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Hey guys, I’m very sad about the Notre Dame. The Catholic Church is worth tens of billions of dollars. Please donate to people who need it..

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@EdKrassen True but this is about religion, winning the favor of whomever is “up there.” As well as nostalgia. And a politically safe recipient. The Catholic Church could rebuild as well, but it’s more about keeping order than rebuilding and reforming..

Spreading this type of disinformation is dangerous. In fact it’s blasphemous. spreading of false miracles by false prophets is discussed in the Bible (Deuteronomy 13) & the Catholic Church doesn’t accept the divine nature of miracles objectively. You have to prove its divinity.

the communion line at a Catholic church in the suburbs is really just a Kohl’s fashion show.

Oh, lord. I want to be clear here, as brokenhearted as I am over the Notre Dame fire as a history nerd: the Catholic Church can pay for Notre Dame. America has an obligation to provide for its citizens first, starting with Flint and Puerto Rico..

The Catholic Church doesn’t own Notre Dame. The French govt and by extension the French people own this culturally relevant monument. That fact also makes it illegal for them to charge for admission making it open to anyone no matter how poor they are..

@DxGGEAUX will not rest until I find historical precedent for this, because I assume it existed at some point because the catholic church is wacky.

Question: Is the Catholic Church hurting for money? 🧐 #PuertoRico ✊🏽 🇵🇷.

If you want to donate money to fix Notre Dame, just a reminder that the institution that is the Catholic Church is one of the wealthiest on the planet. Places in need of your money-Flint, Puerto Rico, your local soup kitchens, etc. The Vatican needs to take this one..

Fifteen years ago right about now, by the grace of God, I received First Communion and Confirmation, entering fully into the Catholic Church..

Hey guys, I’m very sad about the Notre Dame. The Catholic Church is worth tens of billions of dollars. Please donate to people who need it..

People have been lied to about the history of the Catholic Church just like they are lied to about American history being only genocide and slavery. Their ignorance can only be overcome by education, and the grace of the Almighty.

Happy birthday, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI! Today he turns 92 years old. We give thanks to God for his life, his service to the Catholic Church and his prayers. Let’s join in prayer for him and his intentions today. 📷 Credit: Vatican Media/CNA.

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2월부터 프랑스 카톨릭 성당들이 연속적으로 크고 작게 파괴되고 있다고 함. 이 기사가 나왔을때는 이미 10곳.

When you spend your money and wish you had it back🤔 The Catholic Church in Sydney donated a million dollars to the NO campaign on marriage equality.😳 Notre-Dame Cathedral 😢 #Auspol.

Never good to see history destroyed, but going to be a big no on the GoFundMe the Aussie Government is proposing. If the Catholic Church can afford lawyers for *that stuff* that can dig deep for their own community.

As seen in the picture, the Crucifix is still standing. A sign of faith and perseverance for the Catholic Church. Dieu Bénisse Paris. #NotreDameCathedral.

PSA: A burning church isn’t your canvas to write your political message on. Maybe let people who are French, Catholic, or at minimum Christian, take a breath and offer the first “takes.”.

Some Flames Did Something? Ilhan Omar Posts Statement on Notre Dame Fire That Avoids Mention of Church Named for Virgin Mary or Even That It Is a Catholic Cathedral via @gatewaypundit.

@Empress_Trixana Is it wrong that I hope the bickering between the catholic church and state of France over who has to maintain (and now repair) it comes up again bc of this.

@sotiridi @Reuters The Cross of Jesus protecting the inside of the Church. Jesus and the Catholic Church live forever..

@IIFarkyII You can call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but just four weeks ago in Paris, a fire occurred at the church of St. Sulpice -- at the front door! Along with other acts of vandalism at other catholic churches, it begs the inevitable questions..

Symbolic of the ultimate destruction of the Roman Catholic Church! The SCRIPTED prophecy says the church will be destroyed before the third temple is built! It’s all happening!.

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If only the world was equally horrified by the massive pedophile ring that is the Catholic.

Paris’ historic Notre Dame Cathedral is only the latest in a string of fires at Catholic churches. Saint-Sulpice church was one of them as it burst into flames on March 17.

Once month ago: 10 Catholic churches across France attacked in one week.

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