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So sad for the 🌹s last night, Aus came with another gear. Bueta is a phenomenon! Though,all is not lost for England, 🥉up for grabs👊🏾. Then it’s going to go off in the #Final! Jam 🇯🇲vs Aus 🇦🇺 First time in History! Can’t wait! #B2022Netball.

Big win for the to stop Bueta always going to be the hardest for England, but need to get back out there tomorrow and bring us that bronze. As for the Not Wait for those match ups!!.

Well, I did tell @traceynev that if the Diamonds did get past England, Gretel Bueta would be the difference, and wasn’t she just. Phenomenal in the air and clinical in the finish. England with no answer. Absolute blockbuster coming up for that gold medal - can’t wait!.

Trying to understand why Bueta has stopped taking shots that aren’t directly under the post? This has been the case for a while now. She was always such a beautiful mid/long shot 🤷🏼‍♀️.

FT: 60-51 Australia will play for gold against Jamaica. There was no more than 3 goals difference in each quarter of the semi, but Australia were able to win all four periods of play. The pressure Bueta was able to withstand to shoot at 98% was immense. #B2022 #B2022Netball.

Bueta sensational. Diamonds magnificent. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🏆 @AussieDiamonds.

Disappointed as the @EnglandNetball Roses can play much better than that. But @AussieDiamonds were just a different beast today. Brazill and Bueta phenomenal. Onwards to yet another bronze medal.

must say liz watson was very good today. she had what 3 wing d’s on her and outplayed all 3. if her and bueta are on tomorrow diamonds will be hard to beat #B2022Netball.

#B2022Netball Here are the starting 7s for the Gold Medal game in Birmingham. Jamaica: GS Fowler GA Beckford WA Williams C Dixon-Rochester WD Ward GD Wilson GK Sterling Australia: GS Bueta GA Wood WA Watson C Moloney WD Brazill GD Weston GK Bruce.

Bueta really needs to stick to her role and play GS. That’s almost where this game will be won or lost for Australia. #B2022Netball.

Not even Layla Guscoth bending the post like the Incredible Hulk could stop Gretel Bueta..

Why have we just seen 20 seconds of Bueta walking, not in play, while missing the actual action in the game down the other end of the court? Honestly, @BBCSport, did you even watch a game of netball before #B2022? So frustrating #B2022Netball.

Bueta is absolutely dominating in the circle - we need to win ball, get @LaylaGuscoth back on!.

Are we thinking move Dehaney to GK and move Sterling out to GD? Bueta having a field day in GA right now #B2022Netball.

called bueta for player of the tournament and stand by it. it’s going to be a phenomenal final..

From where Gretel Bueta started to now, and coming back after a baby ... she is BEYOND impressive #B2022Netball.

Gutted for England but the Aussies just nailed it. Bueta was just unstoppable, the whole team clinical and we didn’t keep the ball we gained 💔 Here’s to tomorrows games! #B2022Netball.

The synergy from the attacks tonight was beyond elite. Watson. Maloney. Wood. Bueta. Now for the gold medal match!! #B2022Netball @AussieDiamonds.

Bueta shot at 100% in a comm games that sink of the tournament #B2022Netball.

Sterling wants the ball so bad that she’ll take Bueta’s bib to get it 🤣 #B2022Netball.

Tonight it was Gretel Bueta’s world and the roses were just living in it #B2022Netball.

@NetballComments Bueta had it all her own way, needed to mix it up a lot sooner. She gave us a master class.

In a bid to cheer myself up after yesterday’s match I am creating a new medal event in netball - the Award for Baffling Coaching Decisions (ABCDs). Sponsored by the dashed hopes of Roses fans, Bruce’s acting ability and Bueta’s magic invisibility trainers. 😉#B2022Netball.

THIS TEAMMMM!!!!!! Gold medalists I can’t even Sklau, Braz, Bueta this team omg shaking 🥇 #B2022Netball.

Bueta is untouchable. The fact she can split land from one end of the circle to the other makes her almost impossible to defend #B2022Netball.

Watson to Moloney on the circle to Bueta popping out - yes, more. #B2022netball #CWG22.

Marinkovich pulling the trigger for changes early Klau ➡️ GK Bruce ➡️ GD Bueta ➡️ GA Koenen ➡️ GS What do we think #netballtwitter? #B2022Netball.

Jamaican defence circle is actually WILD. They might be the only people who can stand up to Bueta WELL #B2022netball.

@JeckyJayne Yep - built her attacking connection with Bueta and Wood and defensive connection with Braz.

Wrong England starting 7, poor umpiring decisions, but you cannot deny that Australia were just in a different league there. Bueta is absolutely class and I cannot wait to see her against Sterling again. Come on Jamaica! 🇯🇲 #CommonwealthGames #netball.

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