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Updated: November 27th, 2021 03:37 AM IST

Songhees and Esquimalt Nations: Please do not tear down statues. And *definitely* do not tear down statues in our name. (largely white) activists: *immediately tears down Captain Cook statue in name of decolonization* 1/3

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@MikeCarlton01 And before the political prisoners landed, they first circumnavigated Australia with Captain Cook, who just happened to be chasing a chook at the time. #ScottyPantsOnFire #GirtByShit.

Songhees and Esquimalt Nations: Please do not tear down statues. And *definitely* do not tear down statues in our name. (largely white) activists: *immediately tears down Captain Cook statue in name of decolonization* 1/3

November 26, 1778 — In the Hawaiian Islands, Captain James Cook becomes the first European to visit Maui.

November 26 - 1778: Hawaiian Islands - Captain James Cook became the first known European to see Maui, although he could not find a suitable landing to go ashore. #history

Pernah dengar cerita dari otai misc dulu, cook tak puas hati dgn captain dia tumbuk lampu pendafluor halus2 letak dalam lauk captain. 2 3 hari confirm mati hahah Papepun kat kapal ni kena byk tolerate. Byk benda boleh buat gaduh sebenarnya. Kena byk2kan bersabar

@realhuntermmm @EmergencyBK It is a known and true fact that Captain Cook circumnavigated Australia looking for a sufficiently free place to land the religious zealots who looked remarkably like convicts and guards. He was inspired by a picture of an eagle.

@MikeCarlton01 Obvious now, that must have been why Captain Cook was repeatedly circumnavigating the continent. He was being chased by Pagan-Loving Ethnologists. Amazing how Scotty finds the time to research these important little historical eddies and whirlpools.

@MikeCarlton01 @Ronthebuddah And remember Scott Morrison said Captain Cook circumnavigated Australia.

@MikeCarlton01 Captain Cook circumnavigated the earth in Sputnik in order to select the most suitable place to found the first church of Australia on top of Ularu.

@botliff @MikeCarlton01 Captain Cook is buried at Plymouth Rock in Kurnell, isn’t he? 🤪

4) ♤ According to Morrisson (apparently) Captain Cook commanded the Mayflower Convict ship on its journey to Australia in search of Religeous Freedom. 🤪🤪🤪

@noplaceforsheep Yes - Encounter Bay in SA is named after the spot where it met Captain Cook’s Endeavour going the other way.

I don’t want to be controversial or anything 🤣 but my research would indicate that Captain Cook was actually a gay Muslim. I’m sure that this won’t worry Scott Morrison or Pauline Hanson or Bishop Peter Comensoli 😁or colour their views on who actually “discovered” Australia …

Captain Cook Photo,Captain Cook Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@JaneCaro @noplaceforsheep The man who also stated Captain Cook was the first man to circumnavigate Australia. And yet these same blokes in Canberra are so concerned how we teach history. Too bad they have no frigging idea themselves.

So the first settlers were escaping religious persecution and Captain Cook circumnavigated Australia. Anyone got a copy of #scottytheliar ‘s history reports?

@MrDenmore @platypusadmirer Never forget — when our forefathers Captain Cook and Jesus together wrote the Constitution with Matthew Flinders’ cat, they def included the First Amendment which clearly states middle class white folk from Kooyong, Manhattan and Wentworth are, in perpetuity, Sovereign Citizens.

@Hopey0759 @Ctl_Alt_Del Cook never circumnavigated Australia, it was Matthew Flinders who did that! As did the below mentioned Indigenous Australian in 1802!

Daily reminder to Australians that our our religious and devout Christian PM Scott Morrison lies about lying. #Liesalot #LordOfTheLies V1 Captain Cook

@noplaceforsheep Captain Cook chased a chook all around Australia, lost his pants in the middle of France and found them in Tasmania.

@noplaceforsheep Then Captain Cook circumnavigated Australia. Must have been in the Mayflower showing the Pilgrim Fathers around their new home

@Ctl_Alt_Del Captain Cook was descended from Moses. And Arthur Phillip was escaping torture by the Spanish Inquisition. Everyone knows that.

@RIVERSIDEREDS we dont want him, you boro lads can have him and claim him as your own like you try claim captain cook

See as Sola fresh like Captain Cook 😂 😂 🤣

@droverdriver61 @JohnSarich2 Ignorant like Captain Cook, sailed around Australia - sometime between Halloween & Thanksgiving, with a brief Shopping expedition on Black Friday...


@dreamwieber Thanks. Put on hold at the library. Similarly the case in Hawaii pre Captain James Cook’s arrival in 1778.

Cook arrested after captain found dead on Meghna Marine bulker #maritime #shipping

As the captain it is my solemn duty to cook thanksgiving for the crew. So I’m thankful our company bought us one of these Butterball smoked fully cooked turkeys to heat up. S/O to everyone who has to work today!

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Blank GW14 #FFScotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Result : 29 pts Turnbull (DNP) 🔄 Charles-Cook (3) Captain Edwards got CS 😬 Boyle is trap 🥴 No players with return expect Dundee United players 😅 But no problem,green arrow is coming 😁 ✅ © : 9/30 ✅ VC : 7/30 📥 OP : 829 pts 📊 OR : 57🔺

Captain Cook Photo,Captain Cook Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@Neenie_15643 @EmergencyBK Morrison also once said Captain James Cook circumnavigated Australia😳 … It appears to me the test given to those seeking Australian citizenship, should be given to politicians before they can become MP’s, Q1. Who was Captain Arthur Phillip? Q2. Who was Matthew Flinders?

@EmergencyBK The PM is a history ignoramus. Aust’s settlers did not arrive, fleeing religious persecution. Captain James Cook did not circumnavigate Australia. * It was America’s settlers who fled religious persecution - from England. * Matthew Flinders first circumnavigated Aust - 1774

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