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#BREAKING: Did you feel that?! Earthquake felt from Broome to Perth..

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@ToomeyWright Hypocrisy re Australia’s endangered species is staggering. Endangered sea turtle and dugong are cruelly, needlessly hunted Australia-wide. Cairns to Torres Strait, through Gulf, over to Darwin, all the way down to Broome are prolific areas. Unmonitored, unlimited. QLD, NT and WA.

Iris of Gold I - Marianne Broome 1955, London c AHistoryofPaint.

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@tamarahking @GeoscienceAus I feel like this is a missed opportunity to use “Broome! Shake shake shake the room”.

それで、の最大余震が、さっき起こった  日本時間 15日8時1分に オーストラリア M - 208km W of Broome, Australia 2019-07-14 23:01:36 (UTC) °S °E km depth 2019/07/15 9:42 記.

Western Australia struck by magnitude earthquake, largest ever recorded, tremor felt from Broome to Perth | End Time Headlines.

We have a CRACKING team this year at the Big Super Day Out! Amazing result in Darwin. Next up: Kununurra (Tue) and Broome (Thurs) THIS WEEK! One participant found $45,000 in superannuation! How much can we find for you?.

#UKGForeign Magnitude na lindol, naranasan 203KM sa kanluran ng Broome, Australia.

Experts say a quake of this magnitude is a once in a 20-year event. #9News.

I picked up my mobile phone, went to Facebook LIVE and started videoing Broome resident Lazo Njegich on filming the biggest earthquake ever to shake Western Australia..

God, when i asked for a break i meant from life. Not a broken phone, heart, ankle,car, laptop and bank account..

⚡️ “Earthquake strikes the coast of Broome in Western Australia”.

Magnitude Earthquake Strikes West of Broome in Western Australia - USGS.

@fourdummys try the mac at gourmet garage on broome when you get a chance. it’s bomb.

Actualización #Sismo - 202 km O de Broome, Australia, 14-jul-2019 05:39 UTC. Profundidad: km Mapa: #earthquake [USGS].

As predicted a earthquake shook Indonesia today and a at Broome, Australia. More to come with Full moon on 16th and Solar Stream hitting Earth..

西オーストラリアでの地震。 いままで地震の少なかったオーストラリアでの地震が増えている.

An earthquake of a magnitude of hit off the West Australian coast today. #7NEWS.

SEISMIC ALERT: WESTERN AUSTRALIA 14 JULY 2019 05:39 UTC MW LAT/LONG : ° South / ° East DEPTH : km LOCALITY : Offshore location, 200 km west of Broome north-west Australia..

@xskinn My daughter was in Broome for a wedding and was due to fly out yesterday arvo, but the plane had a bird strike on take off and had to jettison fuel for nearly 2 hours before returning to Broome a/p. Now friends that stayed have experienced the quake. It’s all happening..

Quake of magnitude strikes west of Australia’s Broome —USGS.

Terremoto de magnitude 6,9 atingiu o oeste da Austrália hoje, segundo o Serviço Geológico dos EUA. O epicentro do terremoto estava localizado no Oceano Índico, aproximadamente a 209 quilômetros ao sudoeste da vila turística de Broome ou a quilômetros ao sudoeste de Darwin..

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#AUSTRALIA earthquake: Strongest tremor ever recorded in WA hits Broome.

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People from Broom to Perth in WA have reported feeling a magnitude #earthquake which struck in the Indian Ocean at about 1:40pmWST. Minor damage and no tsunami threat..

A magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Broome, with tremors felt as far away as Perth. #9News.

#BREAKING: Did you feel that?! Earthquake felt from Broome to Perth..

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