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Leave Carson alone!!! If we’re gonna do guilty by association then everyone is cancelled cus they all follow me!

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Daily Caller
Daily Caller ()

‘Marxist-Driven Organization’: Ben Carson Blasts Black Lives Matter

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I prayed and fasted. I read the mystics. I studied the martyrs. I began to think I was someone thirsting for God. Anne Carson, The Anthropology of Water.

yos 🛴
Yos 🛴 ()

doing this before the carson’s fans do it for me 23590 Park South St Calabasas, CA 91302

𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐩𝐢𝐨 ⋰⋰ king of mbavtwt
𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐩𝐢𝐨 ⋰⋰ king of mbavtwt ()

the carson fans trying to dox me: yeah that bitch Scorpio leave here the dairy queen employee picking up the phone: sir this is a dairy queen drive thru

ari !!
Ari !! ()

callmecarson carson king CallMeCarsonYT carsonkingyt if you have an ounce of empathy maybe tell the people in your chat to stop sending death threats to stans

diór 🐷
Diór 🐷 ()

carson after he (knowingly or not) incites death threats and doxxing upon tons of minors and innocent people

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ashleigh 🍮
Ashleigh 🍮 ()

@lol_ybba carson live and it’s a mess. he addressed the situation but very poorly and made it worse(:


Ben Carson, where exactly should Black and Brown trans women — who face extraordinarily high rates of unemployment and homelessness at any time, let alone during an economic crisis — go after being turned away from shelters?   Shelters funded by taxpayers should be open to ALL.

jude ◍ vibing
Jude ◍ vibing ()

let me know what happens during the carson stream because i literally cannot bring myself to click on the notification

#DyingToSelf ()

Omar Smears Trump As Hitleresque Racist Then Ben Carson Steps In Embarrasses Her

kyra (also phil) 🐷💤 stream ycgma
Kyra (also phil) 🐷💤 stream ycgma ()

Not me joining phils stream to hear about carson againn man- p

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First Take
First Take ()

[email protected] went OFF after Max claimed Carson Wentz will be dealing with QB controversy again this season.

The World Is Yours 🌎....
The World Is Yours 🌎.... ()

Lmaoo Carson Elevate’s His Team? His Team Won The Super Bowl Without Him, Won A Playoff Game Without Him 😂😭 Make Sense Plz

Kennya’ ()

i could literally tweet carson sucks and his little stans would be like “you mad stan?” like the only stan here is you why tf you searching up his name to find tweets like mine 😭😭

kaiden / k den hates twit
Kaiden / k den hates twit ()

i’m sorry but if ur mad at carson for blocking people ur stupid. it’s his account he can block who he wants; please just make an alt or something

bow | check pinned 🌸
Bow | check pinned 🌸 ()

lc has so many mixed opinions in the group i don’t think they’ll work out,,charlie tweeted indirectly about slurs being unfunny and carson doesn’t wanna hold his friends accountable - they went to twitter to talk abt it so clearly the discussion didn’t go well behind closed doors

Marcus Jack 🐑🔻📽
Marcus Jack 🐑🔻📽 ()

I frequently get Anne Carson and Ayn Rand mixed up, leading to me accidentally cancelling a great number of you

DANNY ♡ ()

carson himself is not responsible for his friends, obviously. he does not have to speak on their behalf. but just being aware that we want all this shit addressed is gonna save you so much hassle. Man.

Delaine 〆|| BLM
Delaine 〆|| BLM ()

a FULL thread of me exposing a VERY racist,homophobic and transphobic his name is Carson Wagner

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💜sugar/bee💜 ()

I understand where people are coming from. At the end of the day, content creators are NOT responsible for their fans mental health. HOWEVER, Carson making fun of those who were actually panicking over being blocked seems kinda :/ . Like, some of us have social anxiety and stuff.

morgan ⓥ
Morgan ⓥ ()

wow @carson_bassett_ can’t believe you’re trending 🤩🤪

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error 402
Error 402 ()

@eddyburback Carson stans mad at him because he gave them an “anxiety attack” because he blocked them like if you’re having an anxiety attack over that aren’t you proving his point that your obsession is unhealthy and makes him uncomfortable.

Citizens for Ethics
Citizens for Ethics ()

Fourteen Trump officials have attended ALEC events during this administration, including Mike Pence, Mick Mulvaney, Kellyanne Conway, Betsy DeVos, Elaine Chao and Ben Carson.

ishi 💔
Ishi 💔 ()

im so sorry to everyone thats upset that they were blocked by carson :( i know that his content has helped so many of you and i cant imagine how horrible it must feel im always here if u wanna talk 💖

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KEEM 🍿 ()

Leave Carson alone!!! If we’re gonna do guilty by association then everyone is cancelled cus they all follow me!

Laylah!!⌛️is stalking the 99%
Laylah!!⌛️is stalking the 99% ()

stop hating on lunchclub!! ted is carson is noah is schlatt is travis is charlie is kind and funny! cooper is

Adam Schefter
Adam Schefter ()

Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz has just informed team owner Jeffrey Lurie, GM Howie Roseman & Doug Pederson that he is retiring due to repeated injuries. Wentz is just 27 years old. Absolute stunner.

🍓pauline🍓 #loveforquackity
🍓pauline🍓 #loveforquackity ()

can people give me tips on how to get blocked by carson dm me if u want some of the tea ig

kat doesnt support lunch club, u shouldnt either!!
Kat doesnt support lunch club, u shouldnt either!! ()

#CARSON: treat everyone with respect!! *probably not even 5 minutes later* *goes on blocking spree and blocks supporters*

☚ Naya #MaskUpMelbourne ☛
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