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Bryson did not play a Masters practice round ball golf, but there was this

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The big hitters are challenging course designers to keep up. Via @WIREDUK

Cannonball Golf
Cannonball Golf ()

And Bryson shot 76. The only difference is that’s 9 over par for him at Augusta. Langer shot 2 over.

Jay Cole
Jay Cole ()

Patriot Sweep - Forgiato Blow x J360 x Bryson Gray via @YouTube

Dana Wright🎙
Dana Wright🎙 ()

The last time I went to the casino I drew two kings against the dealer’s six. The dealer then proceeded to pull a 2/2/3/A/3/4 for a 21. And in that moment? I was Bryson DeChambeau’s face all day today.

Suffalo Babres
Suffalo Babres ()

Get ready for a fun-young D-core in the next couple years for the Sabres: - Rasmus Dahlin - Henri Jokiharju - Jacob Bryson - Will Borgen - Ryan Johnson - Mattias Samuelsson - Oskari Laaksonen - Casey Fitzgerald

Deuce ()

The Bryson Tiller brim covering you eyes era was hilarious. Everybody was legit dressing the same

YardsPerPass ()

Meanwhile Bryson will successfully argue that he gets a free drop b/c the pine straw was illegally disturbed by a chipmunk

Seriesbylolab ()

“My nigga wanna fw you man , go talk to him” Bryson said playfully pushing me “Im too shy for that shit” I said looking around as i felt his eyes land on me . We finally locked eyes and i gathered the courage to walk up to him and talk to me.

Anthony - DBtB, xB
Anthony - DBtB, xB ()

I hate that they keep forcing Bryson to play with the big guy. Unless they want him to observe up close what not to fucking do as an NHL defender. #Sabres

Warren Smith
Warren Smith ()

Good god Bryson DeChambeau makes golf look like a joyless pursuit. I’d much prefer it if he went and worked for NASA, or designed bridges or something. That’s all. #themasters

Will Brinson
Will Brinson ()

Bryson getting annually smoked by AARP golfers at Augusta for the next 25 years would be perfectly delightful.

Crow Worthy
Crow Worthy ()

Well, Bryson sits at +4 while Dustin Johnson sits at +2. Think either of these two stage a comeback this weekend?

DB. Nail
DB. Nail ()

@ServantScott Rose was amazing. He is going to be tough to beat. But lots of golf to go. JT was surprising Bryson is fun to watch but Augusta is no push over. Going to be a great weekend

Seb Sidnell
Seb Sidnell ()

63 year old Ian Woosnam, coming out of senior retirement to play with a torn groin muscle to shoot the same score as Rory Mcilroy and Bryson Dechambeau in the first round of the masters is hard to comprehend 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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Cody Williams
Cody Williams ()

Justin Rose is scorching Spieth is a forever wild ride If Augusta is Par 67, Bryson DeChambeau is +9 First Round takeaways and reactions from #TheMasters

Josh Mullenix
Josh Mullenix ()

Bryson’s distance control is just horrible. It doesn’t matter if you have a wedge into every hole if you don’t know how far your wedges go.

Gophers Forever 😷
Gophers Forever 😷 ()

Bryson DeChambeau: “Augusta National is more like a Par 67 for me,” or something like that. The man will probably be haunted by those words the rest of his career. 😎🙄🤣 #TheMasters #AugustaNational

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Billiam H William
Billiam H William ()

@JKornahrens @NickFaldo006 He had a statement earlier, Nantz comments how top players struggling today after Bryson birdies, Faldo promptly “Yes, it’s something I predicted was going to happen today”. Like shut the fuck up man. To your point, nobody cares.

chad counts
Chad counts ()

@AwesemoDFS Feels like the Truman show with someone directing the ok now every time Bryson hits it gusts to 30!

Teddy Greenstein
Teddy Greenstein ()

The rain sucks but on the bright side, Sox fans, Bryson has zero birdies cc @CarmenDeFalco @Jurko64

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CaptainSoulless (its my psn name btw)
CaptainSoulless (its my psn name btw) ()

Bryson Dechambau by his own standards is 9 over so far this round lol. (He declared par for him is 67 ) #themasters

Justin Ryan
Justin Ryan ()

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1000 times. Bryson’s brohavior doesn’t fly at Augusta National.

Gunna ()

Bryson has no clue where the ball is going. Surely you didn’t bet on him to win right???

Andy Nesbitt
Andy Nesbitt ()

Bryson DeChambeau would win the Masters every year if it was played in his living room.

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Evan Scrimshaw
Evan Scrimshaw ()

Bryson calling Augusta a Par 67 and then proceeding to suck there twice in 6 months might be the best thing to happen since the pandemic

Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson ()

Update 2021 edition. Bryson +9 in round 1 (par still 67) #nicehat

The Par Train
The Par Train ()

This may sound crazy but instead of taking crazy angles and trying to have wedges into every green, couldn’t Bryson’s length let him hit shorter clubs off the tee and hit more fairways than everyone else? #themasters

Bet365 ()

Bryson DeChambeau in November: “Augusta is par 67 for me.” Bryson DeChambeau on Thursday: +4 thru 8 #themasters

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Monday Q Info
Monday Q Info ()

Bryson Nimmer and Max Rottluff just won 100K in the @thepressgolf On the par 4 14th Nimmer hit it into the trees, ending up in the spot below. He made it for ended up winning by 1. My goodness

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Brendan Porath
Brendan Porath ()

Bryson did not play a Masters practice round ball golf, but there was this

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