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#Nacionales | El crucero Evrima, perteneciente a la prestigiosa cadena Ritz Carlton, arriba esta mañana al puerto de Acajutla, Sonsonate. Los turistas extranjeros conocerán los atractivos del país..

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Probably Schmidt and Carlton. Obviously Howard, Rollins, and Utley are right there too..

I always Poor Carlton Screen @celticsvoice on the call with Bill Raftery.

#DeVideo Este miércoles atracó en el Puerto de Acajutla, en Sonsonate, el crucero #Evrima, uno de los más lujosos del mundo, de la prestigiosa firma Ritz Carlton..

@UKPhillies All these Carlton and Schmidt answers, I gotta go against the grain somewhat and say Carlton and Bunning. We have a great lineup, why not just add two great pitchers in their prime?.

Carlton County in northeastern Minnesota offers abundant opportunities for growth-oriented companies. Three key transportation arteries, Interstate 35 and Minnesota Highways 33 and 210, converge in Carlton County. They combine with #northspan.

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@CardsStory Phillies Monuments. 140 shipped Rose Klein Carlton Schmidt Relics.

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@What46HasDone I still remember when he called in to my office about purchasing a condo in the Ritz Carlton in DC. It was the morning after the election before his race was called..

@MikeCarlton01 You can dish it out but you can’t take it. Quit weakling..


This could be said about a lot of people. Y’all just pick and choose who to hate on..

Not just Carlton, but every club has made a statement My question is this Why make a statement at all?.

@MikeCarlton01 And yet you supported lockdowns, you wanted them to go for longer, until we got covid Zero, hypocrite Mike Carlton.

#np Counting Crows & Vanessa Carlton - Big Yellow Taxi | Streaming :.

Schwarber LF Trea SS Schmidt 3B Harper DH Castellanos RF JT C Rhys 1B Stott 2B Marsh CF Carlton LHP.

@UKPhillies I would have to agree with Carlton and Schmidt. Being old enough to witness both Carlton’s unbelievable career year in 1972 and see and appreciate Schmidt’s hall of fame career there are no better choices.

Great wealth does not buy freedom or happiness. It does amuse me that little old me, poor as a church mouse, once lived next door to someone so wealthy, and just down the road from the Ritz Carlton..

Schmidt and Carlton. No-brainer. Two greatest to ever wear the uniform..

@UKPhillies Carlton and Lidge, make the most unstoppable Starting rotation and Reliever core.

A Texas family sued Ace American, Chubb and other insurance companies claiming they refused to pay a more than $1 million award granted to the family by an arbitrator after wine was stolen from their lockers at The Club at Carlton Woods golf courses..

@TheGoodPhight Are they in their prime? Carlton and Halladay or Carlton and cliff or Carlton and Hamels I just want any combo of 2 of these starters 🫡.

@UKPhillies While I said Schmidt and Carlton and am sticking with it, Richie Ashburn sure would look good in center and leading off..


How hard is it to remember ‘Mr. S’ lmfao it’s fuckin one letter. I’m not mr. Connor mr. Colton mr. fuckin Carlton like fuckin how hard is it 😂.

I was watching @heath_buck video from Carlton training yesterday and I hope the skills on show isn’t what is to come in 2023!! Foot skills don’t seem to have improved one iota!! I hop it was just rust.

@MarcKuhn_MAK I know I couldn’t reach any of those goals without the mentors in my life, Marc.

Text 📲 206-588-6453 Request 🎶 Carl Carlton - Baby I Need Your Loving 📤 With Others ❤️.

@UKPhillies Schmidt and Carlton. Greatest third baseman ever and one of the greatest LHPs of all time if not the greatest. Not just Hall of Famers but truly all-timers at their respective positions..

@UKPhillies Prime Carlton and Prime Schmidt all day long. Not just HOF but maybe the best at their positions- Arguably the best 3rd baseman EVER on both sides of the ball & Lefty’s slider was unhittable w/over 4000 K’s🤯. I love Chase, Jimmy &Hamel’s but it’s not really close in my book.

@eliehonig @UKPhillies And you forgot to add that the 1972 team finished in last place winning only 32 games without Carlton on the mound..

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