Vietnam & to date not one worker has come to Australia through that program Bridget McKenzie continuing an age old tradition of taking a drop of truth and building a fantasy story around it. #Auspol #QandA.

#QandA Bridget Our our previous government, my apologies Bridget is still stuck in govt power-mode mantra..

Why must me listen to the prognostications of Bridget McKenzie, former ‘sports rorts’ minister and general ‘waffler-on-about-nothing’#QandA.

It’s heartening to see Bridget McKenzie continue in same manner as the last 9 years… no ideas, lie endlessly, spin about what she was *just* about to do, but…”election” blame Labor… A decade of chaos, corruption & ineptitude has left a HUGE mess. Thanks Bridget.👍🏽 #auspol.

I’m a big QandA fan, but find it offensive to have to listen to Bridget McKenzie prattling on, as if she has ideas for the betterment of society! #QandA.

That questioner appeared to look at Bridget McKenzie with the weary disbelief many of us feel. #QandA.

Bridget McKenzie’s every answer: my Federal Govt did great at everything mentioned, State Labor Govt or Local Govt are at fault for every problem mentioned #qanda.

Bridget McKenzie: “we don’t want to subsidise millionaires” no irony at all!!! #QandA.

QandA - Bridget McKenzie pretending she gives a shit about ordinary workers. Those same workers that continue to experience wage suppression as a direct result of LNP policy. Give it a rest..


Bridget McKenzie was the Lib/Nat’s Emergency Minister posing for photos with Morrison in the Nrthrn NSW & the Qld floods & didn’t see ONE FAILED CROP OF LETTUCE! #QandA.

Bridget McKenzie on QandA is slowly coming to the realisation that she is no longer the Government!.

#QandA Whoops, Bridget McKenzie having trouble realising she is not still in government!.

What is the point that Bridget McKenzie is trying to make? I got lost halfway through that ramble #qanda.

Sorry #QandA but there is no way I am watching prime rorter-in-chief Bridget McKenzie. It’s turn off for me. Back to Midsomer Murder re-runs..

The only topic I’d be interested in hearing Bridget McKenzie speak on is ‘rorts’, at a Federal ICAC.

@roobiefox Bridget McKenzie! Why was there not a Victorian politician on the panel🫢.

@strewellp Bridget McKenzie voted consistently against Land Holders, particularly farmers, be able to say no to mining and gas exploration on their land (in other words, they should be able to lock the gate).

Started watching Qanda but as soon as Bridget McKenzie started talking shit I had to turn it off..

Why is Bridget McKenzie so combative? Just her facial expression shows she’s not listening and is ready for battle. #qanda..

Let me guess Bridget McKenzie, your government only funded areas that are liberal held? @qanda #qanda.

Not seeing Bridget McKenzie on Q & A would be top of my list.

@SimonBurns4 I could barely watch Bridget McKenzie. She makes me so angry and frustrated on one level — while on another I’m so thankful the LNP IPA Murdochracy have been voted out of power. Power they wielded for their own benefit while doing nothing to benefit the nation. #auspil.

@Ambitious_Ky Hate is an emotion that I try not to engage with, in regard to Bridget McKenzie whenever I see her (accidentally) on TV or inadvertently hear her speak on the radio I feel extremely nauseous, she definitely makes me feel quite unwell, I feel sorry for people who voted for her.

”Our government” ...Bridget McKenzie hasn’t got her head around “Opposition”yet..

Corrupt senator Bridget McKenzie @The_Nationals blames lack of overseas backpackers for $12 lettuce in Australia Hey Bridget can u tell your electorate not to complain when population grows as a result of foreigners-aliens.

@v0iceoftReas0n @RuncibleH Normalised in the LNP brand of politics is a given, look at Bridget McKenzie on Q&A last night, is there a more brazen so called politician anywhere in Australia?.

@arian_alb @The_Nationals An iceberg lettuce has a higher IQ than Bridget.

Bridget McKenzie she`s a ten lolz ten out of ten for right ringery cray is relieved she can no longer be suspected as PRguy #ICantBelieveItsNotAStaffer.

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