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GN Celtics Nation! Say it back if your a real one 😤 we just acquired 2 very solid players today 😁☘️.

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This is 100% true but I also don’t care about any of this KD stuff because if KD goes west Celtics are clearly the best team in the East until a super team is created. They’re even currently the favorites to win the chip. Rings will be won regardless.

‘I can’t even speak’: Roxbury’s Reeves elated to join Celtics Summer League roster.

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@The_Barftender @MasterTes Celtics just went to the finals rockin 2 bigs in the starting 5.

The Celtics are expected to agree to a new multi-year deal with Sam Hauser in the coming days, according to @AdamHimmelsbach..

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‘I can’t even speak’: Roxbury’s Reeves elated to join Celtics Summer League roster.

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@dubsforever7 hes a celtics fan, their guy won a DPOY based off team stats its all they have going for themselves.

A Celtics fan poured beer on LeBron after Game 6 of the ECF. At that moment, Boston lost Game 7..


@andresserdna_ Think the move makes them favorites in the East rn. My way too early finals prediction is probably Celtics / Clippers.

Me pregunto los Celtics que piensan hacer con esos $17M está claro que si se utiliza pagaremos impuesto pero viejo queremos el anillo ya Boston no está para procesos eso lo sabe Wyc..

I’m calling it now: the Celtics will have the best regular season record in basketball next season.

@BrianAxt @FlexFromJersey He is 34. Did you see him against the Celtics in the playoffs. He isn’t the player he was. Still great play but not all-time great play.

@KyleNeubeck The sizers are light years away from competing with the Heat, Celtics, or Bucks in the playoffs. And 2 words explain why….Glenn Rivers. 1 guy dribbling for 18 seconds while the other e stand around is not an offense. He is what holds the team back..

@NatanaelPablo1 @WarriorsLatam_ Jajajaja Celtics favoritos? Los de ESPN manejan las apuestas o que.

I promised myself I wouldn’t get too excited about the Celtics offseason (used to high expectations leading to disappointment). But HOLY SHIT.

Red Sox up 4-0. Celtics make a steal of a trade to become the front runners for NBA title next year. Meanwhile, the hockey team continues to fail at the top with two players from the 1989 Bruins still running the team..

@BostonConnr Plus a bench of White, Pritchard, gallo, horford, Williams. I’m not a Celtics fan and I can see the threat they could be.


The Boston Celtics finally got the play making point guard they need. I assume the lineup is: Brogdan, Smart, JT, JB, Williams. But they have an exception they can use to rebuild depth right? They’re signing Gallinari, kept G-Will, White, & Pritchard. DAMN..

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I wonder if Bev will buy out of his He would be someone I would want on the What do you think @realjoespinosa.

@BillSimmons If the @celtics traded for Gobert, you woulda made an emergency pod talking about it being the greatest trade in the history of trades..

@AEC_PA @UkNo1Jazzfan Celtics, bucks, suns, heat 76ers, nuggets, warriors, and lakers if healthy and get kyrie.

Galo would be a great fit if this happens. Both Brogden & Galo would bolster up Boston’s bench. 💪 Adding offense, playmaking & veteran experience. I 😍 these move by Brad. #Celtics.

@WhatsAGreenhorn Same when I took my nephew to see the bulls vs the Celtics… Not an Irish guy riding steers at all.


@TheSeigeDFS Already way better than the Celtics who just squandered their only trip to the Finals for the next decade.

Brogdon was a niiiiice pickup for the Celtics who had NO pt guard (please don’t say Marcus smart).

@Celtics_Fra Tu y crois vraiment ? Pour moi entre Towns Ant et russell je le vois pas tellement voir plus la balle que chez le Jazz.

@celtaco_ no pouco q jogou mostrou ser o spot up shooter confiável q o celtics torceu pro Nesmith ser.

@Fl_Willian @NBAdabad Vou usar um exemplo do Celtics Eles trocaram o Garnett e o Pierce por uns jogadores do Nets e umas picks Mesmo o Celtics indo bem, o Nets ainda foi mal e aquelas picks se tornaram picks top 5 e continuaram sendo do Celtics por causa da troca. Recomendo a procurar mais sobre+.

@TheNBACentral he had the best mentor! Celtics are legit now if Brogdon can stay on his feet..


The Celtics now have that even kill guard who’s a floor general that hardly has been/ gets rattled. It’s a good chance they could be right back in Finals next year..

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