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41 points. 12 assists. 10 rebounds. Before tonight no one had a 30 point triple double or 40 point triple double in Women’s March Madness history. Caitlin Clark did both. CROWN HER..

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Caitlin Clark tonight: 41 points 12 assists 10 rebounds 8 THREES 3 steals BIG TIME. 🤯🤯🤯.

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NEW POST: Why Can’t We Just Have Safe, Boring Banks? Yes, your money can be made safe in your bank, even above the $250,000 FDIC insurance limit. Ironically, the Federal Reserve is blocking the path to make it so..

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Lyn Alden
Lyn Alden

Good interview with @CaitlinLong_ by @KellyCNBC. -Caitlin’s bank Custodia wanted to back all deposits with reserves but was denied by the Fed. -The reluctance to allow and formalize stablecoins domestically has increased market share for offshore stablecoins..

🎯 Custodia Bank CEO @CaitlinLong_ does not mince words on the Signature Bank situation. “Scandal. Outright scandal.” 🔊 Listen:.

“We were the tip of the spear.” @CaitlinLong_’s Custodia Bank wanted Fed supervision. Now she sees the Fed’s rejection of her application in Jan as the beginning of “a massive attempt to de-bank this industry. She’s about to reveal new.

The Caitlin Clark Effect dumbfounding other fan bases around the country is wildly entertaining.

If you think these women are happy, you’ve never watched seasons 1-3 of Vanderpump Rules.

Caitlin deserves the whole world. To be able to respond in such a gracious and dignified way when someone has gone out of their way to make nothing but spiteful comments about you is the embodiment of a strong, beautiful woman #MAFSAU #MAFSAustralia.

Go Caitlin go 🤩 and that’s how it’s done. Not letting a man treat you that way, being assertive, mature and not putting up with any of Shannon’s emotional immaturity. 💪💪💪 You know when to walk away and it’s ok to do so🌟🌟🌟#MAFSAU #MAFSAustralia.

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What’s with Shannon’s dismissive attitude after what he’s just said to Caitlin she has a right to respond and say how she feels! Respect to her for standing up for herself. #MAFSAU.

They need to bring on two new men for Caitlin and Bronte, cos this isn’t fair #MAFSAU.

Is there any chance Caitlin Clark doesn’t win NPOY? Honestly, outside of SEC bias, there really is no explainable reason as to why she wouldn’t be a unanimous winner..


we all know caitlin foord was lightyears ahead of everyone else on that pitch.

Meant to post earlier. Carlie Scupin had her surgery today. Caitlin Lowe said it went well and Scup plans to travel to UW this weekend, pain permitting..


Caitlin you absolute queen. That put an abrupt stop to Shannons eye rolling hissy fit 🙌🏻 #mafsau #MAFS.

If Shannon’s relationship with his ex was all that then he wouldn’t be on #MAFS. He is a total tool and obvs she has dumped him. Run Caitlin! You deserve SO much better than that child..

@matt_willemsen @CaitlinLong_ Check out the full episode here!.

I swear they got Chester reading these scans like he’s really supposed to know about this stuff when Gideon would’ve been more qualified. Chester is an inventor not so much a scientist or a doctor but apparently anyone can do Caitlin’s job. 🤣😂🤣.

Introducing the JV captains for this season: Nora Schumaker, Caitlin Wiseman and Molly Steed. Congrats on your well deserved leadership opportunity!.

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Every year Dame tells people he’s not going anywhere and that he wants to be a career Trail Blazer and every single year lazy sports writers trot out this exact same tweet and the same copy/paste articles as the year before.

South Carolina, Iowa, Aliyah Boston, Caitlin Clark, Friday night in the Final Four. See ya in Dallas..

I’d be angry too if Caitlin Clark did what she did to Wisconsin to my school..

Caitlin is currently my spirit animal. You tell that selfish immature cruel asswipe #MAFSAU.

Shannon just gets worse and worse. Good for Caitlin, she is beautiful and can and will get so so much better #MAFSAU.


Caitlin long mentioned all crypto exchanges have received wells notices in Feb for selling unregistered securities in the recent podcast with Laura shin (1 hour 6 mins in).

it’s only fitting that my first TikTok to reach 1M views and 100K likes is a Cruel Summer TikTok ☀️💖.

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@buttpraxis @hello__caitlin finding out she’s got a mere 55 days on me has done WONDERS for my self esteem. or severe dread about what the next two months have in store for me. coin toss.

@DomClare I watched the Iowa women on Sunday afternoon over whatever men’s game was on. Caitlin Clark is arguably the most fun player in all of college basketball to watch, men’s or women’s..

Hey #medtwitter! My name is Caitlin Aguirre, I’m an M2 MD/MPH student at UTMB! I’m very excited about PM&R, especially it’s intersection with health policy and equity! Would love to connect and hear about where these things have intersected along your way to/through #physiatry!.

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