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Thank you for everything you did for our football club Roman. Us Chelsea fans will be forever grateful. 💙.

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You will never be prepared for where the commentary goes on this Kevin Phillips goal vs Chelsea in 2005..


Le remontaron al PSG de Messi, Neymar y Mbappé cuando todo parecía perdido. Le remontaron al Chelsea cuando todo parecía perdido. Y hoy le acaban de remontar al City cuando todo estaba perdido. No trates de entenderlo porque NO tiene explicación. EL CLUB MÁS GRANDE DE TODOS..

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Sanctioning Abramovich only hurts ordinary Chelsea fans, which is why I’m all for it.

🚨 Tom Henning Ovrebo has finally admitted that Chelsea deserved a penalty in their infamous loss vs Barcelona.

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Reminder that Chelsea have been the most successful English team in the last 20 years..

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🗣 I want to keep listening to the sound of happiness and success Mourinho says Chelsea are going through a difficult period, but hopes to see success return to his former club in the near future 💙.

Neste dia em 2009, aconteceu uma das maiores injustiças da HISTÓRIA do futebol. O árbitro Tom Henning Ovrebo pegou a classificação do Chelsea para a final da Champions League e deu de presente para o Barcelona. Erros grotescos..

Live Stream HD. Chelsea vs Liverpool // Link 🎥 @MariaBarkzai Enjoy 😉 #FACupFinal #CHELIV JtQa.

Watch Now Free Link Here🔽 Chelsea vs Liverpool Broadcast▶ @MariaBarkzai Broadcast▶ @MariaBarkzai #FACupFinal #CHELIV YesX.

What a beautiful day Liverpool fans are quiet Ronaldo fans dey bleed Manchester United is useless Chelsea too dey bleed Barca scored a last minute winner Ansu Fati goal The place I slept yesterday i for sleep there every weekend.

🗣 “I just want her [Kirby] to be well and happy.” Chelsea Women’s boss Emma Hayes says she just wants Fran Kirby to be in the best place possible following her announcement that she will be taking a break from Football..

🎙| Antonio Rudiger: Não quero me aprofundar muito no assunto. Havia uma possibilidade (de ficar no Chelsea), as sanções não eram o problema..

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At this point, Jose Mourinho would call Chelsea “Specialists in Failure”. And he wouldn’t be completely wrong, domestically at least..

Beating Chelsea is too sweet man. No matter the occasion, I cannot stand losing to them guys. Even sweeter knowing we’ve beaten them on both occasions this season to secure two trophies..

Good Morning to everyone except Chelsea should take their own from Agent Mason Mount 😭😭.

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@ChelseaFCW When she scores, it’s always a goal of the season contender.

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RESULT: Kensington & Chelsea - CONSERVATIVE HOLD Full results: #LocalElections2022 #BBCElections.

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I like the team, same as Tuesday and shows confidence in the team out there. COME ON CHELSEA.

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#UnDíaComoHoy 🏆 Hace 365 días, exactamente un año, conquistamos Wembley. Histórica final contra Chelsea, victoria 1-0 con golazo de Youri Tielemans y primera consagración de la @EmiratesFACup en nuestra historia. ETERNOS FOXES 🦊💙.

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Muhammad Qasim Dengan Mimpi illahinya Terus Menjadi Kenyataan Dengan Izin Allah SWT #MuhammadQasimDreams #GAZAGerakanAkhirZaman 🔑Trend: Senin,Morningg,Pagii,Imam,Chelsea,CV-ku,Luka,Theo,2022 M,Liverpool,Lakhsya sen,Sandra Dewi,Booker,Stop Lying,libur.

The brexit merchants of this fanbase has blood on its hands for pushing the narrative that mason mount is Chelsea level..

Maintenant Ça sera Real Madrid contre Barcelone, PSG, Chelsea, City, et Liverpool. On est prêt et on vous attend !.

📊| Son 7 maçta Rodrygo: • 🅰️ vs Getafe • ⚽️ vs Chelsea • 🅰️⚽️ vs Sevilla • ❌️ vs Osasuna • ❌️ vs Manchester City • ⚽️⚽️ vs Espanyol • ⚽️⚽️ vs Manchester City Potansiyelini göstermeye başladı. 🌟🤍.

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@Tunnykvng Rubbish like this🤣😅. Same as if Chelsea lash a team , the team was poor. If Liverpool or any other team does it, they’re awesome 😏.

Problem with Chelsea players. What difficulties has someone like Pulisic endured? Not enough syrup on his pancakes at IHOP?.

Teams to Target Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal & Leicester are clearly the teams to target while picking players this GW based on data from @drafthound All other teams are closely stacked together while data suggests that we should avoid Newcastle and Wolves!.

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@fjvillagomezbr @giraltpablo Ahora Dinamarca es top 10 ranking fifa y por cierto fue la 1ra selección en Europa en clasificar tiene jugadores en Chelsea, Tottenham, Leicester, Leigzig, atalanta y sobre todo juega muy bien, Peru; el goleador juega en la segunda división en benevento.

@ChelseaFC There loss is the rivals boon. But seems a bit rough to penalise the club. The UK penalising a UK brand for being associated with an owner who is largely responsible for making it a worldwide brand. Feel for Chelsea supporters here..

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