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Simply amazing for us in Britain to see a head of government appoint such good and sensible people to important jobs. Biden even has a foreign minister who speaks French and likes Europe!

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For Britain’s @ElfynEvans, the stairway to the very top of the WRC has been long and at times steep, but now he’s in touching distance of the title. @Atters_J reports

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The Telegraph
The Telegraph ()

@DannyBoyle87 Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Europe will pay a high price for vaccine bureaucracy while Britain breaks free   2/6

Paul Delaney
Paul Delaney ()

Britain’s preparedness for the pandemic was undermined by scientists believing that it was unlikely to reach UK shores and spread widely, the former chief medical officer for England has told MPs. Oh, and the fact that Boris Johnson went on his holidays.

The Times
The Times ()

The coronavirus vaccine will be given to elderly people attending hospital appointments and NHS staff next week after Britain became the first western country yesterday to approve the jabs

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Jennifer Franco
Jennifer Franco ()

Britain authorized a COVID-19 vaccine for use Wednesday, greenlighting the first shot backed up by rigorous scientific review. The first vaccinations are expected within days — a major step toward eventually ending the pandemic.

Democrats Europe
Democrats Europe ()

The Pfizer vaccine, developed by German and US scientists and to be imported to the UK from Belgium, is somehow, according to UK ministers, Britain leading the charge .

Active-Patriot ()

Despite receiving £114million since 2015 & another £28m at the weekend French authorities are refusing to intercept migrant boats heading for Britain once they are in the English Channel Absolute pi$$take

Mustafa Akyol
Mustafa Akyol ()

He admired freedom of speech and other liberal values he observed in Europe, especially Great Britain. But he also opposed European colonialism, and defended Islam against unfair critics in the West - such as French Orientalist Ernest Renan, against whom he wrote a rebuttal.

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Covid Fact Check UK
Covid Fact Check UK ()

This statement, a thinly-veiled criticism of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), feels rather churlish to me.

Annette Dittert
Annette Dittert ()

Not true. It was and is possible to accelerate the process while being a member of the EU. Which Britain did. While still formally being a member of the EU. The predictable attempts to make this into a big Brexit show are just misleading. Again.

Liz ()

One of Britain’s oldest and most underwhelming artificial trees is back on display for its 100th year apparently it survived the Blitz. It cost 2 shilling from Woolies in Sheffield and has been passed down through the family #paperreview looks like the one I had in Riyadh

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The Economist
The Economist ()

The British regulator has granted emergency authorisation to the covid-19 vaccine made by Pfizer and BioNTech. It has moved with remarkable speed

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世界から日本は笑われる。世界から日本は取り残される。厚生労働省もマトリも警察も、メディアも、宮根も、嘘を垂れ流した上に、真実を伝える事を怠っている。 宮根誠司氏、酒より大麻でリラックスと供述の伊勢谷友介被告は「論理として破綻してますけどね」 : スポーツ報知

The Popular Show
The Popular Show ()

Britain just took another step into international ignominy on trans rights

The New York Times
The New York Times ()

Breaking News: Britain granted emergency approval to Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, the first Western country to allow its health service to begin mass inoculations.

Annette Dittert
Annette Dittert ()

It’s 30 days till Brexit. There is no deal. Britain is on the brink of an economic disaster and one of the politicians most responsible for it, is asked a single question throughout a 20 min interview on @BBCr4today this morning. I genuinely don’t understand it anymore.

Martin Daubney
Martin Daubney ()

BREAKING: We have no Party of Opposition in Britain Labour had no position on Brexit & now they have no position on the lockdown Unforgivable cowardice

Charlie Sensor
Charlie Sensor ()

@NaomiMeeks1 Police enforcing tyranny in Britain. I would never have believed our nation would have sunk so low with imbeciles acting as officers of the law for a fascist government of occupation.

Kirstie Alley
Kirstie Alley ()

I’m learning a lot from watching The Crown. The amount of shade ball that went on over decades in Britain could possibly only be surpassed by the United States if we were older🤣🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸👑👑

Miimii. ()

They’re all so precious. I swear if anyone ruins the camp dynamic they’ll end up the most hated person in Britain #imaceleb

Ellen ()

Giovanna Fletcher’s decision to have three plays of S Club 7’s ‘Reach’ as her luxury item has secured her place as Britain’s new national treasure #imacelebrity

Natasha Devon 🌈
Natasha Devon 🌈 ()

‘Progressive, outward looking, a scientific superpower’. I wish I lived in the Britain Rishi Sunak is describing in his #SpendingReview - it sounds awesome.

HarveyTB ()

This is a mistake! Britain gains it’s soft power from policies such as aid. As we are launching ourselves as Global Britain in a post brexit world, this seems to be a funny way of achieving that. And we MUST return to as soon as possible.

Richie Sombrero🌵
Richie Sombrero🌵 ()

Britain reducing its foreign age budget is less misery and more it recognising its role as a fool of a nation.

Hopefully helping 😷🔸🌹Look after eachother #FBPE
Hopefully helping 😷🔸🌹Look after eachother #FBPE ()

UK spent 849 million pounds on COVID dining subsidy. Critics have said it increased the risk of COVID-19 infections, which began to rise steeply again in September and ultimately led to a second round of lockdowns across Britain. ☹️😡🤬

ゼファー | ノーブル 6
ゼファー | ノーブル 6 ()

He on the run again but ended up in Britain? What races will he committ?

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Lewis Goodall
Lewis Goodall ()

Sunak says the government intends to return to in the future and Britain would remain the second biggest spender (in total) in the world. Still, one of the last shibboleths of the Cameron project, has gone.

Andrew Rosindell MP
Andrew Rosindell MP ()

I am against going into any teir! The only tears I see on the horizon will be caused by jobs destroyed, businesses closing, homes lost, poverty, unemployment and pepople suffering with mental health. We must shield the vulnerable, act responsibly, but keep Britain working! 🇬🇧

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Andrew Adonis
Andrew Adonis ()

Simply amazing for us in Britain to see a head of government appoint such good and sensible people to important jobs. Biden even has a foreign minister who speaks French and likes Europe!

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