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The Left doesn’t want to just cancel Republicans. They want you to say what they think.

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boba ❄ 3.8k primos for xiao
Boba ❄ 3.8k primos for xiao ()

@NunRosaria for making thirst tweets and saying that horikoshi sexualises women (without even trying to cancel I was literally just pointing it out)

Nana ()

millions of students today going to take the enem test and the government took no care and did not cancel the test because of the corona virus :( imagine staying in a closed room for five hours with more twenty people in one room !!!

24시 빠른입금서비스 {O1O-6835-5969} 한결티켓ⓒH5402
24시 빠른입금서비스 {O1O-6835-5969} 한결티켓ⓒH5402 ()

24시 빠른입금서비스 {O1O-6835-5969} ( 카톡: JM5969 ) zoo 컨텐츠이용료현금화 cancel 신용카드현금화 react 휴대폰핸드폰모바일소액결재현금화 idea 구글정보이용료현금화 asset 휴대폰핸드폰모바일소액결제현금화 unite 신용카드현금 dirty

Tod Ashby
Tod Ashby ()

@kenolin1 @KristySwansonXO You can try to cancel Kristy, but she will always be in our hearts and minds. You can never take that away.

TheSadTruth💙 ()

You know what the most dangerous thing is right now? Covid? No. Domestic Terrorism? No. According to Jim Jordan, “This cancel culture is dangerous. It’s the most dangerous thing going.” I have no

Bakon, Ganondorf, King Of Toast
Bakon, Ganondorf, King Of Toast ()

How do we nitpick things to cancel people for? I don’t wanna be canceled for saying “bee boo bop bee boo boo bop” in 2077.


kuy- wta dong guys as seller yg open po nah barangnya gabisa fullslot mau ku cancel itu ngomongnya gimana ya sama cust takut dia kecewa dia juga blom dp sih🥺🥲

ً ()

all u had to do was just apologize to the victim not write a 15 tweet long psychoanalysis ab cancel culture brother

Azarulishak ()

@syae_sams Owh tu boleh je tp try chat dgn seller tu biasa nafsu membeli ni melebihi segalanya😅

Cloud ()

@carobini When you go to church without your mask tomorrow think about how even people who think cancel culture sucks made an exception to call out your stupid ass. Chefs kiss.

Richard Grenell
Richard Grenell ()

Stand up to the cancel culture mob. They hate diversity. They are today’s intolerants.

Rep. Jim Jordan
Rep. Jim Jordan ()

The Left doesn’t want to just cancel Republicans. They want you to say what they think.

-Megan 💜
-Megan 💜 ()

they shouldnt never cancel star they had songs fit in every episode bc they got canceled because of the ratings

The real Keyser Söze™
The real Keyser Söze™ ()

@JujuliaGrace Ok. So the Pfizer ones being thermal needy. Give the second one to staff willing to keep their mouth shut and later them to cancel their second appointment. My second was booked for 28 days, later for 10wks and got email ystday that 12wks now. Phe England is a joke

Aru ()

yet everyone has been so quick to cancel lana del rey (like cool but why do yall hesitate w men ?) or kate winslet (even though that interview was like 3 years ago and last year she rectified in a very correct way on vanity fair i think) or doja cat. like ?????? makes u think

잔나🤍 ()

auto cancel Sorry, vape ke, rokok ke, mmg reject 😁

El BobbyLaramie
El BobbyLaramie ()

@elonmusk Cancel culture trying to oust @elonmusk, meanwhile, I’ve got Sea Shanties all on my mind. I love the way this man speaks - he gives zero shits - keep going Elon, I love it! We have so much PR bullshit these #legalizecomedy

Ronal David
Ronal David ()

@EricTrump the cancel culture okay Eric you can use any kind of new phrase you like the bottom line is the world and America will do everything to squash your family from destroying the world and destroying the United States of America all legally

Jess Piper
Jess Piper ()

There seems to be confusion among the white folks who committed insurrection. What’s happening in the aftermath isn’t “cancel culture”. It’s consequences.

A.odonovan.tri ()

@eircare trying to cancel my eir broadband but as soon as I’m being transferred to the correct department I’m getting disconnected. Please advise.

RESIST 45* Ruth sent me!
RESIST 45* Ruth sent me! ()

The IRONY of the GOP ranting about cancel culture and having their right to free speech violated to immediately look to remove Liz Cheney from leadership because they disagree with what she said ---

🕊 ()

@TabsyTabs26 mas nakakaloka nga kase di man i cancel or sabihin na di kukunin, inboxed zone lang ako tapos nag riring naman

Klinsmann ()

@KLM Hi. I had to cancel a plane ticket because of the covid. I canceled 5th of January. I just received the email when I did the cancelation, but nothing since then. What I have to do? Many thanks

SHS 🙇 ()

@seri_cindai ada wehh org cmtu, lps tu ehhh ter cancel masuk balik kad, ulang lagi lagi dan lagi 😣😣

WomenTodayNE ()

Empowering and being empowered by our young ladies @womentodayne Wisdom does not come with age. So Never cancel anyone because of their age.

Scar ()

@heisTactic You shame Thor You shame Darkseid You shame Shazam Shazam go cancel superman Darkseid will eat Thanos Thor? A god on earth vs An Alien? Thor go flog that nigga

eris ✴︎ 悪い男だろう?
Eris ✴︎ 悪い男だろう? ()

disclaimer,, im not 100% sure if the info i provided is accurate because its been around 5 hours since i did it & im also not sure if its the same for everyone but i just wanted to pls dont cancel me

GoColorblind ()

@josh_hammer @DrJohnEastman Trump & his cohorts have the remarkable ability to get followers to focus on the REACTIONS to their insane behavior and disregard the actions that prompted it. Writing off legal repercussions to free speech as cancel culture reveals that repubs want consequence free free speech.

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Jack ()

@cloudrifto @DudeWhoCode 2016 MBP tbar makes me too slow to respond to tweets/emails a lot, b/c keyboard is unusable, w/hand jumping to mouse & delete key. Mapping Esc to CapsLock made hitting Tab wrong resulting in an Esc which cancel/close or freakout some window mode.

NBC News
NBC News ()

JUST IN: Airbnb will cancel reservations in DC area during inauguration week. We have identified numerous individuals who are either associated with known hate groups or otherwise involved in the criminal activity at the Capitol ... they have been banned from Airbnb’s platform

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