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Paolo Banchero & Chet Holmgren BOTH playing in the Crawsover tomorrow 🔥 @JCrossover @thecrawsover.

Chet erases poster attempt Paolo gets postered immediately after Wild sequence 😂.

Chet Holmgren dropped 34 points and 14 rebounds in Pro-Am 🔥 (via @NBA).

#nowplaying on AllJazzRadio: Love Nest by Chet Baker Listen on the site () or exclusively on the myTuner radio app.

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Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren hanging out together?? Is that good for the NBA? Are player rivalries finished? We discuss next on UNDISPUTED!.

@ThunderFilmRoom Yes looks like Dirk. And Chet has potential to be a way better defender.

Here are the best tweets from Saturday related to Chet Holmgren’s great game..

Hoy en la @thecrawsover Paolo Banchero: 50 PTS, 9 REB Jaden McDaniels: 52 PTS, 11 REB Chet Holmgren: 34 PTS, 14 REB, 8 BLK No es por quitarle méritos a los jóvenes, pero estás ligas de veranos son una chercha a nivel de estadísticas.

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I can’t wait to see Chet’s stats after this 😤 he’s got at least 7 blocks lol.


@Jinnytty1 congrats! turning 30 in ibaza and making yourself look like a complete drunk done! you owned it. You talked like you were 4. Made toxic comments to chet, continually, and made yourself look really stupid. Feel proud. what next? continue to lose viewers?.

Chet farmando highlights O foda é q o nivel disso aqui é pior q g league, mas suave.

Chet’s handle is not as good as it seemed. Maybe he’s just messing around cause its pro am?.

Chet loves him The Dirk. Shoots it off the dribble (rather than the mid-post catch) but it is a solid move..


@fridaemohot 😭😭😭😭 Gracias Lo hice en contra de mi voluntad Todo por mis mutis 😭.

Paolo Banchero ha dominato al The CrawsOver con Chet Holmgren.

Chet Holmgren will be rookie of the year and the Thunder the hottest ticket in town by the 23-24 season.

@_g0mmez @LucasRojo Hombre chet cobra más que Doncic en su primera temporada por que fue elegido el 2 del draft en vez del 3 que fue Luka.

If @CLETommy had money he’d be chet Holmgren I’m convinced.

@ThanhHu47970127 @donaldle90 mày bị đui sao không thấy 2 thằng kền kền ăn xác chết trên màn hình vậy?, tụi ba que nó ở xa nhưng thấy nó nói cái gì cũng có, còn tụi mày ở đâu mà không thấy,hay ở trong quần ông chủ Tập cặn bã?.

Vía này t phải đi xin thôi, trừi ưi th đó dòm nó chướng gần chết lun mà nay bạn t kêu nhớ nó nó đáp lại í 🥲.

@Chet_isnot_aby Abiii no puede ser me fui unas horas y haces face reveal tas bien chulaaaa <333.

Apparently @NBAcom streamed the Crawsover game today between Chet and Paolo:.


@Pp_doesit are you rockin the Magic fitted? Chet got on the Thunder one so I gotta know.


@Loveomaha322311 @NBA Except for the fact the Chet’s best attribute is his defence where he had nearly as many blocks in 1 year that Kaminsky had in 4. Besides that they are close!!.

I’m telling y’all now if Chet is the real deal you are going to hate me. I am over charging niggas for what they did to brodie.

Paulo and Chet dropping 25+ in a pro-am meanwhile Jabari on ig posting talm bout starting a streaming channel -_- this man so unserious.

Paolo Banchero drops 50 points alongside Chet Holmgren in Crawsover Pro-Am #sports #feedly.

@imsodizzay @AntMuse_ Hey we wolves fans love Chet too no need to beef. Ima be rooting for the thunder love native minnesotan chet and a lot of the younger guys in OKC #peaceandlove.

We sure Chet didn’t make it out of Stearns County? Bet he drove a Pontiac in HS.

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