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Aroldis Chapman is having an absolute no doubt historic season this year. Guy has never been more dominant. Just give ‘em the damn Reliever of the Year. #nails

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(((Greg Halling)))
(((Greg Halling))) ()

Why I’m not (very) worried about inflation. The latest from @SteveChapman13.

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Javier Gonzalez 🇨🇺/🇺🇸
Javier Gonzalez 🇨🇺/🇺🇸 ()

No manejo este dato con exactitud , pero desde que el cerrador cubano Aroldis Chapman viste el uniforme de los #Yankees , posiblemente sea el lanzador que más walkoff haya recibido en todas las mayores

Bastards of Boston Baseball
Bastards of Boston Baseball ()

Two of the oldest players in MLB handed Aroldis Chapman his ass! 🤣

Ethan ()

top 5 SIERA in MLB (qualified relievers) 1. Matt Barnes 2. Liam Hendriks 3. Josh Hader 4. Craig Kimbrel 5. Aroldis Chapman

Boys on Hill Productions
Boys on Hill Productions ()

To celebrate the conclusion of the third series of PCSO, we are excited to reveal this stunning new poster created by the incredibly talented Thomas Chapman! Find out more:

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Sanjagrozdanic ()

Eugene comes over. I make a little dinner. We drink a bottle of gin. We talk. We smoke, every last cigarette. We sing 3-5 sings (taj-ći-sandy lam-tracy chapman, in that order). We feel better. Until we rise– to wage labour

radioeins Playlist
Radioeins Playlist ()

Chapman, Tracy: Talkinbout a revolution (Beifall, ausgeblendet). (Fri, , 09:47)

Santiago Gil Sam🇵🇦
Santiago Gil Sam🇵🇦 ()

Feliz viernes mi gente, en especial a todos los antiyankees😰😰😰😰 Clase de BOMBAZO de Nelson Cruz y los mellizos de Minnesota, viniendo de atrás castigaron al misil cubano Aroldis Chapman, para derrotar 7-5 a los @Yankees 🎥@twinsbeisbol

Stats By STATS
Stats By STATS ()

Since ERA became an official stat in 1913, the @Twins are the only MLB team to hit two 9th-inning homers against a pitcher (Aroldis Chapman) who entered the game with a ERA (min. 20 IP).

Miguel Otárola
Miguel Otárola ()

Just saw a replay of the ninth inning. That took no time at all, and the fact it was against Chapman and the Yankees makes it that much sweeter. - Magic Johnson

Oz 👑
Oz 👑 ()

@BobandAndySEN James Kelly and Paul Chapman at Essendon. Extra kick in the guts when Pops played his 300th against Geelong 😢

Paname Paris 🔄
Paname Paris 🔄 ()

Harold Chapman. Frère et sœur sortant de la boulangerie avec une baguette à Saint-Germain-des-Prés 1960s #Paris

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My thoughts on Chapman’s blown #NYSDB Episode out tomorrow 9 am.

Section 10 Podcast
Section 10 Podcast ()

The first guy that took Chapman deep tonight may or may not be the guest for Episode 400 👀

SportsCenter ()

Josh Donaldson and Nelson Cruz both went yard in the 9th off Chapman for the win 😱

Gary Sanchez Resurgence Bandwagon RBW
Gary Sanchez Resurgence Bandwagon RBW ()

The most important things to take away from this series are the following: - the bats are coming alive - Chapman got his disaster of the way - Andujar walked twice - the Yankees won their first series in two weeks - replacements are on the way Things are going to be just fine.

Pinstripe Alley
Pinstripe Alley ()

Aroldis Chapman had one of the worst nights of his career, as he coughed up two homers without recording an out. The #Yankees dropped the series finale to the #Twins, 7-5:

Tom Hauser
Tom Hauser ()

If my math is Twins scored four runs on three straight pitches from Aroldis Chapman in the bottom of the 9th. Just another ho-hum walk-off victory over the Yankees 😂

Jared Carrabis
Jared Carrabis ()

Aroldis Chapman is having an absolute no doubt historic season this year. Guy has never been more dominant. Just give ‘em the damn Reliever of the Year. #nails

Ida Bae Wells
Ida Bae Wells ()

“I think there are people who are worried this is a test case,” Chapman said. “If the board does this here, are other boards at other schools going to follow?”

チャップマン吉郎 ()

本革ヘッド(ヤギ革油なめし)を両面に張って試奏。 破らないようおっかなびっくり。 落ち着いた、いい音です。

Wallenstein II
Wallenstein II ()

@JL_Chapman JV has a good shot at being a top CB this year. We need his speed and physicality to establish an aggressive edge on the permiter.

GoHarg72 ()

Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason (Official Music Video) via @YouTube

John Bartman
John Bartman ()

Don’t know why I’m just now seeing this but we’re over a quarter of the way through the season and I still haven’t topped my first pic (Chapman with warehouse lights in background)

John Chapman
John Chapman ()

Fast, attacking, aggressive defense. Demeco Ryans on what he wants the defense to look like

Mike Miller
Mike Miller ()

@mcblevins12 No after the second walk I had the “I hate Chapman” tweet lineup up lol

Barry ()

Remember when we thought Chapman might be on his last legs with his velo?

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Juan Carlos Boyd
Juan Carlos Boyd ()

Con algo de sufrimiento incluido, Aroldis Chapman le cierra la puerta a TBay en el 9no NYY 4-3 TAM le ganan 2 seguidos a Tampa (2 de los 1eros 3 de la serie) La victoria los pone a del 1er lugar Montgomery 1 carrera limpia Urshela HR 2RBI Frazier 2RBI NYY 9 hits

Nick ()

I low key love the Aroldis Chapman experience. Nothing wrong with some nerves in the 9th. Gets the juices flowing.

Kimberly Cheng
Kimberly Cheng ()

Reward now at 450,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the shooter that killed 6 year old Aiden Leos in an apparent road rage incident on Friday, May 21st on the northbound 55 Freeway near Chapman Avenue in Orange around 8am.

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