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Assam is burning, like Kashmir. These modern Neros are fiddling while the country burns. Hanumanji had only set Lanka on fire. These modern Hanumanjis will set the whole of India on fire. 🔥🔥.

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@Nanatsuyuru @_novastarr What if Natsuo just burns letters that he writes to Touya in hopes that they reach him in the afterlife.

Either @WalteroDMV does well or crashes and burns. Either way, need to peep.

In his first year since signing a three-year, $ million contract with the #Steelers, Steve Nelson has solidified the cornerback spot previously occupied by Artie Burns. #HereWeGo.

Schoolboy fighting for his life after nativity costume goes up in flames in carol service.

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I didn’t vote labour because I like Jezza, I voted labour because I want to be able to retire at a reasonable age and I want to have decent health care for me and my future children. Can’t stress enough your voting for your future not a politician.

The burning rainforest burns releases black carbon into the atmosphere, which, according to a growing number of scientific studies, directly contributes to the melting of glaciers. Read more.

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Assam has a chief minister. His name is Sarbananda Sonowal. He seems missing-in-action as his state burns, never mind the one recorded appeal on twitter. Actually, he’s a decent fellow & an easy scapegoat too. He could also be the first political casualty of CAB-NRC fiasco..

@RenTheWerecat @AgnesNutter1600 You don’t know how many people would be more in danger if followed through whatever you’re going to do! *breaks and burns the sword away, her golden angelic marks showing due to adrenaline*.

As Assam burns, troubleshooter Himanta Biswa Sarma gets his big chance to upstage CM Sonowal News editor @RuhiTewari reports #ThePrintPolitics.

If the Conservatives win again, not only will Brexit go through, but the series of cuts to services the Tories have been enacting over the past 9 years will continue for another 5. @Carole_Burns for @ScoundrelTime #UKelection2019 #essay.

There are holes in his back and #acidattack burns like he is flayed- Martin Daly whose son Oisin is scarred since April 2019 .. @LeoVaradkar said they will face the full rigours of the To date nobody has been charged in relation to the incident. @joeliveline #liveline.

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ACSOM + Tommy Burns CSC from Jersey mash-up! 🇷🇴🍀.

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Burns was not out , Warner was caught and bowled and people were expecting nz to play well. 3-0 is inevitable..

movie ของ tom misch คือเพลงให้แฟนเก่าดีๆนี่เองอะ ท่อน i hope that the fire we both made still burns a little in you โคตรจุกเลย แง.

God is Light. The darkness is not able to overcome where His light shines. When His light burns, you see things that have never been seen before. God’s light is an exposing light. He doesn’t expose to embarrass but to deliver. God uncovers so repentance can come..

Fish skin is being used as a treatment for burns in Brazil..

@FlowerHarmony How do you know? I think she’s a Neo nazi who secretly burns crucifixes on her from garden and gets her children to dance around it..

Admiral Kuznetzov burns. This will likely be the end of the Russian carrier program. H/T @TheEvanMcLean.

@piersmorgan He posted this himself the other day? Man has blowjob? Quelle horreur! Just get yourself to the burns unit, @HackedOffHugh wins this bout..

Hawkeye is full of shit. That ball to burns was hitting middle and leg. #AUSvNZ.

Hawkeye says a review would have saved Burns! #AUSvNZ |.

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New Zealand orders 143 square yards of skin from America for volcano burns patients.

Assam is burning, like Kashmir. These modern Neros are fiddling while the country burns. Hanumanji had only set Lanka on fire. These modern Hanumanjis will set the whole of India on fire. 🔥🔥.

Three fine speeches in Rajya Sabha today: by Derek O’Brien of TMC, Sanjay Raut of Shiv Sena and the third by Kapil Sibal of the Congress. Exceptional speeches. But more important, Assam, Tripura and the North East burns in protest against #CAB and #NRC. Army on standby..

Remember the whole thing about how the Greens were stopping hazard reduction burns?.

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