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So, Carlton Davis tweets constantly about Michael Thomas, then told media he doesn’t do social media trash talk (which is false) and would rather deal with it on the field, was punching Michael Thomas in the back of the head after getting bullied for that touchdown 😂.

All week long, Bucs players talked about needing to keep their composure against the Saints, because as Carlton Davis put it, things get sticky out there with this team. Mike Evans and Marshon Lattimore were both just ejected..

The Lattimore/Evans thing really does show just how real fanaticism is. If Mike Thomas had come from the sideline and pushed Carlton Davis and Sean Payton was on our sideline in the refs ear and instigating with their players, Bucs fans would be HEATED..

Love how Carlton Davis said “He is a slant boy” then gets bodied first week by Micheal Thomas..

One of the few great things about Huntington Beach is the variety of random old school Volkswagens. Like this Fastback I spotted while walking Carlton..

Carlton Photo,Carlton Photo by C.J. David,C.J. David on twitter tweets Carlton Photo

What an honor to be asked to speak about my friend and comrade Dr. Carlton Haywood. He lived every moment wanting more for those living w SCD. It was a privilege to know him, to write with him, to conspire with him. He will be along w the others on this slide - greatly missed.

Initially PFF charting has Michael Thomas with 4 targets against Carlton Davis in coverage. Thomas caught 3 of those passes to gain 31 yards, converting a first down on all of them and scoring a touchdown. The lone incomplete pass broken up by Davis..

Same but also this kid next to me WONT SHUT THE FUCK UP He’s so annoying….

@VTechSBcoach Coach…when I was at Saturday’s 🏈 game. I walked off the distance to cars driving by in LF for prodigious dingers; it’s a poke plus clearing trees adds maybe 100’. You may want to add signage on those benches in case a Hokie 🦃 yanks a “Fair or Foul” bomb 💣 allah Carlton Fisk..

Carlton Photo,Carlton Photo by Theron Bell ⚾️,Theron Bell ⚾️ on twitter tweets Carlton Photo

@DefNotDorothy I got a tip he’s sending 100 to Hawaii to stay at the Ritz-Carlton! This is disheartening 😫.

Another reminder that everyone should read this excellent article by Dennis Carlton. The tl;dr: those claiming that merger policy has been too lax stand on incredibly shaky ground. We can do better, but so far the arguments are far more heat than light..

Carlton Photo,Carlton Photo by Geoffrey Manne,Geoffrey Manne on twitter tweets Carlton Photo

Listening to powerful Carlton Haywood Jr. memorial keynote by @MelissaSCreary “Health equity is social justice in health.”.

Carlton Photo,Carlton Photo by Kadija Ferryman, PhD (she/her),Kadija Ferryman, PhD (she/her) on twitter tweets Carlton Photo

Saints fans y’all mad at Carlton Davis and Mike Evans but they didn’t throw 2 INT to the same player and another Pic 6 y’all should blame Mr. Crablegs and not BucNation fan base.

506 Carlton: Detour via Parliament St, Queen St W and Spadina Ave while we respond to a medical emergency..

gente eles simplesmente tinham umas 3 músicas tema: 1. LS Jack — Amanhã não se sabe 2. Marjorie Estiano — Por mais que eu tente 3. Wanessa Carlton — Pretty Baby.

LB undersized dando certo na NFL sempre aquece meu coraçãozinho 🥰 ano que vem é o Carlton Martial.

New Orleans targeted #24 Carlton Davis heavily in the 2nd half, especially when he was assigned to cover Chris Olave. Olave was targeted 13 times! He was utilized for field-stretching plays as well..

3 dias que não vejo a cor de um carlton. nunca foi sorte, sempre foi gripe e garganta fudida. 🙏🏼🙏🏼.

La semana pasada almorzando en el Holiday Inn, esta en el Dann Carlton, cuándo con mis suegros en su casa ??.


@ByMcCullough @Ken_Rosenthal Cole needs to lookup a guy by the name of Carlton and then revote..

@adeel_azhar 1992 World Cup 1996/97 Carlton & United Series 2009 T20 World Cup 2017 Champions Trophy.

Executive Chairman LIRS, Mr Ayodele Subair with Dr. Mark Abani, Dr. Rabiu Olowo (Lagos State Commissioner for Finance) and Mr Tokunbo Akande (Special Adviser to the EC, LIRS) at the 8th IGR Peer Learning/ Launch of the Public Finance Database at The Wells Carlton Hotel, Abuja..

Carlton Photo,Carlton Photo by Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS),Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) on twitter tweets Carlton Photo

@ArmonEvo @Carlton_Lowkey Yuhhhhhh we ready to bump on that field man 💯 🏴‍☠️.

LASSITER: I’m gonna kill him. This time, I swear to God, I’m really gonna kill him. JULIET: Carlton, you’re not gonna kill anyone. LASSITER: I might..

@EmmanuelMacron I have worked in 4 Carlton Gardens in London where Charles de Gaull , president of the national French committee, set up the head quarters of the free French forces during 1940. It’s a historic place with his statue not far away. 🇬🇧🇫🇷.

@dave_carlton @ladybugspicnic personally one potato is too many, but god knows i have a weakness for fries..

506 Carlton Regular service has resumed near Dundas St West at Spadina Ave..

Carlton as a name really crazy lmaoooo ion think I ever met a Carlton.

dck worked on a Ritz Carlton Reserve in Caroline Bay, Bermuda which included 35 for-sale residential units, a 77-key hotel including two standalone presidential units. As well as back-of-house, administrative areas, central utility plant, and beach enhancements..

Carlton Photo,Carlton Photo by dck Worldwide Group,dck Worldwide Group on twitter tweets Carlton Photo

They should’ve never gave me a corporate card…I booked a room at The Ritz Carlton for my first work trip 🤭.

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