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Just got sent this. In light of the latest allegations against Cam Smith, please discuss ......

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@Danny_Weidler Axe is out for another grind hey Danny. Intrigued to know what fuels your fire with Cam Smith. There must be a story.

The only people worse than Cam Smith are people who think Friends is better than Seinfeld..

Given the Cam Smith “wing nut” tackle do we think Souths GM Shane Richardson is looking spot on in his criticism of the Storm tactics?.

Those pics of Cam Smith have to be photoshopped?! Surely he wouldn’t do something so grub like?! 🙄😂 #beendoingitalldaysir #tryallhiscareer.

If NRL twitter spent more time praising Josh PAPALII and less time complaining about Cam Smith we’d all be much happier Lets not forget the Storm blew an 18-0 lead for the first time in their history.

@FOXNRL @storm This show is on the same level as a Latrell Mitchell troll. The hate they incite & divisiveness is the same. The attacks on Cams Wife, on Craigs integrity after all they’ve given the game lacks and shred of integrity or class. Something Cam Smith, Barb and Bellamy have in spades.

@WarrenSmithFOX For some reason, contrarians & NRL Hipsters try to force feed us Cam Smith like we should appreciate him? Nah, miss me with that - great player, maybe the greatest, but his role in the NRL to most fans is a villain, and there’s nothing wrong with that..

Guys let’s not fight about whether or not Cam Smith was playing trophyheads or not. Let’s just bask in the glow of Sia..

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Everybody upset about Cam Smith hurting Bailey Simonsson but nobody said anything when this thug destroyed two whole clubs and a fan !.

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So the trolls on @FOXNRL @FOXSportsAUS #NRL360 have decided tonight is another night of Cam Smith bashing. Absolute trolls. If they balanced it with the scrutiny of tackles &tactics in every game of the round it might have credibility but these guys R taking the piss #COWARDS.

That was unbelievable watching dean Ritchie try so hard to get chad engaged in cam smith bashing. How controlled and well spoken chad was !.

Bigger question is Cam Smith not going the number 1 blade?.

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@WarrenSmithFOX They want to talk about two sets of rules and Storm grubby tactics. Bet this won’t cop the same press that Cam Smith does. Their wrestle was worse than ours on Saturday.

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@WarrenSmithFOX You are deadset Kidding if you think the reason Cam Smith is unliked is because he is a Queenslander..

@FOXNRL Cam smith and the whole Melbourne team cheat in the ruck they influence the refs at every turn and they hold players down mill penalties and Cam Smith is the king cheat.

Just got sent this. In light of the latest allegations against Cam Smith, please discuss ......

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@FOXNRL @NRL Next his kids will have their university fees paid for their amazing contribution and sacrifices for cam smith..

I like to imagine Cam Smith gave his wife the ring and was all “I got this for you” and she was stoked but now today she’s like “wtf Cameron?”.

The sooner Cam Smith fucks off from the NRL, the better. Sick of this guy getting his ass licked out by the NRL..

Has there been a more disliked administrator in NRL history than Todd Greenberg ? His gift to Cam Smith’s wife & his reason why have again gone down like a lead balloon. I look forward to the day he is sacked or steps down..

@real_MrIves @Todd_Greenberg The wife of a low dollar player that suffers a career ending injury deserves way more than mrs cam smith.

Cam Smith’s wife getting a $15,000 ring from the NRL isn’t the biggest deal, it’s just fucken weird - and Todd is more naive than I thought if he didn’t think it’d cause a shit fight. #NRLLogic.

Cam smith Christmas song On the first day of Christmas Todd Greenberg gave to me, A testimonial cash game. On the second day of Christmas Todd Greenberg gave to me, A 15k diamond ring!!!!! Feel free to add versus ;).

Dear @NRL On the Cam Smith’s wife being given a diamond ring If Alan Jones is defending your position, you’re in the wrong..

Sophomore year, my appendix ruptured during bio and Cam Smith was carrying me to the front office when Ferrell stopped us and made us turn back to get a hall pass..

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