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can we have confidence in the system of declaring ministerial interests when the detail of those debts has still not been declared? Brownlow and the Tory Party did significant favours to the PM. The public interest would surely require the detail of those favours to be disclosed.

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Paul james
Paul james ()

Could this young man DP3 win the Brownlow 🥇 he would be right up there you would think.

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Swamp ()

Brownlow votes polled by winners of Anzac, Showdown, Yiooken, Glendinning–Allan or Marcus Ashcroft Medals 3 votes - 103 times 2 votes - 28 times 1 vote - 11 times 0 votes - 16 times @AFL

Lauren Brownlow
Lauren Brownlow ()

An ACC Podcast: ⁦@ByDavidTeel⁩ was kind enough to tell me why panic over the state of college basketball might not be warranted. Plus, how can the ACC increase its $? Or can it? And what WILL NIL mean?

Connor M
Connor M ()

@adamseeary @conf82 Maybe Jab Watson shouldn’t have cheated and then he’d have a Brownlow? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Con ✌️
Con ✌️ ()

@adamseeary Haha a nobody? Brownlow medalist. Multiple B&F’s. Triple premiership captain. Most games as captain for his club. But a nobody?? Haha ffs talk about clueless

Ryan Eddy
Ryan Eddy ()

Brownlow Darce #AFLDonsTigers @essendonfc #leatherpoisoning

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Biz Minhard
Biz Minhard ()

@tigertuffmark He will win our B&F and will probably poll well in the Brownlow votes. For a 199cm wing man the guy can move. He shits all over Saad in my mind.

Alexandra Campbell
Alexandra Campbell ()

@ranahuss Nah, not this year. Definitely perracca or Bont for Brownlow. I go for 🐶 but wouldn’t be surprised if Swans pull this out of a hat.

GEORGE_7 🇦🇺🇦🇺👅👅🇦🇺🇦🇺
GEORGE_7 🇦🇺🇦🇺👅👅🇦🇺🇦🇺 ()

@RayeCharles @essendonfc Watch come Brownlow night, the umpires wont even give him a vote.

KN ()

@Cpcc15 @Cpcc15 rob for so long I have been waiting for the next Watson, the best breakout midfielder we have had in years- and I’ve loved parish for a long time but his fitness is next level- genuine Brownlow Smokey. Thing I love the most is he hits the stoppages at PACE and only 23 😍

Rob ()

Darcy Parish gotta be a sneaky of the Brownlow now. Never forget since day one he was my boy.

Rob ()

Are we all going to pretend the umpiring wasn’t the deciding factor here? That cunt Cotchin, who happily claims a Brownlow worth no more than the tin it’s made from seems to think it wasn’t. Disgusting if Essendon doesn’t challenge this.

Chris ()

The more I listen to Brad Johnson the more I think I’ll just not listen to him. Parish entering his prime putting together a potential brownlow season ‘only worth 500k’ Ok pal.

Grousedad ()

No doubt the umpires bent us over a number of times tonight but it didn’t cost us the game. Injuries didn’t help. Tigers too good. Parish now a huge Brownlow chance. Time to rest weary bodies. Go Bombers. #AFLDonsTigers

Jerkins ()

This is the first time in a long time the Dons have looked like they were building to something really good. Some genuinely good young players coming through and Parish will be in the running for a Brownlow through his career. We just put the foot down in the end. #AFLDonsTigers

Cammo ()

@sirswampthing what is the % of match day trophy compared to getting the 3 Brownlow votes. Do onfield awards persuade umps… - % Anzac Medallists v 3 votes - % Dreamtime medal v 3 votes - % Ross G medallist v 3 votes - % showdown medal v 3 votes Context - D. Parish

Chris ()

Does Darcy Parish win the Brownlow this season? I think he’s damn close on votes to Bont and Oliver at this point.

Dimitri ()

@Cpcc15 To be fair your fans did that to pendles a couple of years ago. But yeah parish was absolutely impeccable tonight and is my favourite for the brownlow this year

Tom Carpenter
Tom Carpenter ()

@beetgordon_ If we can have dual Brownlow winners I don’t see why not. At this stage they both deserve it

Stefre ()

@MarciOravec I expect an irate article from Robbo directed to the @afl questioning why Cox hasn’t yet won a Brownlow, Premiership and multiple Norm Smiths. #robbed

PointsBet AU
PointsBet AU ()

Darcy Parish in a loss: 44 touches 8 marks 5 tackles 11 clearances 695 metres gained 3 goal assists 9 inside 50s 10 score involvements 16 contested possessions ❓ Brownlow votes #AFL #AFLDonsTigers

Jim YNWA 🔴🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🟡🟤
Jim YNWA 🔴🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🟡🟤 ()

@JoshLFC19 @LukeAFoley Im too young to see Leigh Matthews play in his prime. Wayne Carey is the best player I have ever seen. I hated him too. Started favourite for the Brownlow 4 times but the umpires clearly didn’t like him. Players got votes back then for stopping Carey that’s how good he was.

Maurice Salvador
Maurice Salvador ()

Never Underestimate The Tigers. I’m backing them for the premiership and shai Bolton for the brownlow 💪🏽

James Durkin
James Durkin ()

Well if your going to go to the Brownlow you may as well take home multiple awards cause shai Bolton’s just won goal of the year too

Amy Kenyon
Amy Kenyon ()

Would genuinely love to see Darcy Parish win the Brownlow, what an absolute superstar he is!

Angela ()

Commentators wondering who’s the last defender to win a Brownlow My guess is Gavin Wanganeen 1993 😉 #AFLDonsTigers

Robert Peston
Robert Peston ()

can we have confidence in the system of declaring ministerial interests when the detail of those debts has still not been declared? Brownlow and the Tory Party did significant favours to the PM. The public interest would surely require the detail of those favours to be disclosed.

Robert Peston
Robert Peston ()

Geidt says the PM didn’t know that the PM borrowed tens of thousands of pounds from Brownlow and the Tory Party - which is almost beyond belief - is neither here nor there. For several months the PM had a significant debt to Brownlow and to the Conservative Party.

Robert Peston
Robert Peston ()

Geidt says that the loans to @BorisJohnson from the Tory Party and from Lord Brownlow should be published in the list of ministerial interests, which was published alongside Geidt’s report. But as you can see from the attached, all that was published was a

Steven Swinford
Steven Swinford ()

Boris Johnson learned that a Tory donor had funded the refurbishment of the Number 11 flat from media reports in late February, it is claimed Lord Geidt says Boris Johnson was not aware David Brownlow had settled bill - said to be £200,000 - directly with the supplier on Oct 22

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