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The first 14th overall pick in Cavaliers history, Ochai Agbaji. Welcome to Cleveland, @youngoch ✨.

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No better person or player in our *humble* With the 14th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, the @cavs select @youngoch #RockChalk x #NBADraft.

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Now that I’m cooled off, Ochai Agbaji always made sense for the Cavs and he’ll be a good fit. Go Cavs. #LetEmKnow.

SPURS! 😍😍 W ogóle nie jestem bandwagonerem i @jangolec też nie, bo pierwsze finały @NBA dla których po chińsku na Sopcaście brat zarwał ze mną komplet nocek to seria Cavs-Spurs. CO TO BYŁA ZA DRUŻYNA! Na zdjęciu Janek z tamtych czasów. ❤ DAWAĆ JUŻ TEN SEZON! Z JEREMIM! 🇵🇱🏀.

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GAME SUMMARY: Overall this was definitely a fun game to watch. Lebron and Wade were bashing heads with their scoring and facilitating by both of them. The first half Wade outplayed Bron, second half LeBron did to Wade. In the end the Cavs beat the Heat after being down 10 (1/4).

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agbaji ft% low? man the cavs r gonna be pain to watch from the free throw line AGAIN (i like the pick btw, low ft% kinda confusing maybe cuz his shoulders r big idk).

Par ailleurs, je rappelle que les Kansas Jayhawks (équipe NCAA à laquelle il participait) a remporté la march madness et a été élu MVP ce n’est pas ridicule. Donc le choix des Cavs est plutôt pertinent..

@Ken_k____ Technically got traded to New York and then traded to Detroit for cap space along with Kemba, which I think is the dumbest thing the Knicks could have done. Now Detroit looking like the Cavs with an excellent young core.

Bummer about Ivey going to Pistons. I really wanted them to waste their $$ on Sexton. Now @cavs are stuck with the chemistry-killing ball hog Sexton..

@MichaelReghi @cavs Reg! He’s not quite the defender Okoro is, but a superior offensive player. I love him as a kid. Will be a great teammate and can play/contribute immediately. But it’s a low ceiling..

love agbaji, would’ve liked EJ instead of khalifa but an understandable pick, questionable mobley pick, and the last dude will be on a 2 way and will barely see the floor so🤷🏽‍♂️. now if we can find a way to get ricky rubio back for virtually nothing, we lit.

Great to see @hgreenwood3 finally get his shot in the @NBA..

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@emanuelgodina I get it but anytime the Cavs attempted to sign any FA LeBron refused to commit which scared pretty much everyone away. After he came back we had our pick of players because he made it look like he was here to stay..

Literally Cavs so perfect for Bron right now. Young, healthy, good big men, 2 good guards. Could be an enormous problem.

@cavs Really excited about this season and the future of the organization, we will be back to owning the East once again.

@RickeyeBeerGuy @AndyKHLiu I remember how the warriors cooked Hill so bad when he was on the Cavs.

@JordanZirm Gotta love the @cavs championship chances when they have an Aussie on the !!🙌🇦🇺.

@LegionHoops He can still play on magic, lakers, heat, suns, celtics, cavs. I think i mention all the teams that Shaq play?? Hahaha.

2) Ochai Agbaji - Cleveland Cavs The Cavs are really building something here. Garland, Sexton, Lavert, Mobley, Lauri, and Mobley now get the best player on the best team in NCAA last season. This team won’t be flashy or must watch, but they will win games..

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