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Dicen que cuando abrieron la tumba de Tutankamón la encontraron adornada con flores que se desintegraron cuando las trataron de tocar. Aún se pueden ver algunas en las fotografías qué tomó Harry Burton en 1922 👇🏻 📷.

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Finally got COVID & have been so thankful for The Richard Burton Diaries while quarantining in my hotel room in OKC. I sadly finished last night not realizing today is the 38th anniversary of his death. So many thoughts & feelings for this complex man who lived large but….

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Burton and Yeley also have been released from care center so all six drivers (Burton Yeley Stenhouse Almirola KyBusch and Cindric) who are out from that accident have been released from care center..

British explorer & orientalist, Richard Burton wrote in 1856 “the Somalis are fierce race of republicans, constantly changing political loyalties. The Somalis lived in what amounted to state of chronic, political schizophrenia, verging on of anarchy. Is this a fair description?.

I’ve honestly seen 4 forward passes from the Knights go unnoticed, not to mention Young’s blatant knock on off Burton kick. 2 of those passes led to tries. #NRLKnightsBulldogs.

Burton満席! 雑誌に出たのかして、若い女子だらけで困った(🥴) そして、神席が僕を待っていたかのように空いていました♪.

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We could all use this photo of LeVar Burton and Mister Rogers smiling and reading a book 💛.

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.@NRL Matt Burton would earn 4-5 times more as a punter in the @NFL he is that good a kicker #NRLKnightsBulldogs.

Burton kick should only ever have JAC’s name on it. Every other fool in blue and white can GTF OUTTA THE WAY.

You wonder how many hours of video the Knights watched ahead of playing the Bulldogs without realising that Burton to Foxx move that they run literally every game. #NRLKnightsBulldogs.

@Amul82 @SamirBahsa HAHAHHAA rounds 1-10 96 points. Burton has just out scored 2022 Baz.

Matt Burton with a casual 70 metre dropout from his ingoal. That is the biggest line dropout I’ve seen in my life. Wow. His kicking game is really special..

Cows awake to the offloads, running with more purpose than our blokes. We don’t have the grunt on the bench to match them. Burton was that gassed he didn’t even want to take a kick for the line. Oh well…..

What would you rather: - $5k right now - 1 chance at catching a Matt Burton bomb for $50k #NRLBulldogsCowboys.

When a tragedy befalls Burton (Nick Moran) and his fellow veterans, the only solution is vengeance. RENEGADES, coming this year..

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#NRL #NRLKnightsBulldogs PENALTY GOAL: BULLDOGS - Matt Burton Gagai knocks on, gifting the Bulldogs a scrum 10m. Crossland is penalised, placed on report, after lifting Averillo into a dangerous position. BULLDOGS 18 KNIGHTS 4; 40th minute.

#NRL #NRLKnightsBulldogs TRY: BULLDOGS - Aaron Schoupp Burton chips for Addo Carr who passes infield to a flying Shoupp to score near the posts. Conversion Successful. BULLDOGS 16 KNIGHTS 4; 33rd minute.

Brenton Speed gets a stiffy everytime Burton kicks the ball. Calm down Speedy Stiffy #NRLKnightsBulldogs.

Bryan burtonじいちゃんゴリゴリすぎて名残惜しいがマカロニえんぴつ目がけて降りる.

Massive respect to Matt Burton. He’s gone from the best team in the comp to one of the worst and made them very entertaining through his combo with JAC and awesome kicking game. #NRLBulldogsCowboys.

Down 10-0 early, but no panic. Again a big second half where we were able to tighten the screws. The Dogs had us under pressure for about 50mins but we did the big moments better. (Burton’s boot!! 😳) Winners again. So lovely. #ridemcowboys.

Burton’s bombs are frightening. If the NFL scouts don’t come looking at him they would be crazy. #NRLBulldogsCowboys.

@jansenmann @BrugesGroup They should be put in Jail along with the scum that is still our PM…..

HT! @NRLKnights 4 (Tuala Try) @NRL_Bulldogs 18 (Kiraz Try Double, Schoupp Try, Burton 2 Goals, Burton PG) #NRLKnightsBulldogs.

Josh Addo-Carr and Matt Burton are connected to the hip. Unbelievable. #NRLKnightsBulldogs.

Another great TRY fro the doggies, great vision from Burton and another great try assist by JAC, keep going @NRL_Bulldogs #proudtobeabulldog.

@SupercoachGuns Never seen 2 assists given for 1 try that is outrageous. JAC deserves the try assist 100% burton has to lose it or this game is actually a joke lmao.

S&J Automotive USRA Stock Cars - A Feature 1 (Results): 12-Sanchez.

@Josh71389989 Just thinking the same thing he said every time Burton kicks it takes a collective breath away from the crowd what a load of horse shit.

Surely Matt Burton has a trip to the US coming up at some stage during the off-season? #NRLKnightsBulldogs.

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