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I pause today to think of the lives lost at Parkland, and Newtown, and the Pulse Nightclub, and Las Vegas, I think of mass shootings and errant bullets. Tragedies en masse, for our failure to act. Also the lonely heartache of futures and families torn apart.

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Gettysburg Men’s Lacrosse ()

🔥🥍💥BULLETS GAMEDAY💥🥍🔥 ⌚️1:00 🎟 v. @MessiahMLax 📍Musselman Stadium @gburgbullets 🖥📊

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Chris 👾 ()

@CaptRaven And maybe I need to scale back a bit with my madness and have bullets reach escape velocity a bit easier - because right now, they glue on the surface really good, and some enemies can turn a planet into a death grid - which is awesome ... but frustrating :D

Dan Santos ()

A drug suspect was arrested during a buy-bust operation in Pag-asa Village, BrgyBuhangin Proper, Buhangin District, Davao City. Operatives seized 4 sachets of suspected shabu worth an estimated P2,500 and a .38 revolver with 3 live bullets. #DavaoMyths

Based Hebrew Gamer 🔯 ()

Stop at the gas station cuz I need backwoods, just stopped at the gun Sto’ cuz I need mo’ bullets!

Chief Mide ()

I just feel lagosians need to show their gangsta self .. maybe release one or two bullets for certain individuals

Paktﻯawal ()

There is also another video, again no bullets, arms, vests, or any kind of military gear around the vehicles shattered. Also civilians in the video deny any Insurgents were onboard.

Lecturer111 ()

Happened in US once, judge asked cop why he had shot perp 9 times cop replied it was all the bullets I had case dismissed

Matt Maginn ()

Damn that bullets vs cairns game was rigged 😂😂 hope @MelbUnitedHQ get a W tomorrow

Gervonta Davis ()

Nah he better stay away from real FN bullets on my dead homies

Leigh Magee ()

@RustyRubyBear Back before the firearm buyback scheme here, my dad had a .22 rifle, I used to shoot beer cans off the barbecue when I was really little. There was a 7/8 foot high earth retaining wall behind to absorb the bullets, but it still probably was illegal to discharge in the suburbs lol

Mars & Minerva 🎚 ()

Cops today just as in every other era, should be physically dominant, tough and handy in a fight. Intelligent, Fair minded, moral, legally knowledgeable and allowed a degree of freedom to deal with offenders as appropriate. If that’s a slap, a hug or two bullets to the noggin.

✐ way⁷ ()

telling then to leave him alone in a shaky voice because taehyung might be in a mob, but winning against multiple armed men is no easy task. jeongguk had appeared then, his knight in shining armour, aiming a gun right at them, arms stable even though the pistol had no bullets.

Radio Sport ()

The @NZBreakers are out of the @NBL playoff race. A 36-point win for the Brisbane Bullets tonight sees them take 4th spot for the time being, with Melbourne now the only outsider who can secure a playoff spot

Greg Williamson ()

Well done Bullets, but what a weak performance by the @CairnsTaipans. Don’t think that will serve them well ahead of the Finals. Signed disgruntled @NZBreakers fan.

Spellcard Generation Bot ()

Clever Edict ~ 「Thick Venus」 -Easy- White Small Bullets stagger from the sides of the screen. White Shards flank the player from the sides of the screen.

RockNewsFeed ()

DOCTOR NERVE Release Wild New Track Painting With Bullets Feat. Mike Keneally :

Wulfric Blue ()

@markbeau62 @1cornishblue Yeh!! It’s true we have been anticipating this for long time, we will be well prepared to fire the bullets!

Palpites Basquete ()

4º QUARTO VALENDO! Brisbane Bullets [98] x [69] Cairns Taipans Australiano 19/20 - NBL 13 a 16/02 - 2020 8 palpites nesta partida 8 () no(a) Brisbane Bullets 0 () no(a) Cairns Taipans 9:59 restando

"Why do you look like Indianapolis Jones?" ()

Aright @FredSmith914 . what would you have been more excited for that day? The 79 Daytona 500 or Bullets-Supersonics

Kenneth Dakin ()

@GalacCuriosity Will this stop steel bullets? What are the untapped implications of this phenomena?

Kein ()

That last possession from the Bullets, really patient on executing and finding the right shot - brilliant.

Dani ()

Now playing some Heavy Bullets! #HeavyBullets

Oppo Research ()

@citizenhush “AR-15 bullets are so deadly because the bullets tumble through the air before hitting their target.”

AndroPlus ()

OnePlus 7T レビュー。エッジ無しの90Hzディスプレイと最高峰のS855+でコスパ良し - AndroPlus バレンタインデーセールでOnePlus公式が$499に値下げ & 無料でBullets Wireless 2が付いてくる 平面なハイエンドOnePlusが良ければ8を待たず7Tを買った方が良い

Reece ()

@VexinMe Killing people in 3 bullets and you call me the con warrior. Not a chance you have taken that spot now lad

Karl Beston ()

@rachwoodrow @ShaneHeal Trig says the deal isn’t done, but Bullets staff members confirmed it is on the table.

Rhymes With Witch ()

@DeadLeaFMoth One of the comments in there isn’t wrong in that Bullets Aren’t Cheap wouldn’t be a bad name for a Spy story, at least if it fit thematically

Tia ()

@rthk_enews When do the police get fined for poking journalists eyeballs out with rubber bullets and spraying tear gas at innocent people and raping and murdering the youth and beating everyone they catch and spraying toxic chemicals on humans etc etc?!?!

Phil Staley ()

Here’s what’s about to happen: the @CairnsTaipans are going to play tough and peg the lead back and the Bullets are going to get frustrated. #NBL20

Dan Rather ()

I pause today to think of the lives lost at Parkland, and Newtown, and the Pulse Nightclub, and Las Vegas, I think of mass shootings and errant bullets. Tragedies en masse, for our failure to act. Also the lonely heartache of futures and families torn apart.

☚ Eddie McGuire #CCMvSYD ☛
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