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Luke & Kate looking good for the #BrownlowMedal this evening! Our representatives will join the virtual event together in Sydney. Watch live on @Channel7 / 7mate from 7pm.

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Sam McAteer
Sam McAteer ()

@BrownlowLowdown I think you got 13/18 club leaders. Coll, Geel, Carl were won by known vote catchers. GCS fav only played 4 games and NM The accuracy of the Top 50 looks very reasonable on first glance. Nice work. #BrownlowMedal

#BrownlowMedal Photo,#BrownlowMedal Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Jayden Beville
Jayden Beville ()

Lachie Neales wife is actually famous American/Swedish actress Malin Ackerman #BrownlowMedal

#BrownlowMedal Photo,#BrownlowMedal Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Miles Kemp
Miles Kemp ()

Chris Dittmar says 2020 #BrownlowMedal rigged. NO votes for Richard Douglas, Luke Hodge, Tyson Goldsack? @kanecornes

Katrina ()

Why does each #BrownlowMedal #Brownlow2020 setting look like it’s come straight out of the 80’s? Neon lights, bar tables, cabaret seating, fake good grief

BenJamin Cripps
BenJamin Cripps ()

Why the F have they got the players in Melbourne sitting there with masks on? Put some food or drink in front of them and take the masks off, looks ridiculous! #BrownlowMedal #Brownlow2020

Rachael Ann
Rachael Ann ()

#BrownlowMedal how much longer are we going to drag this out for?? Just get on with the voting please!!

BarrLingWho ()

JoelSelwood plays the Brownlow night and already has an injury? (Bottom lip)#BrownlowMedal

Brandon ()

That was Selwood’s way of telling them to hurry the fuck up 😂 #Brownlow2020 #BrownlowMedal

James Durkin
James Durkin ()

I wasn’t emotionally prepared for Alex rance to be in the retirement montage🥺🥺💔😭 #BrownlowMedal #Brownlow2020

Shmick 🇦🇺
Shmick 🇦🇺 ()

Apparently a questionable free kick inside 50m is better than beating 3 opponents on the boundary and kicking a checkside that’d make Eddie Betts blush. Sit. The fuck. Down. #GoalOfTheYear #BrownlowMedal

Sam Mahony
Sam Mahony ()

@Demonblog where does Melbourne currently having 3 players in the top 10 of the #BrownlowMedal and still not managing to make finals sit in the #fistedforever era?

Samantha ()

Even with a shortened year they still somehow find a way to drag this on and on #BrownlowMedal

Tim Rosen
Tim Rosen ()

Impressive for Adelaide to have only 2 votes total after 11 rounds. Never seen anything like it. #BrownlowMedal #BringItHomeRory

Sean Huggan
Sean Huggan ()

Out of McKenna and Saad, I always preferred McKenba. Gonna be a tough one to replace. @essendonfc #BrownlowMedal

Jack Johnstone
Jack Johnstone ()

This coverage is absolutely shithouse. I give 0 fucks about the front bar, maccas new chicken range or Ladbrokes new way to multi. JUST COUNT THE VOTES!! #BrownlowMedal

Liam #WeAreGeelong
Liam #WeAreGeelong ()

So glad they included Connor Glass in the retirement montage, absolute icon of the #BrownlowMedal

Stats Insider
Stats Insider ()

Will we see any surprises in the final rounds of #Brownlow2020? #BrownlowMedal REPORT:

#BrownlowMedal Photo,#BrownlowMedal Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Blake Cooke
Blake Cooke ()

@GorringeDaniel have you still got your retirement highlights real from the brownlow? #BrownlowMedal

William Strange
William Strange ()

Great to see @dangerfield35 give some respect to the time of year. Which end are you gonna bowl from? #cricketseason #BrownlowMedal

Australians for TRUMP
Australians for TRUMP ()

Bacher wins Jim Stynes award based on his foundation which is exclusively for muslims. How is that community focussed? #BrownlowMedal

The Blue Baggers Podcast
The Blue Baggers Podcast ()

We wuz Beaten by the sentiment of a surname. Ridiculous. #BrownlowMedal

Adam Samuel 😷
Adam Samuel 😷 ()

.@Jacquifelgate is kicking goals tonight co-hosting the #BrownlowMedal. Way to go Jacs!

Graham 🇦🇺
Graham 🇦🇺 ()

The only good thing about the #BrownlowMedal is the NAB ad with the kids with the beards 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Michael-G ()

please @AFL take the #BrownlowMedal count off @7AFL as they are boring the absolutely shit out of us! WORST coverage of a Brownlow ever!

Damian Rutledge
Damian Rutledge ()

Some house-keeping re retrospective Brownlow Medallists, now that you get votes for kicking 4+ goals in a game ... congratulations to the following: 1988: J Dunstall 1991: T Lockett 1992: J Dunstall 1993: T Modra 1994: G Ablett snr 1997: T Modra 1998: T Lockett #BrownlowMedal

Mr Awesom-o
Mr Awesom-o ()

Seems the AFL always want to speed it up except when it comes to #BrownlowMedal then it’s slow it doooooooooowwwwwwnnnnnnnn

Nathan Schulz
Nathan Schulz ()

Only thing that gets drawn out longer than the brownlow is the revealing of the NCAA Tournament bracket #CBB #BrownlowMedal

⚫️⚪️ JAKE ⚫️⚪️
⚫️⚪️ JAKE ⚫️⚪️ ()

Woohoo!! The Macedonian Marvel junior, well done Daics you bloody legend. Well deserved 👏 👏 👏 #GOTY #BrownlowMedal

MIA ()

If this isn’t the worst coverage of the Brownlow ever!! No one gives a rats about the front bar! 3 of the most boring guys you will ever have to suffer thru! Get on with it channel 7 #BrownlowMedal

Sydney Swans
Sydney Swans ()

Luke & Kate looking good for the #BrownlowMedal this evening! Our representatives will join the virtual event together in Sydney. Watch live on @Channel7 / 7mate from 7pm.

#BrownlowMedal Photo,#BrownlowMedal Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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