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Six years ago today, LeBron sank a clutch game-winner to even the series with Chicago 👑 (via @NBA)

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Breitbart News
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A gunman in an alley opened fire and wounded two Chicago police officers Sunday morning before being shot himself.

Bleacher Report
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Candace Parker had a big-time debut with the Chicago Sky 🔥 Just getting started Stats: 16 PTS, 8 REB, 4 AST, 3 BLK

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The Good Old Boys Fantasy Football
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Chicago Bears 2021 Fantasy Football, NFL News & Rookie Mock

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When I was nine we were protesting outside of the Israeli consulate in Chicago, I was sobbing as we were protesting, being shown the images of what had been happening in Palestine and the whole time the people working in the consulate grabbed seats and laughed at us from above

Blmohr ()

941,150 (35%) Of Chicago’s 2,705,994 residents are fully vaccinated. Lightfoot Says City Could Fully Reopen by Mid-June

old soul
Old soul ()

first celebrity sighting. kci from jodeci’s son. he asked us if chicago was really all violence 🙃

mia ミ☆
Mia ミ☆ ()

so. can we have a wine crush wednesday with denali & mik once drive in drag gets to chicago. please, i’ll be patient

Sneaker Meetup
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@Pakistansagara1 Sir jee how can I ignore them. Our wife is off to Chicago. Expecting more videos 😉

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Program Assistant | Chicago Theological Seminary ⁦@Lynne_M_Meyer⁩

Brooklyn Scott
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I am Available for the next 6 Hours on @TS4Rent #TSEscorts CHICAGO DOWNTOWN

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Robertson lifts Stars to overtime win against Blackhawks. MORE:

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charles entertainment cheese
Charles entertainment cheese ()

Georgia lives in Chicago and her favorite hobby is ordering dominos pizza

Suha ()

if I’d known I’d have to use the god awful Chicago citation style, I’d have been a stem major

J-ham pope ✨✌🌈
J-ham pope ✨✌🌈 ()

Chicago was lit x5 coming back together real soon babe 🥰💋

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Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Six years ago today, LeBron sank a clutch game-winner to even the series with Chicago 👑 (via @NBA)

blackface Kramer
Blackface Kramer ()

I’ve never had Chicago style deep dish but I assume I’d like it. Pretty hard to mess pizza up

Susan Kika🏆
Susan Kika🏆 ()

🎤 Nimekaa Tandale, Nimekaa Chicago that’s my reality 🎶


...lo que da soporte a unas bolsas que deberían agotarse. Las gasolinas +4,2% en USA debido a un ciberataque el viernes que bloquea el suministro a la Costa Este, pero al que se está dando poca importancia. La única referencia hoy es q Evans (Fed Chicago) habla sobre economía,...

Jules ()

new york has the best pizza and they really just tried to say chicago was better w that disgusting ass tomato soup

Mark Grusane
Mark Grusane ()

Tune In, Going Live soon on Youtube. Good Morning: 1:15am Chicago, 7:15am London

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Njp ()

Hot take: both Chicago deep dish and NY pizza are good. But they should be considered different foods. Like, a muffin isn’t considered a pie. A doughnut isn’t a cake. Chicago & NY pizza = different foods

Mark Farina
Mark Farina ()

@BSnowMultimedia @LCbaseballnews Thanks for introducing me to the various Minor League Ballparks around the Metro Chicago area including Indiana. Also the folks at Roosevelt University Lakers Baseball and the IHSA State Baseball Playoffs and the Championship Games! It was a Blast!

fuchsia @ the lunar library 🌙📚
Fuchsia @ the lunar library 🌙📚 ()

@dankk_929 Chicago pizza is the worst. Signed, Chicago resident. (But to answer the question, the cheese is *in* the pizza. As are the toppings.)

TJ Garcia
TJ Garcia ()

@serena_patriot It was amazingly appropriate. Your dementia induced patient who occupies the seat in the WH acknowledges that people should at least own shotguns. By that thinking, this shooting could have been more destructive. How do strict gun laws work out in Chicago? St Louis? I’ll wait

Kael the Vaxxed & Ready
Kael the Vaxxed & Ready ()

@arixanxim @matcha_chai sometimes I use free police radio scanner apps here in Chicago to try to find out

Goldhawkickz13 ()

Another day in the books One at 28th March One at april 1st At isc Chicago never came back out One at March 30th queen village, forwarded to nowhere. #usps @USPSHelp #Accountability New potential 4th parcel now inbounded isc 3rd day.

ゆういち/Gold Coast🏳️‍🌈🇦🇺
ゆういち/Gold Coast🏳️‍🌈🇦🇺 ()

今日のジムには死神はいないけど、代わりに?CHICAGO Bullsの23番が2人いる😂🏀

Light Seeker
Light Seeker ()

@NoahPBPerkins Mostly. But not in everything. NY has the culture. NY has more fun. Chicago has families, good homes and neat life. NY has naughtiness.

#TheResistance ()

But what about black on black crime???? What about Chicago???? #Meanwhile

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Congressman Chuy García
Congressman Chuy García ()

Standing in solidarity today with the Palestinian community in Chicago calling for an end to the violent displacement of families in Sheikh Jarrah. #SaveSheikhJarrah

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