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At the valedictory session of the National Conference, thanked participants from @MSDESkillIndia, State Governments & other organisations for sharing their valuable inputs which will further enhance skilling approach & act as catalyst for our resolve of Women-led Development.

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Quin ()

I am grateful to be reminded that I can never truly know what another person is experiencing at any given time. Even if the catalyst is heavy, my path is reaffirmed. May I always follow those compassionate impulses when they tell me to connect 🙏 Love (over) fear

Frank ()

@JSLTan Reckon I’ve watched it about and there’s a point there where everytime I think Catalyst has him 😃

Saint Nic ()

I was interviewed for a feature post recently about my gray hair. I know some of my twitter followers have considered ditching the dye as well. Check it be your “catalyst”. xx -Nic

Hmm 🤔 ()

The other thing that might show up would be my tendency to fall dramatically and not acquire any serious injuries in the process. (The time I fell down a flight of metal stairs onto concrete and only acquired two or so bruises would be the catalyst for that one.)

Raheel ()

Amazing! I have a fairly sophisticated iOS app (mostly built for the iPad). One ☑ for Catalyst in Build Settings, and it’s now on the Mac. Literally, no other changes. I would have to tweak the UI of course — mostly layout and typography — but that’s it!

Rogue Water Lab ()

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” - Aristotle Not gonna happen. Use your voice. Comms is an investment in yourself.

Mittenskittens ()

So apparently @GSXRCLYDE is a wizard because he called the Acrius catalyst in our prestige Levi run and I got GGs my dude was hella fun and looking forward to the next round of raids!

Rashmi || TPWK❤️ ()

A writer for The Sun newspaper who’s constantly trashed on Meghan Markle and is a catalyst for this with trying to “break news first” is telling us to be kind. The hypocrisy. I can’t fathom this.

Api:Cultural ()

@grassroofco Planted both of these on the @Nomura green roof this autumn to feed pollinators next year. Also planted both of these at mudchute farm meadow and in my urban meadows in Ealing for catalyst homes. Great bee plants.

Jaw Dan ()

I had never heard of caroline flack before today but the circumstances under which she has taken her life are awful and the tabloids seem to have been a

Eleni👄 ()

you are the literal cause of celebrities feeling like the entire world is against them because the sun newspaper is a catalyst for this happening to anyone in the public if prince harry hadn’t gotten meghan away from the british media she’d have probably been next so stfu

MALingvo ()

@BottyBolingoli If this is true that’s tragic. #trialbymedia Whstever her issues this is very sad. Is social media a catalyst in these sad decisions. The world needs to be kinder 😥

IDaveHasQuestions ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (not LTC) ()

Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn was instrumental in saving the United States from ruin by the Radical Left, the catalyst to exposing the SICKNESS and CORRUPTION 🤔🙄 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Number One on our Spook Hero List! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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The HPA Beyond Clinical Practice Catalyst Group will be meeting at 1:00 in the Colorado Convention Center - Mile High BR 1 F. We hope to see you there!

Bishop Talbert Swan ()

If the Bloomberg had changed, running for potus wouldn’t be the catalyst for being sorry about #StopAndFrisk and making amends. What has he done to combat systemic racism in the 7 yrs since he left office? NOTHING. He’s coneniently “changed” to run for potus.

MiddleclassVote ()

@amjoyshow GOP Congressional leaders and their billionaire benefactors, feel because of changing demographics, this is their last chance to maintain power. Republican Party can no longer exist in a Democracy. Trump, a catalyst and best opportunity to transition into an Autocracy.

Hildagard🖤🦅💜🐺 ()

Edelgard: is literally the catalyst of everything that will transpire in Fodlan no matter the route. The future. The center. yall: idk I think it’s the favoritism://///

Interesting Engineering ()

The impressive catalyst targets one of the worst greenhouse gases.

𝘩𝘰𝘣𝘪 ’𝘴 𝘮𝘪𝘳𝘳𝘰𝘳 ♡⁷ ()

Jungkook: “Jimin is important to you? that’s crazy. he’s my catalyst tho“

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الجمعية الكيميائية السعودية ()

تقام يومي الثلاثاء والأربعاء من الاسبوع القادم الدورة التدريبية للنساء لجهاز Autochem analyzer: ​​قياس مساحة سطح المحفزات و الإمتزاز Analysis of catalyst specific surface area and adsorption للتسجيل وتسديد الرسوم: #الجمعية_الكيميائية_السعودية @aoss1317

Claire Horn ()

Excited that my paper sharing some findings from the last few yrs of PhD research on the need to decriminalize abortion and improve access to care for pregnant people ahead of artificial wombs will soon be out in @catalyst_sts !

雪色❄☃ ⚡97 ()


Ismail Jussa ()

#Zanzibar can be a facilitator for trade and economic growth for the United Republic of Tanzania and East Africa, just as Singapore was a catalyst for change for Malaysia and the Far East, Hong Kong for mainland China, or Dubai for the rest of the UAE & the entire Gulf region.

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Rachael de Caux ()

@samriley we are embracing SPC in @gloshospitals Board. Your talk was the catalyst. Thank you 🙏

Mitchellbeer ()

Hard to determine where Catalyst sits with the best to come out of Nz. Somewhere between Crowded House & Police 10 7 for mine.

Matt Williams ()

Commercial Cannabis use could serve as the catalyst to revive our economy

The_Umpire ()

@GatorGately Catalyst. Carried 1kg more then Aligator Blood. Was ridden upside down too. Great performance and great run by both horses.

𝕮𝖍𝖎 🛢️ ()

Seems like this virus may be the catalyst for PBOC to launch this plan sooner than later >> Patents reveal extent of China’s digital currency plans

Grace Ramage ()

James McDonald suspended for 6 meetings and fined $1500 for 2 charges issued involving the use of the whip aboard Catalyst in the CS Hayes @Racing

Smriti Z Irani ()

At the valedictory session of the National Conference, thanked participants from @MSDESkillIndia, State Governments & other organisations for sharing their valuable inputs which will further enhance skilling approach & act as catalyst for our resolve of Women-led Development.

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